Dolkara Chapter 3

Dolkara Chapter 3

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Dolkara chap 3

Page 1

Ooh, this body…

Isn’t too bad…

Firm shoulders

Lean triceps


And these squishy tits!!

Page 2

What a killer body…

Sexy body!!!!


It’s so nice being youthful~~

Look at these alluring muscles

Now play a sport and you’d lure in the world!


Page 3

Perverted old man!! Stop staring!!! Hey!!!!

Uwaa, he’s grinning while staring at your body

Let me go!! I’ll murder him!!

Murder? Fufu

Whatever, try to get along with each other nya


What… is this sudden chill… *am I staying au natural for too long

How dare you… a 17-year-old girl’s body…

How dare you, you middle-aged pervert, committing lecherous acts in broad daylight

Ack…!? What the hell!!

Give it back!!

Give me back my body!!

You can’t be…

Ichinose Kei’s spirit!?

Page 4

I am no pervert

I’m a producer of a martial art association…


Shady man

Last night you even tricked Igarashi-san about making money from Karate!


Don’t you know I’m Ishii!?

Super famous, super talented, a martial art master and an international producer!!

None other than me – director Ishii!!

Never heard a you!!

What producer!?

Perverted old man!!


No… no way… during the time I was in detention camp…

The young people have forgotten about me…!!

*stop spouting bullshit about being famous!!

Page 5

It can’t be you’ve seen my body while in the bath?

You think I wear clothes in the bath? That’s bull crap

Then the toilet is also…

Don’t worry, I’ve finished both the light and heavy duties =]]


Of all people, why this disgusting old man!!

Hey, it’s not like I want to get stuck here!!


I’ll curse you to death and take back my body…

Huh!? Wait!

Let’s talk it out!


Hey stop…


Page 6




Damn it, stop dodging

…. I…




… so that’s it…

Dead means

You can no longer touch whatever you want…

Few days later



Page 8

Tuck your chin in when punching

The punching arm on shoulder level

Correct, that’s it

Combine with footwork

Relax relax

Step straight forward

Good job!

Shimizu-san, wanna go for some ramen

Well, no, I…



You can’t go?

Well some trivial stuff

Page 9

By the way…

Last time didn’t seem good but

You’re ok now, right?


In this condition, you can join the fight tomorrow, right!


Ah right, tomorrow’s ticket

Wanna buy some for me

Uh… er…

Tomorrow I’ll have a date…

I have to work…

Sorry but we can’t go, please do your best


Run away…

I know said my condition is good, but …

Page 10

I spent all my school years learning karate…

Even used 2 years to learn how to kick…

At last I won the once-every-three-year tournament, but the prize was a petty 100 yen…

… the pre-ordered tickets!!

First time I’m forced to sell by myself…

It’s been 2 years, and because I keep winning then losing consecutively, the juniors no longer support my tickets…

Where the hell would the money come from

Not even money for ramen, they don’t get it

I want to be a professional fighter, not working part time

Page 11

Basic gym coaching fee is 1000 yen, tournament promotion fee

1200 yen/hour

Might not be so bad

Teaching basic martial arts in the afternoon

12 hours a week maximum…

3 days a week for odd jobs

Teaching children can net me 57600 yen

Accounting or gym managing is can be quite interesting but

Those owners would entrust their business to their family, never leave any open position for me

Convenience store part time jobs pay 980 yen/hour, 30 hours/week, roughly 110 hours/month

Without trivial cost, it’s about 107800 yen

Rent, water, fuel, phone, protein and stuff

Nothing left to save…!!



Page 12

Not paying tax



Your phone’s…


It’s nothing!!

It’s the end of the month and I’m broke with the loan sharks at my neck!

There’s no time!!

I’m 30 now!! I don’t even know how many more matches I can have!?

Why can’t I be famous no matter how many times I win?

Page 13

Back then…

How did I live…!!

Shut up!!

I’m working my ass off, I’ll pay my loan soon!!


Uh… mom?

Is there something…

Sorry for suddenly calling you

I heard you’re going to have a match

Give me 50000-yen’s worth of tickets ok

Ah yeah!?

I don’t have that many tickets so give me a sec I’ll go to the gym and check!

50000 yen!! I’m so lucky!!

Though did she have that much pension…

Page 14

Why 50000, mom

You know director Hirota who loves wrestling in district 2?

They said there’re lots of people will come

If you do well with the match they could take you in

Mom you idiot, I don’t need that!

I’m working part time now so I’m off!

I’m sorry mom…

I will…

Become stronger…!!!

Page 15

* Ichinose dojo rebuild plan


Done!! Even though time changes

The methods for making money will never be outdated!!

But Kei (spirit)

Where did she go

Page 16


I’ve always been here…


I can control spiritual waves to appear or turn invisible…

But I still can’t accept that I’m dead, so I can’t leave this place…

So this is the connection between body and spirit…


I wish I could wear cute clothes…

I wish I could experience love…

If you regret it then you shouldn’t have died

You should also accept this reality

But right now, I don’t want to live anymore…

Even if I return, it’s still money money money all the time

It’s no different from hell…

Hey, you should go haunting me sometimes

I will use your body to rebuild this dojo


Page 17

It’s the best way to show you that you’ve made a terrible choice

You’re so arrogant! What are you going to do?

I died once too

What you want done

I’ll get it done

Stay by my side and watch

… and then pass on with ease

Why would I want to stay near a disgusting old man like you?

This is your body…

Osu, sorry for intruding!!


It’s coming!


I chose some students in the phone book to help me with the plan

Page 18



You okay!?

Oh, it’s the students in the hospital~

Huh! No!

You’re still too weird~

They are my friends






*shit, he’s not looking at me

Is that so, can you girls help me



Kei-san is talking like an old woman



That person

Is Mikuni Hajime-san

Page 19

The dojo’s ace

Is that man…

I’ve been worried about you…!

*ichinose dojo – instructor: Mikuni Hajime

Oh, the ace who broke his arm at a critical time

You like him?

Shut up! Don’t tease me! Disgusting!


Let’s help each other today

But I called more than 20 people why did only 4 come

Maybe there are more coming later?


More importantly, what do you mean by rebuilding the dojo…?


It means we’ll redo it!

We’ll make the Ichinose dojo famous!!

Page 20

In 3 months!!


Impossible, impossible! How can… in that short time…!!

Mikuni-san is like this…

No one else can promote…


No problem, I don’t plan on using big shots to attract people

It’s obsolete


The target is 21st century karate

“Starbucks karate”!!!

Page 21



That sounds good!

We’ll run a café to pay for the dojo!?

No, you idiots!

We will not imitate the coffee shops, we only borrow their image and marketing strategy

A nameless, small time dojo like ours can’t jump head first into the cruelsome martial market like this

Then our targets are females!!


Before, Starbucks café was always a place for men

But then came Starbucks, it became a place for women

We’ll change the idea of martial art as strict, fierce and sweaty sport into a timely, safe and healthy one!

Page 22

Amazing, I never really thought Kei could be this girly

I even want to dress her up!


Hey you girls!

By the way why does everyone go to Starbucks?

Because of the bean’s quality

Or the bean roasting quality

Or the passionate professional café with hand drip and flannel drip skills

But passion alone will not bring me there

Aren’t there cheap 100yen coffees, like at a convenience store that’re just as good?

It’s because we want to chat in a relaxing atmosphere

Of course, it’s because at those cheap cafés there are civil servants who keep blowing smoke from their cigarettes

We like clean and nice places~

That’s correct

[Starbucks doesn’t just sell coffee. It sells a coffee drinking experience]

That’s their famous slogan

That’s also the reason women usually go

Page 23

That means the women don’t only go there for coffee…

They want an experience while drinking coffee…?

Correct! You nailed it instructor!

So, the Ichinose dojo will not only teach karate, but also bring a karate experience


Most women would want to go to beautiful places, wearing fashionable gym clothes, to learn new things

They learn karate, not because of health, but because they want a stylish body and positive results

There are few dojo owners who have created their brands to attract ‘the girls’

What is this, I thought he was only a fraud…!!


But aren’t coffee and karate too different?

Suddenly changing the brand like that, isn’t it too difficult…

Page 24

For example, a sport that had successfully “Starbucks-ified”

Most obvious is the track and field market

The area outside the royal palace, on Marunouchi street most people are laborers and office workers – males and females alike

They usually store their belongings in the locks and put on stylish tracking clothes

More than half of those came from fashion shops, not from sport stores

They run not because they want to improve their running, but partly because they want to experience running with clothes with which they can show their style

Wearing stylish clothes, going to a nice dojo and running to improve your health

That’s what lots of people would want to spend their time doing

I don’t really want to wear a karate gi, then wash it after use, it stinks!

Now that I think about it, why don’t dojos have seasonal clothes, only a gi for the whole year, it’s somewhat irritating

Then school girls nowadays all think like that…

Well, in the past year there were big news stories about female fighters advancing to semifinals that had created a wave about female fighting

That would also be the “Starbucks karate” style

Page 25

Female karate sounds good!

I wanna punch a pink sandbag!

I wanna wear Liz lisa or CEC-L McBEE too


What about advertising?

We can’t create a brand like Starbucks without promoting?


You blockhead!

Ever watched a Starbucks ad on TV?


If it’s TV, you can promote as many times as you like. That’s the most ancient way, though young people these days watch these ads and think “what a load of bull crap”

*magnificent stylish clothes!

*frame: this female dojo promoting program is real, named “Tokyo Girls Kick”, search for it on YouTube or google – Ishii Kazuyoshi

Page 26


Maybe you don’t want to hear it but this marketing strategy can’t be done in 3 months

*advertising in general needs some time for users to introduce the products or services to their friends and acquaintances

About that

I already have a secret plan, come here

Each of you must gather 10 people for me!

Hey… why are you being secretive!!

You’re being suspicious…!!

It’s ok, just hear me out!




Not the karate that dad was aiming for…!!

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