Dolkara Chapter 9

Dolkara Chapter 9

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Dolkara Chapter 9

Page 1

P1: Ichinose dojo was the target of arson

P2a: The culprit is Mikuni Hajime

P2b: Suzu witnessed it so there’s no doubt

P4b2: …no way…

P5b1: She saw the moment he lit it on fire

P5b2: It’s not a lie


Page 2

P1b1: Even though we had plans to revitalize the dojo…

P1b2: What are we supposed to do now!?

P3: Well there’s no need to worry, it should be covered by the fire insurance

P4b1: That Onii-chan probably felt unappreciated as a fighter and held a grudge

P4b2: When the motive is confirmed, we will surely get the insurance money!

P5: nufufufu♥ With that money, the debt will be gone and we’ll get to rebuild the dojo

P6b1a: We…

P6b1b: Well that may be true, but…

P6b1c: How you can stay calm and analyse the situation…?

P6b2: nufufufu♥

P8b1: Money Money Money

P8b2: There’s definitely something wrong with your head


Page 3

P1b1: The dojo may be in the red, but

P1b2a: It’s a place filled with the memories of my father!!

P1b2: For you to..!!

P2: You…!!

P3b1: I wonder…

P3b2: who was it that committed suicide because of money?


Page 4

P1b1a: Well then!

P1b1b: Let’s go to a club in Ginza to celebrate the new dojo!

P1b2a: Eh

P1b2b: Really

P2b1a: Those are some nerves you got there

P2b1b: Ouch

P2b2: Before that, Nee-chan the hospital!!

P2b3: Ahahahaha!

P3b1: With that kind of guy…

P3b2: No longer…


Page 5

P1: Police Station

P3b1: …Mikuni Hajime 28 years old…

P3b2: Occupation?

P4: Fighter

P5: Huh? Do you appear in fights?


Page 6

P1b1: It’s how I bring home the bread

P1b2: Ah so…

P1b3: That’s how it is

P2b1: tsk

P2b2: At this age and still a freeloader*…

tln note: The word used was “furiita” who refers to those who do not hold a “proper” job in Japanese society, they are sometimes looked down on because of that

P4b1: and…

P4b2: How long are you going to continue to deny it?

P5b1: I didn’t do it

P5b2: There were witnesses

P6b1: They weren’t the neighbours, right?

P6b2: I have no need to answer that


Page 7

P1: The witness was able to recognize me in the dark, so it must be someone from the dojo

P2a: It was most probably Ichinose Kei

P2b: That “almost like another person” Kei

P2c: The witness silently watched the whole criminal process… so maybe one of the children from the youth classes? No… A female!?


Page 8

P1b1a: tsk

P1b1b: Did the person use a magic mirror to see me?

P1b1c: but…

P1b2a: My face was covered, we were in the dark, and not to mention I was a distance away from the witness

P1b2b: There’s so much room for error, would the police really act with such uncertainty?

P2b1: Please look carefully

P2b1: Is it really this guy?

P4: Mikuni-san

P5b1a: Yes, it is him!

P5b1b: Right?

P5b2: I wasn’t asking you

P8b1: The reason I was recognized

P8b2: Must be because of the clothes I was wearing at that time.


Page 9

P1: In that case, the one who was observing me yesterday was…

P3b1: fu..

P3b2: fufu…

P4b1: Detective…!

P4b2: Please believe me…!


Page 10

P1b1: I was just going to buy a present to give to the girl I like who I invited to a new gym

P1b2: What are you doing all of a sudden!?

P2: “the girl I like…!?”

P3b1: This is where I sink or swim…

P3b2a: I

P3b2b: Don’t want that girl

P3b3: to mistake me for the arsonist!!

P4: Is he crying? (small text: even though he’s the culprit)

P5b2: Suzu-chan?


Page 11

P1b1a: I’m sorry, Detective

P1b1b: It was another person

P1b2: I dropped my contacts yesterday, it was someone with a different outfit

P2b: Wait!

P3b1: What are you saying!?

P3b2: Are you sure?

P3b3: Yes

P4: Wait Suzu-chan…!

P5b1: Detective. this person

P5b2: Is waiting for the insurance pay-out to refinance the dojo

P6a: No…that’s…

P6b: Not it….


Page 12

P2: I’m sorry, it seems like we got the wrong person!

P3a: …Bingo!! The witness was Suzu!

P3b: I can leave, right?

P4b1: Well good luck with your fights

P4b2: Thanks!

P4b3: That was close, but this is a chance

P5b1: I’ll use Suzu to

P5b2: drive that girl into a corner!!


Page 13

P1b: And that’s what happened!

P2: Are you for real?!?

P3b1: Well it’s alright

P3b2: No no we can’t afford to be so composed

P4b1: This is bad! If Suzu doesn’t testify, it will be treated as an accidental fire and we may not get insurance money

P4b1: Why did that Kei go missing now…?


Page 14

P1b1a: But don’t worry

P1b1b: In exchange, I got you a big job

P1b2: What is it?

P2b1a: Hm

P2b1b: Who is this

P2b1: Eh, don’t you know Tachibana Sakura? (small text: are you really a high school girl?)

P3b1: Tachibana Sakura 17 years old

The centre of a super popular idol group

P3b2: Her agency is a client of ours and we have taken on the job to be her “bodyguard”

P4b1: Oh really?

P4b2: Ehh!? You are not interested!?


Page 15

P2b1: One week is 10 million yen

P2b2: What did you say!!?

P3b1: She is being harassed by a stalker

P3b2: Won’t a famous bodyguard agency be better?

P4b1a: A male bodyguard in the house of a young girl

P4b1b: could become a scandal if someone takes a picture.

P4b2: The idea of a young female trained in Martial Arts was acceptable

P5b1a: But

P5b1b: There’s one condition

P5b2: What is it?


Page 16

P1b1: You are to join the “experimental” idols of that group and perform on stage

P1b2: HUH…?

P2: Me? an Idol…!?

P2sfx: nufuu


Page 17

P4: The stalker doesn’t seem to be around!

P6b1: Here is fine!

P6b2: Tachibana Sakura 17 years old


Page 18

P1b1a: Please take care!

P1b1b: You really don’t want me to follow you up until your room!?

P1b2: It’s fine

P1b3: Please consider the bodyguard matter!

P2: There’s no need

P3b1a: Hah!

P3b1b: I’ve reached home, bodyguards are unnecessary

P3b2: How many “Dan*” do you think I have in Kendo?

tln note: *dan is a ranking system used in Chinese, Japanese and Korean Martial Arts, to achieve shodan = the first “dan” is often seen as if you have mastered the basics of the martial art. Most godan = 5th “dan” can become instructors.


Page 19

P3: That bastard…!

P6b1: Hii…!

P6b2: Get lost!

P7b1: Sorry! I’m from bamboo magazine!

P7b2: A magazine…


Page 22

P3b1: Eh…

P3b2: Why is the window open…?


Page 24

P1b1: Hyahh…

P1b2: My voice… It won’t come out…!

P1b3: Hiii…!!

P2a: Excited…?

P2b: Me too

P3a: I’m

P3b: also

P4: fuu…

P5b1: Graduate

P5b2: *empty bubble* //because there is nothing to fill in here… meaning is already full translated in bubble 1

P5b3: Right now

P6: Become an Eternal Idol


Page 25

P1b1: Ah…

P1b2: No…

P2: Don’t come closer!!

P7b1: Keep it down!

P7b2: It’s the middle of the night!


Page 26

P1b1: Eventually

P1b2: The both of us

P1b3: Let’s graduate

P2: I’ll come again

P3: Hello…!

P4: About the “bodyguards”

P5b1: Preparation for tomorrow……!

P5b2a: Look closely Kei!

P5b2b: Like this!! Like this!!

P5b2c: It’s not the bon dance!!



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