Ecstas Online Chapter 11

Ecstas Online Chapter 11

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Athena13 TL

Ecstas 11


page 1

middle letters : At this moment, right beside you…

title : Ch 11 : A night for the two 01


page 2

p1b1 : Alright, are you guys ready?

p2b1a : Then please go to the field with your own party.

p2b1b : Although you’re free to do what you want, remember that we still have the goal to get 100 Zol per person.

p2b2 : It’s also okay to fight strong monsters, but remember to be careful not to get killed.

p3b1 : Well, you would be resurrected anyway, so isn’t it oky to die here…?

p3b2 : At least that’s what I thought, but it seems that there is some kind of penalty…

p4 letters right : When you die, your exp points will be reset to 0.

p4 letters left : It won’t go as far as dropping your level but you won’t be able to level up until you reach the same exp points you had just before you died.

p4 diagram letter left : Died

p4 diagram letter bottom : Resurrected


page 3

p1b1 : That’s simply a bug.

p1 letters right : By the way, the penalty…

p1 letters left : Is a bug…

p1 sfx : EEhhhh?!!!

p2b1a : Our plan for today is to beat random monsters in the field and obtain items,

p2b1b : then sell them in the city to gather money for our daily needs.

p2b2 : And also for collecting exp points at the same time…

p3b1 : But still, isn’t it too cruel for you guys to form groups only with people that you know well?

p3b2 : I know this also happened a lot in school, but I’ll always be left out in the end like this…

p3 sfx : *Chatter* *Chatter*

p4 letters top : And then the teacher, who was so frustrated with me, would end up forcing me into a group that lacked members…

p4 letters bottom : And the other members would welcome me with such a disappointed face…

p5b1 : But that’s the case in the real world!! We are in the game world right now!!

p5b2 : Basically, a different world!! I will be reborn into a different person here!!

p5 sfx : *Bam*


page 4

p1b1 : Eh? Wha..?

p1b2 : Wait for a sec!! Doesn’t it seem like they’ve already decided on their groups…?!!

p1 sfx : *Chatter* *Chatter*

p2b1 : Well… I guess it’s fine, I won’t be able to level up no matter how many monsters I beat anyway.

p2b2 : Not to mention I would be so nervous, since I can die at anytime fighting in my human form…

p3b1a : I’ll just quietly get back to Kardat and do a thorough survey of its surrounding…

p3b1b : It might even be better if I go back to Infermia and increase the “Loyalty” of the Hellsector…

p3b2 : Ah!! Everyone, wait!!

p3 sfx : *Sneak*

p4b1 : Doumeguri-kun is still left alone!!

p4b2 : Aahh… You’re right, let’s see…


page 5

p1b1 : In that case, can you put him in your party, Ougiya?

p1b2a : Eehh? I’m actually thinking of finally clearing up the *Shikkoku forest today, you see…

*TLN : Shikkoku = Jet black

p1b2b : And it’s not like I’m saying that he will slow us down or anything.

p1b3 : That’s what you’re freaking saying!!

p2b1 : Then, how about letting him join our group, Akira-kun?

p3b1a : Eehh— But Akira said that he will exterminate a group of Bear Lizards today, right?

p3b1b : Or more like, can you please stop deciding the groups, Asagiri-san?

p4b1 : How about the other group…

p4 sfx : *Sneaking*

p5b1a : Ah, is that so? Fine then! I’ll look over Doumeguri-kun myself!!

p5b1b : You guys can go hunting now!!

p5b2 : Eehh… Ah, but Asagiri…

p6b1a : You don’t have to worry about it Doumeguri-kun,

p6b1b : Busujima-san and Akira-kun, you guys are fine with this right?

p6b2 : I’m sorry Ririko, I’ll leave Doumeguri to you.


page 6

p1b1 : That’s it then, let’s go Doumeguri-kun!!

p1b2 : O..Okay

p2b1 : Where are we going anyway?

p2b2a : Actually, there is this one tutorial quest.

p2b2b : It’s useless for us right now, but I think it will be perfect for you Doumeguri-kun.

p3b1 : This seems to be the right place…

p3 sfx : *Swish*

p4 sfx : *press*

p5b1 : Ah, that’s right, you can’t see other’s menu screen…


page 7

p1b1 : Alright, all set, with this we just accept the quest for beginners.

p1b2 : And so the quest is?

p2b1 : Ahh.. You’re right, I haven’t told you the details yet.

p2 sfx : *Tehe*

p3b1a : The quest is to defeat 5 monsters called Bullet Sheep that live around this area.

p3b1b : They will drop [Wool] as a drop item and you need to sell it to the raw material merchant in Kardat.

p3b2 : I see… that does sound like a quest for beginners.

p4b1 : Let’s get going then… You’re doing good, just move closer like that…

p4b2 : Ugh… I feel so nervous being watched like this

p4 sfx : *slide*

p5b1 :  Alright… one… two…

p6b1 : Take this!!

p6 sfx : *Bam*


page 8

p1b1 : Eat this!!

p1 sfx : *Clank*

p2b1 : Th… this guy is so hard…!!

p2 sfx : *Grrrrr*

p3b1 : Bughk

p3b2 : Guhakk!!

p3 sfx : *Bam*

p4b1 : 40 damage in one attack?!

p4b2 : 2 more attacks and I’ll be a goner!!

p5b1 : Wu.. Wuaah!!

p5b2 : Time out!! Time ooouuut!!

p5 sfx : *Charge*


page 9

p1 sfx : *Dash*

p2 sfx : *Clank*

p3b1 : Hah!!

p3 sfx : *Swish*

p4b1 : Get up Doumeguri-kun. You just need one more swing!!

p4b2 : … Yes!!

p5b1 : Hah!!

p5 sfx : *Bam*


page 10

p1 sfx : *Wobble*

p2b1a : Congratulation Doumeguri-kun, you just defeated a bullet sheep!!

p2b1b : This is your first kill!!

p2b2 : We…well, it was mostly…thanks to Asagiri.

p2 sfx : *Shatter*

p3b1 : Oohh… I really did get wool from that…

p3b2 : Now, we just need to defeat 4 more just like that!!

p4b1 : …Asagiri is way more spartan than I thought…

p4b2 : …Hm?

p5b1 : Isn’t this…fog?

p5b2 : It certainly is, but it is quite rare to have fog in a plain area like here…

p5 sfx : *Foggy*


page 11

p1b1 : It’s getting thicker…

p1b2 : Wait… Something is not right…

p2b1 : …?!!

p2 sfx : *Bam*

p2 diagram letters :



Recommended level 17~

p3b1 : Asagiri…? what is this…

p3 sfx : *Shaking*

p3 diagram letters :



Recommended level 17~

p4b1 : It’s a compulsory surprise quest!

p4b2 : And we’re caught up in it!!


page 12

p1b1 : Recommended level is 17, huh…? If I’m not mistaken, everyone should be about level 15…

p1b2 : This is pretty risky… no wonder Asagiri looks pretty worried…

p1 diagram letters :



Recommended level 17~

p2b1: Let’s run right away!!

p2b2 : Ah.. yes!!

p2 sfx : *Step*

p3b1 : …What…?!

p3b2 : My body… can’t move… any further!!

p3 sfx : *Shaking*

p4b1 : What the hell is going on here…?!

p4 sfx : *Swish*

p5b1a : Let’s see here… Search and defeat the level 17 sorcerer Grim.

p5b1b : A magic barrier has been created in the field, thus you can’t get out of the field until you  have defeated Grim.

p5b2 : The weather inside the barrier can change and worsen easily… well, that’s what it says…


page 13

p1b1 : … I’m sorry that it turned like this, Doumeguri-kun…

p1b2 : Don’t worry Asagiri, it wasn’t your fault…

p2b1a : But still… I was only planning to take the tutorial quest for beginners…

p2b1b : I never thought an outbreak quest would be initiated here…

p2 sfx : *Plop*

p3b1 : Uwah! It actually started raining!!

p3b2 : The explanation actually did say that the weather could easily change… It seems to be true.

p3 sfx : *Raining*

p4b1 : Whoa… Wait…

p4b2 : We can’t stay here anymore, let’s go look for a shelter!! Come with me!!

p4 sfx : *Raining*

p5b1 : Don’t give up!! Just a little bit more!!

p5b2 : Al…Alright

p5b3 : Well, isn’t this rain way too heavy?! There’s no need to make the weather changes this much, is there?!

p5 sfx : *Raining*


page 14

p1b1 : There it is!!

p1 sfx : *Raining*

p2b1 : We can take shelter over there!!

p2 sfx : *Raining*

p3 sfx : *Creak*

p4b1 : We can relax here since monsters won’t come inside.

p4b2 : Oh man, this sucks…

p5b1 : But, what is this shack anyway?

p5b2a : I’ve used this place for resting before, it seems that it is just an empty shack.

p5b2b : We can at least take a break here… And it won’t charge you any money either…


page 15

p1b1a : …This place might have been planned for NPC to use in the future.

p1b1b : So in other words, this house was put here for the sake of putting its data in the game…

p1b2 : I see… but it really helps us out anyway.

p1b3 : You’re right…

p2b1 : Hic… Kushun!!

p2 sfx : *Kuchan*

p3b1 : My God… what a cute sneeze…

p3b2a : We might catch cold if we stay like this.

p3b2b :  …Let’s light the fireplace on and change of clothes for now…

p4 sfx : *Crackle* *Crackle*

p5b1 : …Next, is change of clothes, huh…

p5b2 : Doumeguri-kun… are you not going to change?

p5 sfx : *Crackle* *Crackle*


page 16

p1b1a : I didn’t bring any spare clothes after all…

p1b1b : And of course, I can’t use my Demon King’s armor here…

p1b2 : I’m just thinking that it might be fine for me to just stay wet like this… Hoachooo!!

p1 sfx : *Achoo*

p2b1a : That’s a big no!! You can also get sick in this world you know?

p2b1b : Nonnon… Shizukuishi-san got sick once and couldn’t wake up for 3 days.

p2b2 : Eh?! is that so?! I’m seriously questioning if we really need that kind of reality here…

p3b1 : But I don’t have any spare…

p4b1 : …Might as well borrow this.

p4b2 : It’s also perfect for wiping the water off my body.

p5b1a : Although, I do feel really bad doing this in front of you, Asagiri…

p5b1b : But, it feels like I might still catch cold like this, so may I take off my clothes?

p6b1 : … Asagiri?


page 17

p1b1 : It’s fine.. but…

p1b2 : Really?! I’m really sorry about this… I will try my best to keep my distance away from you.

p2b1 : I’m sure you brought a lot of equipment with you, you’re always well prepared after all.

p2 sfx : *Shaking* *Shaking*

p3b1 : Can… can you please…

p3b2 : Give that curtain to me too!!

p4b1 : Eh?

p5b1 : It… It can’t be helped you know!!

p5b2 : I got too many items, so I thought I would clean everything up in one go and…

p5 sfx : *Panicking* *Panicking*


page 18

p1b1 : Ah… I see…

p1 sfx : *grab*

p2b1 : Well… what can I say… the timing was pretty bad this time.

p2 small letters :  Thank you…

p3 sfx : *Rustle*

p4 sfx : *Turn*

p5 sfx : *Fuuu*

p6 sfx : *Click*


page 19

p1 sfx : *Buon*

p2b1 : …!! I can see her body line clearly!!

p2b2 : Although, compared to the VR version of Asagiri that I made, her body line is less pronounced but…

p2 sfx : *Thump*

p3b1 : What is with this sensuality coming from that out of the world beautiful slender hip…

p4b1a : Wait!! What the hell am I doing ogling her like that!!

p4b1b : I’m a true gentleman!! I should get my act together, like a real gentleman!!

p4 sfx : *Hah!*

p5b1 : Ah right… I should get my equipments off too…!!

p5 sfx : *Click*


page 20

p1b1 : Whoa!! What an amazing sensation, to get naked in one click!!

p1 sfx : *Buon*

p2b1 : This feeling of being naked in front of Asagiri…!!

p2b2 : She also felt the exact same feeling, right…?

p3 sfx : *waking up*

p4b1 : Oh crap!! I need to create a distraction fast or this will turn really bad!!

p4b2 : Asagiri, you can sit in front of the fireplace, I will sit a little further away…

p5b1 : Won’t it be cold if you sit that far away?

p5b2 : Eh…?

p6b1 : It’s okay to sit a little bit closer.

p6 sfx : *Crackle* *Crackle*


page 21

p1b1 : Ugh… That sounds… rather erotic…

p1b2 : In that case… Excuse me for doing that…

p1 sfx : *slide*

p2 sfx : *peek*

p3 sfx : *crackle* *crackle*

p4b1 :  Asagiri, who only has a single cloth in her body…

p4b2 : Is sitting right next to me now…!!

p4 sfx : *Thump* *Thump*

p5b1a : Those snow white legs that stretch out from the opening of the curtain… She’s sitting with her legs folded and her knees up…

p5b1b : And the dark shadow created right below it…


page 22

p1 letters right : What can be seen in that darkness are a pair of plump and round thighs…

p1 letters left : It feels like you can see what lies deeper, if you look hard enough…

p2 letters top : My current distance to Asagiri is approximately 1.5 meters.

p2 letters bottom : It’s dangerous to get any closer than this…!!!

p2 sfx : *Hah* *Hah*

p3 letters right : Seriously, what the heck am I thinking right now!?!

p3 letters left : Calm down!! Calm down, me!!!

p3 sfx : *Raining*

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