Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Chapter 29

Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Chapter 29

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Chuuko demo koi ga shitai ch. 29

Translated by Chisui


Page 1 ~

P1 Txt1: The one thing I want to tell them

P1 Book: Literature

P1 Title: We don’t need a real life Heroine!


Page 2 ~

P1B1: I’ve always….

P1B2: wanted to talk to you…!!

P2B1a: W-w-what?

P2B1b: What do you mean..?

P2 Txt1: Eh….

P2B2: That day….I was really happy when you saved me.

P3 Txt1: …..huh?

P4B1a: saved?…um..

P4B1b: I think you have the wrong person…

P4B2a: N…no!

P4B2b: Those guys that were shaking me down for money…. don’t you remember?

P5 Txt1: ——ah


Page 3 ~

P1B1: Aah——!!

P1 Box1: From Volume 1 Chapter 4

P2B1: When Ayame saved you…?!

P2B2: Yes!! That’s right!!

P3B1: I wanted to thank you but never got the chance to….

P3B2: I’d like to talk if there’s time for us to speak…..!!

P4 Txt1: ….so that’s what it was ~~~

P4B1: My heart actually jumped for a boy…


Page 4 ~

P1B1: Then you should tell Ayame instead of me.

P1B2: Since I barely did anything….

P2B1a: U…umm

P2B1b: But

P2B1c: I.…

P3B1: I…I’m scared…

P3B2: She’s not a monster though.

P3B3: Y…yes I know….

P4B1: It’s just that I ran away when it happened..

P4B2: Now I’m too nervous to approach Ayame-senpai….


Page 5 ~

P1B1: —-How about

P2B1: We go together and you can thank her directly

P2B2: I’m sure it’ll be fine

P3B1: I..if you’re willing to do so much….

P3B2: Great!

P4 Txt1: Come here…

P5B1: Ayame!

P5B2: Hmm?


Page 6 ~

P1B1: This is Saitani Ryouma-kun

P5B1a: How could you make such a cute girl wear a boy’s uniform….

P5B1b: Did, perhaps.. An interest in cross-dressing awaken within you…?

P5B2: No, it didn’t!!

P6B1: Umm…I’m actually male…

P6 SFX1: Clatter

P6B2: Wha??!


Page 7 ~

P1B1: Hold on… can you let me check?

P1 Txt1: No no

P1B2: Let Yuuka check too

P1 Txt2: Stop!!

P1B3: What exactly are you two checking?!
P2B1: Actually he has something to tell Ayame

P2B2: Can you listen to him for a second?

P3B1: …….? W-what is it?

P5B1a: Umm…this happened a while ago but….

P5B1b: Uhh….


Page 8 ~

P1B1: Thank you so much

P1B2: for saving me when I was getting extorted…!!

P2B1: W-w-wha?!

P3 SFX1: Blush

P3B1: U…umm….err….uuh….

P4 SFX1: Glance

P5B1: eh?!!


Page 9 ~

P1B1a: I’m sorry I ran away when it happened….

P1B1b: I’ve always regretted it.

P1B2a: problem!

P1B2b: I didn’t mind it at all!

P1 Txt1: —this is how it should be

P2 Txt1: It’s important to show people another side of Ayame

P2B1: Seriously…?

P3B1: Don’t you have something to say too?

P4B1: …………

P4B2: You…..

P5B1: You’re…..welcome…..

Page 10 ~

P1B1: Good for you

P1B2: Ah….y-yeah

P2 Txt1: There probably isn’t anyone who has ever thanked her before….

P3B1: I’m glad I listened to Aramiya-senpai and found the courage to talk to you.

P3B2: Ayame-senpai is a very kind person.

P4B1: I’m glad I got to thank you.


Page 11 ~

P1B1: You see, that was a woman’s smile.

P1B2: Eh?!! What do you mean!!

P1B3: Yeah…definitely very destructive.

P3B1: How do you usually use the bathroom?

P3 Txt1: You probably surprise any boy when you enter.

P3B2: I sneak in when no one’s in there.

P3B3: Sounds difficult…

P4 Txt1: You really can’t underestimate reality…

P4 Txt2: If he was the heroine of a certain eroge, my love would be tested trying to decide between doing it in his boy form or girl form….

P4 Txt3: He’d still be a boy.

P4 Txt4: But if we were to go on a date I’d prefer his girl form.


Page 12 ~

P2B1: Did everyone come to study?

P2B2a: Yeah that’s right

P2B2b: I think we’ll start soon.

P3B1: Then as the Librarian, I welcome you!

P3B2: If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

P3B3: Thanks!

P4B1: That makes me happy since you’re easy on the eyes too~

P4B2: No….. that’s a bit unfair….

P4B3: please don’t say that…

P5 Txt1: Ahahaha….


Page 13 ~

P1 SFX1: Squeeze

P2B1: I’m home–

P3B1: You stink!

P4B1: ….wha?

P4B2a: You stink!!

P4B2b: Sweaty stinky virgin!!


Page 14 ~

P1B1: I didn’t sweat that much….

P1B2a: I don’t care, I don’t believe you, you smell!

P1B2b: So why don’t you hurry up and take a bath?

P2 SFX1: Slam

P3B1: Do I really smell that bad?

P3B2: Well I can’t smell my own sweat anyways….

P3 Txt1: Damn…

P4B1: It sucks that I have to listen to Kiyomi but

P4B2: I guess I’ll go


Page 15 ~

P3B1:’s warm enough

P4B1: Achoo!

P5 Txt1: Eh…?


Page 16 ~

P1 Txt1: I feel like I just heard something from the bathtub…?

P1 Txt2: A ghost…. Don’t tell me it’s a burglar?!

P2 Txt1: If they have a weapon I’ll die…..

P2 Txt2: What do I do?! Is there anything to protect myself with—-


Page 17 ~

P1B1: H…

P1B2: Hey….


Page 18 ~

P2B1: Wha…

P3B1: Wha…!

P4B1: What the heck are you doing…?!

P4 Txt1: A sudden eroge situation—?!

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