Ecstas Online Chapter 1

Ecstas Online Chapter 1

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Ecstas Online chap 1:

Page 1:
Hey, if …
If I were Dou Meguri kun …

Page 2:
A surprise situation appears !!!

Same author as “Masou Gakuen HXH”

Adapted from the famous game Ecstas Online VRRMMO
It’s OK

Page 3:
The Miss Teen of the Minamimyojin High School just said she wants to be my girlfriend! Is this the double reward of Rank 1 Stars !!
And only two of us in the room …
She is sooooo cute. I could just admire this view forever
Wh – What ? Is there something wrong with me ?
Ah … no nothing !!
So…So …
So take off your bra.…

Page 4:
Ah… Uhm…
Please don’t misunderstand
Huh? So you can’t do it?
I’m not the kind of girl that easily show hers body to a boy …
I only do it with the one I like …
Damn, my heart beat is beating like a drum
Doumeguri Kun …

Page 5:
Behind that plain uniform is this attractive body?

Page 6:
Doumeguri kun …
My heart is not beating right…
Do you…like them ?

Page 7:
Where do you feel most sensitive ?
… Pervert
If you don’t tell me… then I’ll stop…
Breasts and …
My lower body …
Damn, why did I have to talk out loud

Page 8:
I’m coming…
What is this feeling
Asagiri’s flower…
The dream of every man in this school…

Page 9:
My finger
Its stuck!!
Text: Log out?
So painful ..!

Page 10:
That hurts…!
What is wrong with this…
Error …? VR Emotional Feedback System  …
Overloaded …!
Dammit, feels as if I just slamed into an iron wall .. !!

Page 11:
And just right at the good part too…
What what ?
What happened, totally startled me
Name: Aikawa Akiko

Page 12:
HEY!! Do you have the data for the Hell Shaft Demon King yet!
What the hell are you doing?
I’m screwed. I’ve been on that since yesterday and forgot to send it !!
Sorry, I’m sending the data now!
Dammit ! We have to compensate if customers complain !
I can’t stand it !!
Page 13:
Your sister just lost 5 minutes because of that data !!
Do you know that 5 minutes will be compensated by over an hour of work?
Just wait a freaking minute, I had to stay up all night to do it!
Sounds and movements of the king, 150 categories each
It’s a bit cruel to order it yesterday and demand for this morning
Huh? Then what do you think your salary is for ?
A combination of Chuunibyou and Neet such as yourself….
Would be extremely lucky to have a job
But … I’m still a high school student.
Not going to deny the Chuunibyou part though..
But Aikawa – san, about the money, the order yesterday still stands, right?

Page 14:
Your job is to keep the outbound invoice correct!
That’s why there are so many things to check here, it’s very problematic!
Huh, what do you think ? There was a technical change yesterday …
Haiz … I will send over the data in 5 minutes

3 minutes!!
Really, at first I was still concerned that Aikawa may feel tired with that working pace

But it not like she’s a human, she’s a demon in disguise
But … Aikawa goes to work very early ..
She is the kind of person that just wants to work …
But well it’s time for school!

Page 15:
I’m leaving now!
The old man already went to work …
Working life is hard everywhere…
I must stride for a leisurely life
Humans are always forced to push themselves meaninglessly
A life full of work to make a living!
Whether it’s studying, or going to work
Going to school every day just to earn a degree…

Page 16:
Well, If I didn’t process Asagiri VR data then things would be better

Can sleep for around 1 hour …
Well my Asagiri is indeed top class …!
Its not like I can have a chance with the real thing …
If I can have a closer relationship with real people then what do you need the VR for
But what can happen between a school idol and a guy like myself?
Things are not looking bad though!
Would be useful if I’m going to apply to a 3DCG company or graphic stuff…
…Still, the body data of Asagiri
Everything is based on f Exodia Edoxus, I only changed the face …

Page 17:
Anyway, I have never seen Asagiri’s body before
There are no measurements…
Good morning
Doumeguri kun

Page 18:
H – Hi …
The real deal is here!
Its true, things that I created can never compare with the real deal.
A princess that is kind with everyone …
Ah yes! Have to say hello back…!
Akira kun!

Page 19:
Yo! Ririko
Ichinomiya Akira …!
The best guy among the boys!
From a wealthy and powerful family, almost 1m8 in height, a basketball player

And very good at games! Takes part in the F1 Racing of the World Esports …
Ah… sorry
Oh right… I must be blocking the road so he can’t go into the classroom.

Page 20:
Shizuka Ishinon …
Another loner without friends in class 2A, just like me …
Excluding me, why is Ishinon so distant with everyone..
Damn, that startled me
Shizuka Ishi with the cold face as usual…
Or is she thinking about some serious problem …?

Page 21:
Hey why are all of you so silent !?
Know what’s new?
What is it, Ogiya kun?
“The Society Visit” was declared already?
Isn’t it in the auditorium ?
It has been moved to the classroom
Yeah ! Sensei is calling
Then just say that in the first place..
Hey, Akira kun , where do you want to go ?
Ah… Rome’s colosseum, I guess…

Page 22:
The use of VR systems for education will begin today
Start with a worldwide heritage tour…
Speaking about that, the next generation of VR can actually support Exodia Edoxus …
The commercial version hasn’t been released yet though …

What about you, Ririko?
I want to go to France’s Mont Saint Michel
Guess so…
So want to go together?

Page 23:
I’m super excited, what is the difference between this and traveling abroad?
I’m also excited, this is the first time I’ll use the VR system
It’s just the first test
And here I am, silent as a retard …
Shizuka Ishino can even go with other people …
For my part, I have never been talked to
By anyone
But I do not feel sad
Even feeling a bit pleasant about it
That kind of interaction only puts a strain on everything…
Such as money, spirit and body too …

Page 24:
Conversation is only a waste of time …
And time is as precious as gold and silver
So why bother throwing your time away …
“I’m not lonely”
“I’m not a boring person” is what I keep telling myself …
So there is no need to meet anyone
I will choose Random mode …
Going to a place without any prior knowledge is true fun …!
Lonely people have their own way to enjoy themselves…

Page 25:
Huh? When did I fall in sleep …?
My eyes are still open … but why is it so dark?
Hmph ? Neuron cell? Integrated circuit?
Ah … I’ll wake up if it comes to that …
But what’s with this weird process of logging in?
Or will I be in another world when I open my eyes?
If I was indeed reincarnated then I hope there is a hot girl right in front of me…
Someone with pink hair or a blonde would be nice
A fantastic start for a story …

Page 26:
This is …
Page 27:

What is this world’s heritage ??
Is there a war going on?
No, this cannot be true
This is not a “The Society Visit” no matter where you look at it …

Page 28:
That dark castle with the evil atmosphere …
Cannot be any castle on Earth
Or there is something wrong with the location ?
The Exit button … Escape??
Oiiiiiiiiii !! Controller! Can anybody hear me?
I want to get out of here!!! Is anyone there ??
What? Why do these people keep staring at me!?
Fuck!! I’m about to pee myself!

Page 29:
That guy.. I don’t know who he is …
But he is surely dangerous!
He is the vanguard…
Try to fall behindddddddddd

Page 30:
Fuck fuck fuck, he’s charging straight at me
This is just a game! But how can it be so scary!
What is going on? Bug? Or server error?
What happened with everyone?
I went after everybody? So why was I the only one who ended up here?
Follow king!
Don’t stray behind !
That werewolf is the leader of this pack?
Fuck, he laughs as if he wants to eat me!
But… where is he looking at …

Page 31:
That is!?

Page 32:
Asagiri …
I just met you a few minutes before… How come it feels like it’s already months …
What … What is that suit …?
No, the most important thing to do now is to reunite with her!
Do not be afraid, people!
The opportunity is now!
We must stop the enemy!

Page 33:
Lancer’s forward !
Ichinomiya …
They are my classmates …
…What’s with the other knights …?
Demon what…to charge straight forward and alone like that
The chance to kill him is right here!
Oioi everyone! So no one really cares whether I live or die ??

Page 34:
What? why??

Page 35:
…Huh? What is this? This metal arm
Is this my hand?
What’s with this number …?
Tch! Freaking hard!

Page 36:
This will work!
Try to withstand this attack!
Black armor … ?? All over my body ??
Asagiri’s body … That aura, ..
Tch … Wait a minute!

Page 38:
Now its 60!
Is this damage that I’ve received?
Is this an RPG game ? Someone has reinstalled the program since the last visit?
Wait, why did Asagiri attack me?
The enemy is the demon king back there!!
Wait wait, it should be be over there!
The enemy is on the other side??

Page 39:
HAH! You point right at me
Heh heh heh, you want to crush them together!
Demon King!
You’re not the Demon King?
Get into formation!
Shields forward !
Woa! Those silver shields are just like mirrors… Mirror Shield eh …?
There is a item in Exodia Edoxus that looks just the same …

Page 40:
I can’t read the stats carefully so I do not know for sure …
What …

Page 41:
This is..
How tragic ? I’m the Demon King now !!!