Dolkara Chapter 13

Dolkara Chapter 13

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Dolkara Chapter 13

Page 1

P1b1: I am not!

P1b2: Dead yet!!

P3: Oh not bad nyaa—

P5a: What’s with this one!!

P5b: She still has the will to fight!!?


Page 2

P3b1: He..

P3b2: Wai..

P4: kuu…


Page 3

P2: YAH!!

P3: guu…


Page 4

P5a: Hot!

P5b: Power is welling up from somewhere in my body

P5c: What is this power!?


Page 5

P1a: Now

P1b: Have you gotten in the mood?

P2a: This power!?

P2b: It isn’t mine

P2c: Is it yours!?

P3b1: The one in control is certainly you

P3b2: But if you team up with me, that flesh body of yours can borrow infinite energy from me*

note: The literal translation is “that flesh body of yours can lend infinite entropy from another place,” but that sounds really weird, so I replaced it with a (hopefully) similar explanation.

P5b1: That demonic rush and speed just now!?

P5b2: This is traditional Karate!!


Page 6

P2: What is going on all of a sudden…

P3a: Her previous attack

P3b: was just like the “Ichinose Director” incident…!

P4b1: Director Column

     Karate is split into traditional and full contact styles

P4b2: Since Ooyama Masutatsu*, the Full-Contact style of Karate focuses on straight attacks and low kicks more suited for real combat; in contrast, Traditional Karate focuses on “stopping” attacks.

tln note: *Masutatsu Ooyama more commonly known as Mas Oyama, was a karate master who founded Kyokushin Karate, considered the first and most influential style of full contact karate.

P4b3a: As a result, Traditional Karate was thought of as inferior in combat; however, because it has a different striking distance than Full-Contact Karate, its speed and attack power is better and thus it thrives in the MMA world.

P4b3b: In the initial stages of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), Lyoto Machida, the recent flyweight Horiguchi Kyoji, and Antônio Silva all brought the characteristics of Traditional Karate to life


Page 7

P1b1: You did well Mikuni!

P1b2: You gave me the best toy!!


Page 8

P1b1: Uh

P1b2a: Gu

P1b2b: gigi…!!

P2b1: Look

P2b2: Wish more for it

P3b1: Wish more for power!

P3b2: Po…Power…

P4: I want it…!!


Page 9


P1b2: I WANT IT!!

P2: No way…


Page 10

P2b1: What

P2b2: What’s happening!?

P3: Stand up


Page 11

P2: Eh!?

P6sfx: Ding

P6b1: It’s over!!

P6b2: It’s over Young Lady!!


Page 12

P2b1: Eh…!?

P2b2: What happened!?

P3b1a: Sorry sorry

P3b1b: You did well to hang on for 3 minutes

P3b2: If the soul and body are not anchored, this happens

P4b1: Wait a moment! Wasn’t this body supposed to be mine!?

P4b2: That body had a resident soul, that soul strongly wished to live nyaa—


Page 13

P2b1: Eh that means I can’t get the body!?

P2b2a: No

P2b2b: If you get rid of her soul, there will be no one fighting for the body nyaa—

P3: Get rid…

P4b1: It means killing the soul

P4b2: That means to steal her will to live

P5b1: Me…getting rid of

P5b2: Suzu’s soul!?


Page 14

P2b1: Two rising stars descend at Handshake event…

P2b2: That’s what it said!?

P3b1: Ahahahah

P3b2: SNS picked up on our stories fast!


Page 15

P1b1: Good work today——!

P1b2: Okay, let’s get to keeping a lookout—

P2: Won’t the stalker please come faster

P3b1: Thank you

P3b2: Here is fine for today——

P4a: Eh

P4b: We’re supposed to sleep in the room

P5: You’re trying to get rid of us and secretly meet CEO Ishikawa, right?


Page 16

P1a: Huh?

P1b: What are you saying?

P2: CEO Ishikawa also came to me

P3: I had said I would meet with Sakura

   I can only support one person, so I am thinking to support the one who shows sincerity

P4b1: Even if you say it’s a wholesome fan vote

P4b2: In the end, you’re just sleeping up the career ladder

P5b1: You are pretending to stop me and go yourself, aren’t you?!

P5b2: Eh!?

P5b3: That’s not true!!


Page 17

P1b1a: If only you never appeared

P1b1b: I would!!

P1b2a: Ouch

P1b2b: If you are going to fight, do it fair and square!!

P2a: Oi Oi!

P2b: Stop it!!

P3: Outsiders shut up!!

P4: …guu…

P5b1: I said…

P5b2: It hurts!!


Page 18

P1b1: By sleeping

P1b2: Or any method…

P2b1: This is an important victory for me!

P2b2: Don’t get in my way———!!

P3b1: Uuuu

P3b2: Uuuuuu~!!

P4a: Anyways… out here we may get photographed by paparazzi.

P4b: Let’s go inside.


Page 20

P4b1: Toilet

P4b2: Okay


Page 21

P1: I feel better now

P3: I was deliberating about sleeping my way up—

P5: I wanted to be famous and earn more money faster

P6: At that time, that Ishikawa guy said if I let him, he would make me a star…


Page 22

P1b1: I entered the celebrity world because I wanted to live by myself

P1b2: I wanted to live supported by my fans and manager…

P1b3: When that wasn’t enough, I was swayed by Ishikawa…


Page 23

P1b1: I am not suited

P1b2: For this world…

P3b1a: Oh…

P3b1b: about that…

P3b2a: Ah ah ah That Anzu is taking so long…

P3b2b: Is she taking a shit…?


Page 24

P2: I’m sorry Director…

P3b1: This is a one in a lifetime chance

P3b2: Like I have the time to be doing Karate



by Illris

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