Dolkara Chapter 1

Dolkara Chapter 1

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Page 1

*Karate X Business man X JK

*A romantic martial artist






What the hell!!

Is this situation!!!

*The K1 founder – Director Ishii… has turned into a JK?? *Joshi Kousei – or high school girl

Page 2


The fuck!?


… this bitch!!

‘s stronger than she looks!!

The hell is this…

This situation, this form…!!

Page 3


Why am I…

Next is the news section

This afternoon

Director of the K1

Ishii Kazuyoshi-san

Page 4

Has passed away…

*a story about a martial artist business man turned school girl

Page 5


Why am I a JK ~~!???

*if a high school girl starts a karate business…!

3 hours earlier

Page 6

Recreating a reality the way it happened

Compared to thinking up a strange and interesting story

Is a thousand times far more difficult!

Shizuoka detention camp

August 20XX

Page 7

Thank you for everything…

When walking through this road

Make sure not to turn back


Why is it?

Bad vibes

While walking through this road

Somebody had said, if you turned back out of anxiety, you’re guaranteed to return to this camp

Anyways, humans should always look forward!

Right! Director!!

Page 8

This is a real story

And this man does exist

Well… not gonna return here…

I’ve decided to retire…

Former director of K1 – Isshi Kazuyoshi – 1 year 10 months in penitentiary

Suspected of

Tax evasion and evidence removal


Karate master…

Page 9

2 years have passed in the world…

I’m no different from Urashima Tarou now  * P/s: Urushima saved a turtle. The turtle then invited him to the underwater palace out of gratitude. When he returned to the surface 100 years had passed.

*newspaper: a high school girl is still in a coma

Suicide or accident…

Coma… the world is still so noisy like always…

Well, from now on I am…

Allowed a real long rest…

Page 10

What the… so suddenly…

The sky turned gray…?

Papa look

The eclipse is starting


You’re… Ishii-san of K1?

Page 11

I really liked you

When you were in K1

I knew you were smart, so why did you let yourself get fooled into that framed event…

Don’t turn back…


If you turn back…

Who is it?

Page 12


It definitely must be you! Nyah!


Page 15


Someone crashed!!



a… a…!!


what is this…

I… got hit by a car…

It can’t be… like… this…

I… will… die…?

No… I don’t… want to…

… I

… I

Page 16


Want to die…

He stands up…!!

He’s still alive!!

Call the ambulance!!

I still haven’t had a drink at club Ginza…

Delicious meals… beautiful onee-san… I still haven’t enjoy it…

How… can I die…

I can’t…

Betray karate like this…!!

Oh dear~~

You got hit that badly~~

Page 17

Yet still alive nya~?



Not good, I’m even hallucinating that the cat is talking…

Ok ok nyot it nya~

You really don’t want to die that bad

Then let me help nya~

Wh… at…

Instead, I have a condition nya~

I want to explain but it seems there’s no time now

Well nya~?

Page 18



Oh dear oh dear, you’re nearly out of it, so make your choice nya~!

If you still want to live then speak from your heart nya~


It’s real? Who are you?

Wait wait wait!?

Can’t be… this is the end…!?

The real end!?




Hey dude…

You okay…

Page 19



Page 20

1 year

2 months

Inside the camp, I was training non-stop without any worries

That’s my way to calm my mind

I will not join any martial events…

I will give up… for karate…

I will betray karate no more!!

No more

No more!!

Page 21




I’m so happy! You woke up!

You’re alive!! I really thought you’re a goner!!


I’ll go get the doc!



What are you saying!

Did she suffer from memories lost??

You remember anything ’bout yourself?

Huh? Me?

I am…


You’ve been in a coma for 3 days straight!! Kei



Page 23

I… am Ishii…


You went too far with that joke

Huh? Nope! You’re Ichinose Kei!

I am Ishii!!

Don’t joke around, who the hell are you guys!!



Doctor, doctor—!!!

The doctor came!

Calm down Ichinose-san!

You just woke up after 3 days in comatose, so your mind is still a little bit jumbled!

You are Ichinose Kei, 17 years old, a high school student, remember!

17… year

High schooler…!?

Page 24


What are these



That cat!?

Calm down Kei!!

You gotta be kidding…

This is…

How long are you gonna grope them!?


This is me!?

Page 25

I have become a high school girl!!!?


It’ll be a bit uncomfortable but I saved you

It’s good anyways right


Wait! What does that mean? Tell me!!



Kei’s strange…

Not good…

Page 26

This is bad! The patient is rebelling! Somebody come here please!!

What are you doing… let me go…

I need to get that cat…!!

Just a minute

Kei, don’t move!


Please be quiet in the hospital…

Page 27

A patient…!!

Wait!! I must…


Have some rest!!

Listen when people are talking…

Page 28

Will you!!!!




Page 29


This body feels odd…!!

More lightfoot than I thought…


That movement…!!

But what the hell could this possibly be!!


Too light!?

I already hit the vital point but this arm is too thin!

Usually women’s strength is a lot weaker than men’s, however I never expected such a large difference from both muscle and bone structure like this

Though this weakness can be overcome through training (from director Ishii)

What is that!! That noise!!

Page 30

See ya

Huh? Wait a…

Kei, this is the 3rd floor…!!


Page 31

We should call the police!!

… so cool

I must find the cat to ask about this!!

What kind of saving is this by putting me in this body!!

Where is my body!!

Is this a nightmare!!


Wait don’t run!!

Hey I said!!

You shitty cat!!

Page 32

Pant pant

Where’s the cat…!!

Page 33

Please excuse the interruption

This is the latest news

This afternoon, former director of K1 – Ishii Kazuyoshi-san

Has passed away

He was arrested and brought to Shizuoka detention camp for tax evasion

When he was released today…


I’m dead!!

Page 34

Until now I still couldn’t believe

He was the one who created such an amazing tournament

This must be a plotted murder!!

The foreign martial art’s group could have done him in out of jealousy!!

Damn… that Tsunoda idiot

Is it that tax-evading old fart

Heard he was drowning in debt

Also had some trouble with the yakuza and was killed…

Norika told you not to drink that hydrogen water…

Really that’s scary!!

According to the police he died while trying to save a kitty

Oh he’s nice


Seems nice

What dafuq!!

Oh a famous guy indeed

It’s getting noisy here nya!

The funeral’s gonna be a big one


Page 35

No need to get that worked up!

So annoying!!

Whose fault do you think this is!!


There’re no one here

Let’s talk nya!

Page 36

Shit… ty… cat…!!

What is this body

Who are you…

You have a grudge against me…!!

I am sorry about that body nya

It’s just there wasn’t any other body nearby nya~~

It’s regretful but you can’t return to your body anymore nya

That body no longer works nya

Page 37

And even though it’s true that I put your soul into that body

But asking me to bring you back is impossible for me, no matters how powerfull I am

It can’t…


When your soul was leaving your body

Fortunately there was a body of which souls cannot return to

It was this girl nya

Are you kidding…

Can’t return to my body…!?

I have to be this way for the rest of my life!!!?

Page 38

Isn’t it ok, you’re 17 now

Doesn’t being young give you a better chance to redo your life nya

It’s also easier for my purpose


What do you mean?

I told you? That condition

The thing only you could do nya

That is…

Page 39

Ichinose Kei


I am Ishii!

I’m busy, go play somewhere!


This could be interesting watching you deal with these troubles nya!


Don’t fuck with me

Ichinose it’s you…!!

Page 40

I won’t forgive you!!

Prepare yourself!!

See ya later nya


We’re still talking..!!


Why am I…

In this fucking situation!!!

How the hell did I become a JK~~!!

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