Dolkara Chapter 8

Dolkara Chapter 8

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Dolkara Chapter 8

Page 1

Title (by the side of Panel 2): K-1’s founder Ishii Kazuyoshi reincarnated as a high school girl!?

P3: Seiji…!

P4b1: …what’s happening!?

P4b2: It doesn’t look like this will be easy

P5b1: Tsujido Madoka

Traditional Aikido 「Mizukagami*-ryuu」

The 11th successor

tln note: *Lit. Water mirror/reflection style

P5b2: This will most likely be a kill or be killed fight…


Page 2

P1: Seiji——!!

P2: Wait don’t go in!!

P3a: Don’t worry! I’ll approach this calmly!

P3b: Start with a feint…


Page 3

P2: guu…

P7: Eri———!!

P8: Gyaaaaaaa


Page 4

P3a: Ho ho, little girlie, not only can you read the Ki

P3b: You also possess outstanding motion vision?

P4a: Huh?

P4b: “Little girlie”? (small text: sounds like an old geezer)


Page 5

P1b1a: Hey Old Man!!

P1b1b: Eri just got taken out, why are you laughing?

P1b2a: Sorry sorry

P1b2b: I just thought, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a real fight

P1b2c: Seiji, apply pressure on your sister’s arm

P2: O… OSU!!

P3a: I have watched hundreds –no– thousands of fights from the ringside

P3b: If you do this it’s a KO, if you do that you will get a point

P3c: No matter how wisely I advised, I was the same as a ghost

P3d: My career as a fighter was already dead.

P4a: But now, I am going to come back from the ashes

P4b: What a funny story


Page 6

P5b1: Her Aikido “reading” and her fast reflexes are working together so

P5b2: She can see through all the movements!



Page 7

P1b1: Aah

P1b2: pashu

P2: dowah

P4: guh…


Page 8

P1a: Director!!

P1b: Arm…!

P1c: Your arm!!

P2: Nu

P3: Gaaah

P5b1: Hahaha, as expected of the main branch

P5b2: The lesson fees we paid every month were not in vain!

P6a: Don’t say main branch

P6b: Don’t associate us with the sport-orientated Aikido you losers* use!!

tln note: *She doesn’t actually say this but it is strongly implied to the point that I put it like this

P8b1: This feeling…

P8b2: I’m getting fired up!


Page 9

P3b1a: Like I said…

P3b1b: It wasn’t me!!

P3b2: When I noticed it, it was already burning!!

P5a: But you had an argument with the owner

P5b: Witnesses also saw you loitering in front of the dojo when it caught fire

P6b1: I saw him

P6b2: It’s was suspicious

P6b3: Guuh…!

P7b1a: Call the dojo owner Ichinose Kei!!

P7b1b: She will tell you that I have no bad intentions! (small text: probably…)

P7b1: It looks like she’s in a place without cell service


Page 10

P1b1: Uwahhhh! What is this!!?

P1b2: We even had plans for this dojo!!

P2: Someone from the dojo…?

P3b1: Why? Why did this …

P5b1a: Officer it’s him

P5b1b: I’ve seen him harassing the director in Shibuya (small text: there’s no mistake)

P5b2: You’re wrong! I had a change of heart!!

P5b3: Okay, I get it. Let’s have a nice long talk at the station.

P6: Shit! Oi lady!!


Page 11

P1a: That signboard and picture over there!!

P1b: Give it to the girl!!

P2: Signboard…and picture!?

P4: I’m counting on you…!

P5: This…


Page 12

P1: Kei’s father…?

P2a: He rescued this…?

P2b: But if he’s not the culprit, was it simply an accident…?

P2c: No way… that means we can’t get insurance…

P4b1: Then…

P4b2: Let’s insist he is the culprit…!

P4b3: He’s probably a good for nothing…

P5b1: Errm…

P5b2: Hiyahh!?


Page 13

P1b1: You…

P1b2: You’re from the dojo…

P2b1a: I saw the culprit…

P2b1b: It was Mikuni-san!

P2b2a: Eh

P2b2b: That hands…

P2b3: I mean, the assistant instructor!?

P3b1: I forgot something and went back to get it

P3b2: This is bad

P3b3: I hope the dojo is still open

P4b1: That’s when I saw that Shimizu guy sitting outside the entrance…

P4b2: Uwah!? Freaky!!!

P5b1: I’ll send this to Kei and the others (small text: Since it’s dangerous)

P5b2a: Creepy

P5b2b: Stalker

P5b2c: Disgusting

P5b2d: Eww

P5b3: zz… zzzzz…. *really can’t see the words (he is probably mumbling anyway)

P6b3: Who is it now!?


Page 14

P1b1: Thanks for taking care of me

P1b2: This entire time!

P3b1: I got scared

P3b2: and ran away

P4b1a: Why didn’t you call 119* right away?

tln note: *number for fire brigade

P4b1b: If you did that, it could have amounted to just a small fire!

P4b2: I love Mikuni-san, that’s why!

P5: Huh!?

P6b1: Because Kei was the heir of the dojo, he always concentrated on her

P6b2: In my heart, I was always jealous of Kei!


Page 15

P1b1: That’s why, when Mikuni-san

P1b2: Invited me to a new gym, I was happy…

P2a: The one Mikuni-san needed was me…

P2b: I felt that happiness would disappear if I reported him…

P3b1a: But I was wrong!

P3b1b: I am an idiot, so I didn’t even realise this

P3b2: But when Kei was hospitalized, I was suffering too…!

P4a: I’m sorry…!

P4b: I’m sorry Kei…!

P7b1a: Well

P7b1b: It’s alright in the end

P7b2: Eh?


Page 16

P1b1a: Good job Suzu!

P1b1b: Let’s turn this around…

P1b2: Yeah!!

P1b3: Why Kansai-ben…?

Note: Kansai-ben is a dialect from the Kansai region of Japan.

Page 17

P1: fuu

P5b1: A flurry of Left Left Right Upper Guard Right kick…!

P5b2: It’s no use, even if you throw in a feint, she’ll dodge it

P6a: Too bad Karate user-san

P6b: I’ve already seen through you


Page 18

P1b1: Well Impressive Motion Vision-san

P1b2: Let’s see you dodge this


Page 19

P2: An Ice Pail!?

P3: You bastard……!!

P4b1: I’ll break you!!

P4b2: Ahahahaha!!

P5a: That’s good…!

P5b: Just as he was getting overwhelmed, he put a stop to it!


Page 20

P2: tsk!

P4: Her kicks are starting to connect!

P5a: Aikido has origins in swordsmanship techniques

P5b: So it doesn’t cope well against kicks!!


Page 21

P1a: Even so, we cannot attack carelessly, if she gets an opportunity, she will break something!

P1b: If you make a mistake, it could be over in a flash! What will you do, Old Man?

P2: Hey little girlie, didn’t you already see through me?

P3b1: Shut up!

P3b2: So Fucking irritating… I’ll break her arms and legs…!

P6a: Definitely…

P6b: Grab it…

P6c: Twist it…

P6d: Break it!!


Page 22

P3: Ah

P5: It got caug…


Page 23

P3b1: Sel…

P3b2: Selfie Stick!!?


Page 24

P1b1: Guu…

P1b2a: Gahh..

P1b2b: aahh…

P2b1: Director… That’s…

P2b2a: Hmm?

P2b2b: A selfie stick modelled after a police baton. What about it?

P3b1a: The throat is one of the important parts of the human body

P3b1b: It causes intense pain, preventing you from moving properly

P3b2: Well for guys, it’s the balls! Ahahahaha!!

P4b1: You… That’s cowardly

P4b2: Should a Karate Instructor really be using weapons!?

P5a: Ahahaha young boys, did you forget?

P5b: This isn’t Karate, it’s a fight!

P5c: In a fight, there are no rules!! Even if I use a weapon, it doesn’t matter if I win the fight!


Page 25

P1b1a: But isn’t this where you should win using Karate!?

P1b1b: Again with the “If I win, it’s justice” logic!?

P1b2: A guy like this is not a Karate fighter!!

P2b1a: It is the same for fights and official matches

P2b1b: Consider the situation and use the method most likely to win, this applies to both fights and sports!

P2b2: The point is: a weak guy cannot possibly win in the pro-fighting scene!!

P3b1a: Don’t be blinded by the ideals of sportsmanship!

P3b1b: That’s why you guys cannot win!!

P4b1: I have always easily gotten into fights

P4b2: But did I only use the standard “honourable” attacks?


Page 26

P1b1: No

P1b2: I often used the headbutt attack banned in Karate

P2b1: During fights, I would use weapons from around the scene

P2b2: I would take knife and forks from coffeeshops and hide them

P3b1: By the way, the Selfie Stick is a recommended weapon for women.

P3b2: Overseas, there are courses for defending yourself with a selfie stick, as well as, selfie sticks made for self-defence purposes (from Director Ishii)

P5b1: Are these fake glasses?

P5b2a: I don’t see the use for them

P5b2b: These would be dangerous in a fight if the lenses were to break!


Page 27

P1b1: Little girlie!

P1b2: If you’re unsatisfied, come over anytime!

P2b1a: It’s…

P2b1b: not

P2b1c: over…

P2b1d: yet…!

P3b1: We are running a free try-out campaign for our dojo right now!

P3b2: Don’t…

P3b3: Fuck… around with me…!

P5: Don’t spread my pictures around again, you hear me!


Page 28

P1a: Well then!

P1b: Before anyone else shows up!!

P2b1: I can’t agree…

P2b2: It hurts… it hurts…

P2b3: Nee-chan, are you okay?

P2b4: Pinpon

P2b5: Pinpon

P4: Guys… stay calm and listen

P5b1: The dojo was burnt to the ground.

P5b2: Eh

P5b3: Ehhh…!?

P6b1: The culprit is assistant instructor Mikuni Hajime

P6b2: The police just apprehended him



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