Dolkara Chapter 7

Dolkara Chapter 7

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Dolkara Chapter 7

Page 1

P1b1: My dream……!!

P1b2: Her house, it will turn into ash……!

P5: Woah!?

P6: Hot! Hot!

P7: The fire brigade!

P8b1: This phone cannot be used at this moment…

P8b2: Ah!! Because I’m late on the payment!!


Page 2

P1b1: What’s happening!? The dojo is burning!?

P1b2: It’s a fire!

P1b3: Really really!?

P2b1: Oi you guys! Call the fire brigade!

P2b2: I can’t call with this phone

P3b1: Who’s going to call the police?

P3b2: The first person at the scene is usually the one who committed the arson

P3b3: They’re coming

P3b4a: What

P3b4b: Why are you standing around nonchalantly chatting!

P4a: …Wait, if the police come…

P4b: In front of the scene is me who picked a fight with the dojo won’t I be suspected…?

P4b: Won’t I be a prime suspect? I’m standing here right after picking a fight with the owner.

P6b1b: Move

P6b1c: You’re in the way!!

P6b2: Are you running away?

P6b3: Shut up


Page 3

P3: ah…!!

P5b1: Ichinose… dojo that’s our name

P5b2: Won’t you come to my place…

P6b1: The thing she tried to protect!!

P6b2: She was carrying such a heavy burden……!!


Page 4

P1b2: Ah

P1b3: He ran away

P2b1: haa

P2b2: Who is…

P2b3: haa

P3: Running away!?

P5: The Signboard is the life of a dojo!

Nameplate v Signboard

Page 5

P2b1: Oi you…

P2b2: What are planning to do!?

P4b1: haa

P4b2: haa

P4b3: Wait until the fire brigade comes!

P6a: If I am going to be in debt,

P6b: then it’s better for me to prepare a souvenir!


Page 6

P1: Uwoooaaah!!

P2b1: Oh my god

P2b2: Someone is inside…!

P2b3: Come quickly fire truck!!

P3b1: Yay♥

P3b2: We’re going to a club

P3b3: Let’s go♥

P4b1: I’m really looking forward to it…

P4b2: Right♥


Page 7

P1b1a: Now

P1b1b: Let’s take a sexy video!

P1b2: Director…

P1b3: Totally doesn’t feel like we’re going to fight now…

P1b4: Old Man, you’re too happy about this.

P1b5: Ahahaha!!

P2b1: I am going to fight now…

P2b2: With that Aikido guy…

P3: Don’t show that face Seiji!

P4b1: Let’s go while taking in the sights

P4b2: You’ve lost something with Karate. Go take it back with Karate.

P5b1: O…

P5b2: OSU…!!


Page 8

P1: Hell yea♪

P3: Yay♪

P4b1: Oi

P4b2: What? (small text: can’t hear you properly)

P5b1: After we take them out, escape through the bathroom toilet window!

P5b2: Eh?

P6b1: We’re going to run after we’re done?

P6b2: Of course! The first step to starting a fight is to secure an escape route!


Page 9


Escape Plan

When “fighting” always keep an escape route in mind!

P1b2: In the off chance you’re going to lose, you can immediately run away. Even when you’ve won, if the opponent calls his friends over, you can escape!

P2b1: 10 years ago, In Southern Osaka

I got caught up with a celebrity and helped him out.

P2b2a: I took out 3 or 4 goons. Afterwards, I was sipping coffee nonchalantly in a café

P2b2b: when, out of the window, I could see 10 more waiting outside! I spit out my coffee and escaped immediately!

P3: People used to fighting will move far away from the scene immediately, remember that!

P5b1a: The ladies toilet could be crowded

P5b1b: So when I give the signal, we escape through the gent’s toilet!

P5b2: I don’t really want to…

P5b3: His knowledge is too precise… Is he a former criminal!?


Page 10

P1: It’s right behind this door

P5b1a: I think…

P5b1b: I’ll go home

P5b2b: Seiji! After we came all the way here…

P6: I’m sorry Nee-chan

P7b1: If you run away here

P7b2: You will spend your whole life being bullied


Page 11

P2: Kids nowadays have access to a lot of materials

P3b1: Searching on the net will show you that transferring schools is helpful or other methods for stopping bullying

P3b2: But that only shows you how to “circumvent” not “solve” the root problem

P4b1a: Surely in your life you will face many similar problems

P4b1b: When that time comes, are you going to search for ways to “circumvent” the issue?

P4b2: To solve the problem, we need to face it, gain wisdom and have a little bit of courage

P6: The trick to troublesome issues is to gain “experience”


Page 12

P1b1: It’s okay, even if you lose today

P1b2: It will serve as experience in your life

P2b1b: Yes K… I mean

P2b2: OSU!!

P3: When you are lost in life, listen to the senpais who have helped you


Page 13

P2b1: ah…

P2b2: Thank yo…

P3: …since you were going to spill it, it’s fine if I take this, right?

P6b1: What’s wrong?

P6b2: Okay let’s go!


Page 14

P1b1: Ah

P1b2a: I have confidence in my dynamic visual acuity but…

P1b2b: did this body become dull?


Page 15

P1: Seiji really came!

P2: Where is your sexy girlfriend?

P4b1a: ASHIYA!?

P4b1b: Why are you here!?

P4b2a: Teehee

P4b2b: I got found out

P5b1: Idiot

P5b2: This was his plan

P7: I met him while practicing at my dojo


Page 16

P1b1: There’s this irritating kid at school

P1b2: I’ll help

P1b3: Beat him up

P2b1: He’s quite strong at Karate

P2b2: I won’t lose, but I don’t want to get injured

P3: Why don’t we set him up?

P4b1: The Martial Arts otaku is frightened by Aikido

P4b2: He’s so scared!

P4b3: Hahahaha


Page 17

P1b1a: Don’t look down on Aikido

P1b1b: I’ll kill you

P1b2: So..Sorry…

P2b1: Godammit…

P2b2a: Fuck…

P2b2b: Bastards…!

P3b1: Oi oi don’t cry!!

P3b2: Seiji…

P3b3: Chyari-n

P3b4: Gahahahahaha!

P3b5: From now on, I’ll also ask for Chyari-n

P4: You’re offering your sister and sexy girlfriend!

P5: I’ve been waiting

P7b1: Ehehe

P7b2: Sexy girlfriend, you mean me?


Page 18

P1b1: Oh

P1b2: kyu♥ *squeeze

P2b1: So proactive

P2b2: too bold…

P7b1: Wha…

P7b2: What’s with this girl?!

P8: Attack Seiji, Eri!


Page 19

P1: OSU!!

P3b1: ah…

P4: My sister and the girl over there are stronger than me


Page 20

P1b1: Let’s go one on one

P1b2: Ashiya

P2b1: huh…?

P2b2: I hate your goddamn model student attitude!!!

P3b1: Are you the cheating Aikido user?

P3b2: Give me back my H-pictures

P3b3: Ah. The fat thighed seal-like sister

P4b1: The pretty girl over there is more of my type

P4b2: so I deleted your seal-like pictures

P5b1: se..sea..

P5b2: I’ll kill you!!


Page 21

P5: Should I break it?

P6: guu…!


Page 22

P1b1a: Ahaha!

P1b1b: Guys who say “should I break it?” have never broken arms before!

P1b2: Don’t carelessly attack, stay calm and assess the battle

P2b1: OSU

P2b2: Director

P4: Uwoa!!

P5: tsk

P6: fuu


Page 23

P1b1: Small movements

P1b2: Continuous low kicks

P4b1: hm

P4b2: What a plain attack

P5b1: It may be plain

P5b2: But your face says it is effective

P6b1: Shit

P6b2: It’s too fast, I can’t get the timing…

P7: Who are you calling a seal!?


Page 24

P1b1: It’s here, the amateur move

P1b2: The body will come too close again

P2: This time, I’ll be sure to break it

P3: Yes!!

In between the panels: A Few hours ago———

P4: I’ll give you some special training here before the showdown!


Page 25

P1a: Pa…

P1b: Pachinko Parlour!?

P2b1: Are you stupid!? What kind of special training is this!?

P2b2: This is a hint to beat Aikido

P3b1: We are high schoolers, we can’t play Pachinko…

P3b2a: Just watching is fine

P3b2b: Look over there

P4b1: Pachi…slot?

P4b2: Yeah

P4b3: That housewife is killing it

P5b1: Yes

P5b2: Okay


Page 26

P2b1: Yes it came!!

P2b2a: Wah

P2b2b: That person is good

P3b1: I got it! You want us to learn from her who has “eyes” like masters

P3b2: Ahahaha

P4b1: She is just a normal old woman you can find anywhere

P4b2: But she fits the role

P4b3: Why is that?

P5a: It’s called “Aiming”

P5b: 1 Reel, 21 frames and on top of that she even has the lights, colours and rhythm down

P5c: It’s quite a simple technique

P6b1: What does that have to do with Aikido…?

P6b2: It’s the same


Page 27

P1: Aikido uses movement vision*!

tln note: Also known as Dynamic Vision Acuity is the measure of how well the eyes see fast-moving objects people with good movement vision are baseball players for example who can see 160km/h and above fastballs

P3a: Most sports-orientated Aikido dojos teach how to retaliate when attacked in different ways

P3b: In other words, foretelling the enemy’s movement and reacting accordingly

P4b1: But it’s not so much reacting to the moment

P4b2: As it is “Reading the flow”!

P5: Then the counter-measure is…

P6: BOO!


Page 28

P1: What are you doing!?

P2a: Ahahaha. Sorry. Sorry.

P2b: In exchange, I’ll press it for you!

P3b1: In other words, weak to unexpected attacks!?

P3b2a: You kids are high schoolers, right?

P3b2b: What are you doing here?

P3b3: ah

P3b4: That is…

P4a: At first, purposely make your motions big and exaggerated

P4b: after that seal your low kick motion with a feint and attack unexpectedly!


Page 29

P1b1: eh!?

P1b2: hah

P2: Upper guard…!

P3b1: And feint, middle guard!

P3b2: I’ll get her here!

P4a: And feint

P4b: Inverted Kick!!!

P5b1: Ahahahahhaha got em!!

P5b2: Sport-orientated Aikido can’t react to unexpected feints!!

P5b3: What kind of face is that!?

P6: and take the chance to


Page 30

P1: Down him in one fell swoop

P3: dahh…

P4a: Timeout!!

P4b: Please stop!!

P4c: I can’t…

P5b1: If you touch my brother again

P5b2: I’ll KILL YOU!!


Page 31

P2b1: Hoh, otaku boy is doing better than I expected

P2b2: Seiji is the hope of the Ichinoses

P3b1: I thought that

P3b2: We were friends…!

P4: Okay. Okay. I’m weaker than you

P5b1: But…

P5b2: You have always been our slave


Page 33

P2a: He..hey…

P2b: Madoka-san, please don’t just observe!

P2c: Think of how many iTunes gift cards we gave you!!

P3b1: I am in the middle of a boss fight don’t disturb me

P3b2: and the cards are just the lecture fees

P4a: Then I’ll give you more

P4b: If you defeat them, I’ll let you pull the gatcha 100 times!!

P6: …really?


Page 34

P1: What’s with you…?

P2b1: Do…

P2b2: Don’t get close Sei…


Page 35

P1: Se…

P2b1: Mercilessly slamming the head…

P2b2: Seiji!!

P3b1: Probably Traditional Aikido

P3b2: and a genius at that



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