Dolkara Chapter 4

Dolkara Chapter 4

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Dolkara chap 4

Page 1

And the winner is…

Page 2



It’s the third lost this year

Even though I stood till the very end, it was obvious that I was losing in points…




Good wor…

Oh Osaki

Do your best ok?

Page 3

I put my faith in you

Yes sir!

The stadium caters to 600 people, but spectators are usually related to the fighters

No cheers are made for losers that isn’t even the main event…


I’m sorry for being a worthless son…

As I thought… I shouldn’t have…


Let’s aim for the U.S MFC league this time!!

Go for it Kitamura!!

Page 4

That’s right… I too!!

This is the “demon’s drug”

A chance to be in a world-level tournament… it’s a magical word that binds the average fighter in this line of work

It’s Doping that allowed the heart of this pitiful 30-year-old man to persevere though

Even if the abyss is in front, my feet will not stray from this path

I too…

Will get to MFC…!!

Page 5




My ribs… must be it…

Can’t even stand up straight…



Fuck… it’s the last day…

If I don’t go for a checkup and ignore it, I’m screwed

How much is it without insurance? Even if I use the insurance, would the total cost be cheaper…

Page 6

Whatever, I’ll just borrow an insurance card from guys in the gym

Even though it’s their photo on it…


Apparently, the match last night had my ribs…


You guys…

Listen to me… hey

Page 7

… President…


You did your best…

But we don’t need you anymore

What do you mean, president…

Page 8

This time we’re working with Yuki Corporation

They’ll send coaches for us

But even if you stay, I won’t pay you anymore


The fuck…

I don’t give a fuck about the old farts

But I’m the one who made the gym into the best!!

That’s it

Your wage, I’ll bank it in later

Good work

And remember to clean your locker today as well!

Page 9


What to do…

No money from here means my daily expense will…

And what am I gonna do with my ribs…!

And my dreams

Of being in MFC…!! Fuck!!

And the support from Zako…!!

+PAGE 10

I’m not stealing!!



I’m only borrowing the insurance, I’ll return it later!!

Page 11

Shimizu-san what’re you doing?



I can’t even fight back!!

This vital body!!

The MFC dream!!

Page 12

Don’t ever come back!!

So humiliating

Leave him be, I don’t want to jeopardize our deal with Yuki Corp, so keep it low-key

Page 13

Where did I go wrong…?

MFC is getting further and further…


What is that





*my dream…

*where can I go now…




*Should I do…

*to live…

Page 14


I’m still really…


Page 15

What’re you looking at…


Don’t tell me…

You’re a stray too…?


There’s no…

Joining fee???

Yep, completely free!!

Now, each of you gather 10 people!

Right now it should be free to lure the students in!!

Page 16

Don’t joke around you old fart!!

Be a bit more reasonable!!

Hahahah so it’s not reasonable?

This sacred place was built for people to hone their strength!!

Doing things that unrelated to Karate would tarnish father’s dojo!!


I know all about Karate

But I’m also a master in business

Just follow me lass

What is she looking at while talking…?

Is she really ok…

She’s not back to normal yet…

Page 17

Kei san!

How long will it be free?

A week? Or a month?

Of course

It’s until they feel like paying!

Kei… There’s still debt to pay?

Besides if that’s our operation how will we profit!!

It’s not what you think

Page 18

This is the problem

What is the cost to advertise this “try out” session?

Try out, like having a free session?

If that’s the case, just set up a website or SNS is ok though…


What, still clueless, who would care about a nameless puny dirty dojo like this?

It really is small and dirty…


Using leaflets, magazines

Depending on what we use may cost from a couple dozen mans* (10k yen)

Placing billboard would cost around 20 – 30k a piece

Page 19

Creating a website isn’t cheap either!!

Listing, SEO, Facebook, Google, everything costs money!

Stop being naïve to think that “online advertising costs nothing”


To actually pull in students could cost 2 – 3 mans

Does it really cost that much…?

But all that, can only get people to “try”

If expected number is around 200 people

Then 4 or 6 millions will be gone in a jiffy!!!


Sounds awfully like the cellphone business

Page 20

You got it now, girl!


Dojo business is in fact identical to cellphone and electronics business, they are a “stock business”

If you can lure your customers to follow your terms and become members, then profit will be constant

Therefore, spending thousands to get customers is worthwhile



The business model that restaurants or grocery stores use that sells goods for profit is call “flow”, so if they keep handing out freebies they’ll go bankrupt in a single month


That’s why the electronic enterprises usually have the “one month try out” thing?


And the gyms/dojos follow the stock model, you just have to remember it

Page 21

If there’s no capital to invest

Then better use connections to pull your friends in

It’ll be fine like that…!!

This Ojii-san… is so cunning!!

… Manager

The number of withdrawal increased this month

I think we should advertise the dojo

Karate-ka are not business men!

Focus on training instead of money!

Yes! Manager!

Father’s way of life was admirable…

No matter how difficult life was, he always persevered

Page 22

The monthly fee is 20 – 30k a month per student, what would happen if we let people join for free

Still don’t get it?

Skip the leaflets or anything, just get your friends here

“having friends practicing karate in this dojo” is the best way to advertise


The due date is 3 months away

*special course: get uber-strong in one month

That’s why we’re gonna use a special method!

Become strong in a month…?!

1 million yen a month???

Ne… isn’t this impossible?

Nobody would want to come!!

Hahahah!! We’re playing a big gamble to turn the tides!!

Page 23

What the hell…

This is absurd…

Even though it seems persuasive…

But… but…!!

By the way

I’ll bring lots of friends to join so

The 1 million course

Can you lower the price to 100k, as a discount for friends?

Page 24

Hey kitty ~ where are you going

Console me a bit please…


*is this the kitty’s house…

*kaa-chan… I can’t let it end yet…

Wait…Don’t leave me behind


I can’t just walk in there

Wait is that…

This is…

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