Dolkara Chapter 10

Dolkara Chapter 10

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Dolkara Chapter 10

Page 1

P1b1: Why us?

P1b2a (box by the side): Shibuya √246 handshake event venue

P1b2b: Preparation room

P2: Isn’t this outfit pretty bad?

P3: The skirts are too short

P4b1a: It’s to protect Tachibana Sakura

P4b1b: Male bodyguards will not sit well with the fans and they must be able follow her into the changing room

P4b1c: From now on the both of you are “Experimental Idols”!

P4b2: Osu!!


Page 2

P1b1: I’d never thought that I would become an Idol…

P1b2: …What are you doing Kei!?

P2b1: Director Column

[The relationship between Karate fighters and bodyguards goes back as far as Kajiwara Ikki-sensei’s “Bodyguard Kiba*”.

tln note: *Bodyguard Kiba is a film directed by famed director Takashi Miike and written by Kajiwara Ikki-sensei

P2b2: When I was young, I also worked as a bodyguard. Disciples of Seidoukaikan* often worked part-time as bouncers for business people. Kimitaku* also acted in “BG”. Aren’t you glad you came to ask me? Ahahahaha!]

tln note: *Seidoukaikan is a style of full contact Karate derived from Kyokushin by Kazuyoshi Ishii.

** Kimitaku real name Takuya Kimura is an influential Japanese actor, singer, radio personality. He is regarded as a Japanese icon after achieving success as an actor.

P2b3: I can’t get used to this skirt…

P5b1: We’re supposed to shake hands with all those men…

P5b2: My hands are going to get sticky, I don’t want to…

P5b3: Think of the money!!


Page 3

P1b1: Good morning!

P1b2a: Ah

P1b2b: It’s Tachibana Sakura!

P1b3a: “Osu”…no

P1b3b: Good Morning!

P2: Who are these lame girls?

P3b1: These people are your assigned bodyguards…

P3b2: I don’t need these weak looking people!

P5: A bamboo sword would be more reliable!


Page 4

P1a: The “art of self-defence” is basically

P1b: utilizing “common sense”

P2a: “Don’t go near dangerous places” is the real way to protect yourself

P2b: Those who choose to face ruffians are in the most danger

P4b1: That is why

P4b2: let’s have them guard you!

P5b1: Director Column

I often get asked by females “Please teach me to defend myself!” I always reply that the basic form of self-defence for females is to run.

P5b2: Before females learn to fight, think about ways to not be alone at night, make a habit of checking exits and escape routes. Don’t wear revealing clothes. That is probably the best from of self-defence.


Page 5

P6: You won’t even make a good shield


Page 6

P1b1: Hoh!

P1b2: Not bad!

P2a: But…

P2b: See!

P3b1: Uwah!

P3b2: Eh? (small text: what?)

P5: Kuh!!


Page 7

P1b1: I see that you can fight

P1b2: But don’t underestimate the power of men

P3b1: Eh…

P3b2: What!?


Page 8

P1b1: Even though you are a martial artist, you are such a coward!

P1b2: There are no cowardly thugs!

P1b3: Osu! Director!

P2b1: In any case, for the next 7 days, except for the toilet, they will follow you around!

P2b2: Sakura!

P3b1: Toilet!

P3b2: Don’t follow!

P4: She’s not a bad kid

P6: Her parents are divorced and she was raised by relatives


Page 9

P1b1: She was noted as the “Beautiful Girl” of the Kendo world but she didn’t have the money to attend a school with a famous Kendo Club

P1b2: Swearing to live by herself she auditioned as an idol

P2: Her skills were the real deal, right?

P3b1a: She has won the all middle Kendo tournament before

P3b1b: But due to her confidence in her skills, she sees others as a tool

P3b2: The reason why she cannot stand at the top of the idols is because her fans may have seen through that

P3b3: You can’t become the top based on just your looks and style, right?

P5b1: Why are you so fired up Director!?

P5b2a: Ahahaha, Martial Artists and Idols are both in the business of being popular!

P5b2b: How many popular fighters do you think I have produced? I won’t lose even to Akimoto Yasushi*!

tln note: *Akimoto Yasushi is a Japanese record producer, lyricist, and television writer, best known for creating and producing some of Japan’s top idol groups, Onyanko Club and the AKB48 franchise.


Page 10

P1b1: Just watch, even as an Idol

P1b2: I’ll take over this world!*

tln: Actual phrase used is “天下獲ったるで~!” which roughly means I’ll capture the world which is what a you expect a tyrant to say (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖


Page 11

P1b1: Thanks for coming yey-!

P1b2: Well, I’m counting on you!

P2b1: ….ah

P2b2: Yes

P3b1a: What’s with that “Experimental Idol”…?

P3b1b: There’s something wrong with her high spirts…

P3b2: And there is something wrong with the other girl’s face colour…

P3b3: Director… Let’s go home please!

P3b4: Next please!

P5b1: I am rooting for you

P5b2: Thank you very much


Page 12

P1: Really, despite being an idol, you are not very sociable

P3b1a: Erm…

P3b1b: Uh…

P3b2: About me…

P3b3: Ehh

P4: Thank you everything as always

P5b1: Ah ah

P5b2: As I thought, you really remember me!?


Page 13

P1b1: Okay, time’s up

P1b2: I haven’t finished speaking!

P2: Sakura!

P3: Leave this year’s Grand Prix* up to me!

tln note: Probably referring to the Suzuka Grand Prix held every year at… Suzuka, Mie

P4: Ah, thank you

P5b1a: One thousand or two thousand tickets leave it up to me!

P5b1b: In exchange, will you allow me to take you out to dinner?

P5b2: fufufu, please stop with the jokes!


Page 14

P1b1: There he is the big buyer IT company CEO!

P1b2: This time Sakura won because of his recommendation, right?

P1b3: His plan is to bait flawless beauties with money, right?

P2b1a: Let Go!

P2b1b: It’s still my turn!

P2b2: I definitely won’t forgive you!!

P3b1: Fuck!

P3b2: FUCKKK!!


Page 15

P1b1: Hey you

P1b2: Could you not vote for my Sakura

P2b1: Huh?

P2b2: What’s with this filthy pig?

P3b1: Those two famous fans are arguing

P3b2: The one there is the famous otaku “Jump Fujisawa”

P3b3: That one is the IT CEO that uses money to get Idols

P4b1: You looked at Sakura with perverted eyes didn’t you!

P4b2a: Don’t look for Idols you virgin

P4b2b: Idols won’t just come to your house if you buy their CDs

P5: √246 is not like that!!


Page 16

P1b1: I am not wrong Idiot!

P1b2: Even Sakura will open her legs if she receives several million in commissions!!

P2b1: Guuuu

P2b2: uuuuuuu!!

P3b1: mumumu

P3b2: mu~~!!


Page 17

P1b1: As I expected

P1b2a: Being an Idol really doesn’t suit me!

P1b2b: Even working behind the scenes is better!

P2b1: Hmm?

P2b2: It sounds pretty noisy there…

P3: What’s that…?

P3b1: Let go you beggar!!

P3b2: Take back your words!!

P4b1: Ah!

P4b2: guh…!


Page 18

P3b1: Ah

P3b2L You can’t!!


Page 19

P1b1: This is bad

P1b2: Fujisawa is holding a weapon!

P1b3: no…

P1b4: Eh really?

P1b5: Should we call the police?

P1b6: you are wrong…

P3b1a: Who is it!?

P3b1b: That’s dangerous!

P3b2: That outfit…

P3b3: A member of √246!?

P3b4: One of the Experimental Id…

P4b1: Go up to the management office and call the police

P4b2: Eh

P4b3: Quickly!


Page 20

P1b1: you’re wrong…


P1b3: Watc…


Page 21

P2b1: Stop!!

P2b2: If you move, you’ll lose your fingers!!

P3: Uwahhh!!

P5b1a: Do…

P5b1b: Don’t move


Page 22

P3b1: Oh, dear customer!

P3b2: Don’t joke around in a place like this!!

P4b1a: Well

P4b1b: Let’s put away the toy knife!

P4b2: What!?

P4b3: What, it’s just a toy.


Page 23

P1: That was a close shave!!

P2b1: Anzu

P2b2: Take these gloves

P3b1: They’re used by craftsmen to protect their hands when working with sharp materials

PR Note: P3b1 has two parts, but the second part was redundant when compared to P3b2

P3b2: They’re good for protecting against sharp weapons!

P4b1a: Director Column

Kepler gloves worn by those used to fighting

P4b1b: They are cut-resistant gloves used by employees at workshops with glass and metal parts

P4b2: This is for opponents with sharp weapons


Page 24

P1: Thank you director!

P4: Oi, you wait up!

P5a: Ah

P5b: From back there…

P6: I’m sorry since you are uninjured, could you keep quiet about this incident!?

P7: That’s not it


Page 25

P1b1: Thank you for saving me!

P1b2: Let me help you win!

P2: Eh Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~!?

P3b1a: I’m going to win the Grand Prix, right?

P3b1b: Men are such easy creatures!

P3b2: Really…?



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