Dolkara Chapter 5

Dolkara Chapter 5

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Dolkara Chapter 5

Page 1

Title (Bold line at the very top): High School Girl practicing “Karate”, drama!!

P1: This is…

P2: God’s plan…

P3: This place… is her dojo!!!

P4sfx: Nyaa

P5b1a: Ooh~ It’s divine will

P5b1b: Last time, I got beat up

P5b2a: That girl is the “Goddess of victory”! It’s not over yet!

P5b2b: I will be reborn with her in this dojo!


Page 2

P1: Your brother is a shut-in now?

P2: Our Seiji went to Ichinose dojo before, you should remember, right?

P3a: Oh..

P3b: Ohh yes, I remember

P4box1: My brother was apparently bullied fiercely in middle school and…

P4box2: I see..and you want little brother-kun to train again!

P5box1: Seiji-kun being bullied?

P5box2a: Eh?

P5box2b: Wasn’t he a black belt at Ichinose dojo?

P6b1: Seems like there were circumstances

P6b2a: Okay, leave it to me! I’ll do it for 100 thousand yen

P6b2b: For now, let’s go find out what happened!


Page 3

P1b1: Sorry to keep you waiting, Ichinose Kei!

P1b2: I’ll become the Saviour of this dojo!

P3b1: Ah…

P3b2: This guy…!

P4: From that time…!

P5sfx: haa haa *panting*

P6b1: Sorry about last time, Honey!

P6b2a: But that punch I got from you really woke me up! You need me, right?

p6b2b: Let us make this dojo big together!

P6b3(far left-small): Eh? Who!?

P6b4(middle-small): Mikuni-san!



Page 4

P1b1a: See see

P1b1b: The first time we met you said “Come to my dojo, we need you,” remember?

P1b2: I quit my previous gym, so I can come in tomorrow…

P3b1: You

P3b2: Go home

P4: Who are you? Bastard.

P5b1: You’re in the way, idiot

P5b2a: “Who are you?” is my line

P5b2b: This dojo doesn’t need people like you

P5b3: Even though I’m going out with Kei-chan?

P5b4: That’s just your imagination, now go home to the mountains

P5b5: The one leaving will be you, bastard. Why don’t you go back to the homeless shelter?


Page 5

P2: Get lost, you piece of trash…

P3b1: Wait a moment, both of you

P3b2: As injured people, don’t get so heated up

P4b1: Old man, call the police!

P4b2: …even though I want to hit him

P5b1a: Hey Onii-chan

P5b1b: The plan is to make this dojo for girls

P5b2: We don’t need a famous male fighter

P6: The previous agreement doesn’t count


Page 6

P1b1a: Eh no…

P1b1b: I am sorry about last time! I felt attracted to your ambition!

P1b2a: Ahaha

P1b2b: Well that’s too bad~ Go home

P1b3: Please! Even assistant instructor is fine!

P2a: Oi please!

P2b: If not, this will be the end of me…!

P2c: Please!

P6b1a: I’ll be frank.

P6b1b: My dojo has no need of middle level fighters

P6b2: like Onii-chan


Page 7

P3: wha… did you say…

P4b1: Say it one more time

P4b2: You piece of shit!!

P5b1: No need for me to repeat

P5b2a: Get into position there

P5b2b: I’ll make you


Page 8

P5b1(from the top): That stance is as firm as a tree

P5b2: This guy is good

P5b3: Old man, is this okay!?


Page 9

P2b1: I have practiced Karate for over 10 years…

P2b2: It won’t the same way as before

P3b1a: Your base is traditional Karate

P3b1b: You trained under a strict sensei for a long time and did leg exercise

P3b2a: And

P3b2b: After practicing kicks, got assigned face guards and worked hard

P3b3: Am I right?

P4: …You..


Page 10

P1: What is this…!?


Page 11

P2b1(sfx sounds): gatsu… kutsu… ootsu… *sounds of bones and stuff breaking

P2b2a: I easily attacked your liver

P2b2b: This wouldn’t be the first or second time

P2b3: ah…!

P3: My breath…!

P4: The old man is strong!

P6a: What’s up with that fast-striking motion!

P6b: Also, that stance itself is completely different from Ichinose Kei’s stance


Page 12

P1a: Who

P1b: Is this!

P2b1: shit…

P2b2: arghh!

P2b3: Oh, you got guts. Still want to fight?

P3b1: Not yet…

P3b2: It’s not over yet!!!

P5a: A wide open stance and recognizable movements

P5b: Planning to end everything with one reckless but lethal kick


Page 13

P1: No way that would work!


Page 14

P1(sfx): gaaaaaahhhh

P4: You look like a delinquent, but you were a good student, right?

P5a: Engaging in arduous training with the goal of becoming strong

P5b: How many thousand kicks and strikes practiced over and over again


Page 15

P1: That’s why you can’t win


Page 16

P1b1a: So

P1b1b: Onii-chan, do you understand now?

P1b2: Go home to the countryside with no regrets!

P2b1a: ah

P2b1b: About the liquids you left on the floor, take the disinfectant from the toilet

P2b2: and wipe it all up, okay!

P3(sfx): Ahha..ha.! *like painful laughter don’t really have equivalent in English

// Typesetter, please leave a note explaining the laughter

P4b1: How was it! Wasn’t I cool?

P4b2: Way to go Kei!

P4b3: Even if someone comes to make a mess again, we’ll be safe

P4b4: Well, let’s go to where little brother-kun is now!

P6b1: Thank you… that made me feel a little better

P6b2: And you are really strong at Karate


Page 17

P1a: But that Old man is too ruthless

P1b: Every time he hit that Shimizu guy

P1c: He hurt father who was aiming to become strong

P1d: It is too sad

P4b1: I can’t stap in dis plaze *he can’t pronounce words properly

P4b2: I hav to becume strong!

P5b1: Strong? What is strength?

P5b2: Did I want to become “Strong”…?


Page 18

P1b1: “That’s why you can’t win”

P1b2: That girl surely has the answers!

P3a: Well then

P3b: I’ll be leaving here

P4b1: Oh Mikuni-chan! I’ll be counting on you for the Karate try-outs

P4b2: Mikuni-chan… haha(in small text)…


Page 19

P5b1: Shit, I can’t reach it…

P5b2: This is troublesome…


Page 20


P5b1b: What do you mean?

P5b2: Wasn’t affiliation supposed to have ended?

P6a: Sorry Owner!

P6b: There are still problems with the buy-out…


Page 21

P1b1(sfx): haa

P1b2a(sfx): haa

P1b2b: That girl, my Kei, is alive right?

P1b3a: Then everything is alright

P1b3b: aah

P1b3c: and ~…

P2b1a: But!

P2b1b: Whether I met the real Ichinose Kei is questionable!

P2b2: Haaaa? A different person?

P3: She is a 17-year-old high school girl, her speech patterns and thinking may be influenced by movies and dramas

P4: But, no matter how many years a person has trained, it’s impossible for their fighting skills to improve so much within a few days!

P5a: Ara

P5b: That is interesting


Page 22

P2: Whether Kei is an alien

P3: Or someone else who underwent plastic surgery


Page 23

P2b1: She will become a cute pet♥

P2b2: Yuki Super Method Gym

Owner Yuki Maria


Page 24

P1: Kei… I won’t let you escape

P2b1: The time for women to rise has come

P2b2a: aah… Kei…♥

P2b2b: Become Mine!

P3(sfx): Nyaa


by Illris

Proofreader: AreebM

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