Ecstas Online Chapter 12

Ecstas Online Chapter 12

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Athena13 TL
Ecstas Online 12
page 1
p1 ltr1 (left) A night for the two Pt 02
p1 title Don’t look…this way.
page 2
p1 sfx *Crackle* *Crackle*
p2b1 … I’m all alone with Asagiri and we only have a piece of cloth covering our bodies…
p2b2 Doesn’t this feel like a chance for me?!
p2 sfx *Crackle* *Crackle* *Crackle*
p3b1 No… This must be my imagination!! Someone like me will never have a chance with her…!!
p3b2 Fuaah…
p4b1 Ah… Did you hear that?
p4b2 I’m sorry… I’m actually rather sleepy right now.
page 3
p1b1 Ahh… No problem. You must be tired and it’s getting late after all…
p3b1a Moreover, the rain isn’t slowing down at all, and it’s dangerous to go out in the middle of the night
p3b1b So, it might be a good idea to catch some sleep now while we can.
p3b2 You’ve got a point there.
p4b1 Doumeguri-kun, you should go to sleep too.
p4b2 Let’s leave early in the morning if the rain stops.
p4 sfx *Roll*
p5b1 Yeah… I’ll sleep too then…
p6 sfx *Raining*
p7b1 But there’s no way I can sleep in this situation!! Asagiri is sleeping defenselessly right beside me after all!!
p7b2 I can hear her breath from here and my chest is pounding so hard right now!!
p7 sfx *Thump* *Thump*
page 4
p1b1 Wait for a sec, this kind of chance won’t ever happen again, right?! Then, I can see her sleeping face as much as I want right now!!
p1b2 Alright!! Here I go—
p1 sfx *Turn*
p2b1 Doumeguri-kun
p2b2 Wh….Whaaa!!
p2b3 Did she figure out I’m trying to see her sleeping face?!
p4b1 I’m so glad that we can meet again, Doumeguri-kun.
p4 sfx *giggle*
p5b1 Eh! Ah… Why is that?
p5b2a I was so worried for everyone else.
p5b2b I even thought that they might already be dead…
p6b1 But I’m so relieved that now I know some of them might appear later, like you.
page 5
p1b1 After all, 2/3 of the class are still missing…
p1b2 Yep…
p1 sfx *Raining*
p2b1a Now that she mentions it, I wonder where the others are right now.
p2b1b But since it seems Aikawa-san didn’t receive a report of dead victims, I believe that they’re still alive somewhere…
p3b1 That’s why, now that Doumeguri-kun is here, we now know that there are still a lot of open possibilities that we didn’t know before.
p3b2 I even started to think that it’s possible for us to return to our previous world.
p4b1 Asagiri, were you thinking we wouldn’t be able to get out of this world?
p5b1 …Well, yes, a bit.
p6b1a It might be because I’ve been living these past months believing that we could return one day, and I got tired a bit.
p6b1b But that’s why, I’m so happy that Doumeguri-kun has come to us.
page 6
p1b1 …Now that I think about it, this is the first time I have this kind of talk with my classmate.
p1b2 And above all, I’m having this kind of talk with the beautiful and cute Asagiri Ririko right now…
p2b1 I do love her, but it’s just limited to admiration… She’s someone who lives in a different world than me, someone out of my reach.
p2b2 I’m so happy to be able to talk with her, but she even went and said that she’s happy that I’m here… I wonder if this is a dream…
p3b1a …There might still be a big level gap between you and everyone now…but once you get used to fighting, I’m sure you can form a party with the others too…
p3b1b And when that happens, you’ll be able to level up much more quickly.
p3b2 I don’t think anyone would want to group up with me anyway, so I don’t think any of them would invite me to join their group…
p4 lrt1 …No, that’s not right…
p4 ltr2 It’s because I have my own principle in this issue.
p5 ltr1 I didn’t become a loner because I had no choice…
p5 ltr2 I became a loner because I chose to.
page 7
p1b1 … I’ve always thought that communicating with people was a waste of time.
p1b2 And I don’t believe that I can gain anything from it, it’s just a waste of money and physical and emotional energy.
p2b1 That’s why I always move alone.
p2b2 And that’s why… There’s no need for you to look out for me.
p3b1 …I see
p4b1 Well, I’m just a boring person after all.
p4b2 To be honest, I’m not someone who can make people happy or amused by having me around…
page 8
p1b1 I don’t believe Doumeguri-kun is that kind of person.
p1b2 Because, Doumeguri-kin is nice and earnest.
p1 sfx *Raining*
p2b1a You never came to school late or was absent from school, and you always attended classes seriously.
p2b1b Your grades weren’t bad either…
p3b1a Also, while some students avoided their cleaning duty by using extracurricular clubs as an excuse,
p3b1b you always faithfully did your cleaning duty even when you were alone.
p3b2a Well, that’s because everyone knew I wasn’t in any clubs.
p3b2b They always pushed the cleaning duty to me since they knew I always did it.
p4b1a And remember back then when we had the culture festival and the school gate was broken?
p4b1b But then it suddenly got repaired on the next day… that was Doumeguri-kun’s doing, right?
p4b2a Wha… how the hell did she know that?! That was because of that fool, Ougiya, who got too excited he broke the gate…
p4b2b And since I was the one who made the gate, it made me so angry that I decided to repair it no matter what…
p5b1a And also, when you substituted for a girl in the gardening club who had her first date with her boyfriend on the same day her club did garden cleaning…
p5b1b She was so happy when she found someone to substitute her.
p5b2a Well, that was because I got tricked by her…
p5b2b She asked me to do garden cleaning on Sunday together with her, but when I arrived, she was nowhere to be found…
page 9
p1b1a Well… I actually knew that would happen.
p1b1b It was an obvious lie, but since she was so desperate about it, I thought it was fine to get tricked that time…
p1b2 You can be proud of yourself more.
p3b1 I know that you always give your best for everyone’s sake in places that no one sees…
p3b2 That’s why I think you should be more confident about yourself.
page 10
p1b1 …Asagiri.
p2 ltr1 …I always thought that no one would be interested in me
p2 ltr2 Since no one actually looks at me and no one ever wants to help me…
p2 ltr3 I never thought that Asagiri was looking at me…
p3 ltr1 She understands so much about me…
p4 ltr1 But I have no right to be praised by Asagiri that much…
p4 ltr2 Since I know what’s happening in this world and in how much danger these people are in…
p5 ltr1 After all, I came to Kardat to find a chance to kill everyone.
p5 ltr2 Because, if you guys defeat me and go through the Hell’s gate, then you guys will die.
p5 ltr3 That’s why I have to defeat every single one of you.
page 11
p1 lrt1 But to be honest, that’s my second objective, my main objective is saving myself.
p1 ltr2 So, the actual reason in having to defeat you, is because I don’t want to die.
p1 ltr3 And because of that, I will never let you guys get close to Hell’s gate.
p2 ltr1 But, if it’s Asagiri… I might be able to tell her the truth…
p2 ltr2 Since she understands me well.
p3 ltr1 And more than that, I want to save Asagiri…
p3 lrt2 I don’t really care about my other classmates.
p3 sfx *Clench*
p4 ltr1 Only Asagiri… I must save her!
p4 ltr2 And that’s because she’s someone who deserves to be saved!!
page 12
p1 lrt1 I don’t even care if she doesn’t like me or if she ends up going out with Ichinomiya…
p1 ltr2 I still have to save her no matter what…
p1b1 Uhmm… Actually…
p1b2 I will definitely go back to our own world… That’s why…
p1 sfx *Swoop*
p2b1 I will definitely
p2b2 Defeat the Demon King Hell shaft!!
p3b1 …Uh!!
p4b1 There are people who are waiting for me in our previous world.
p4b2 That’s why, I’ll do everything…
p5b1 To defeat that Demon King…
p5 sfx *Clench*
page 13
p2b1 I… I see… But… He’s very strong, you know…
p2b2 I’m sure there must be a way to defeat him.
p2 sfx *Turn*
p3b1 Moreover, there was a quest, which said that we can finish the game by finding the real identity of the Demon King.
p3b2 !!
p3 sfx *Thump*
p4b1 At that time, we didn’t understand what that meant… But in case that quest comes up again…
p4b2 We’re still investigating what “The Demon King’s real identity” actually means.
p5b1 Asagiri… Do you really want to return that much?
p5b2 Yes.
p5 sfx *Raining*
page 14
p1b1 I want to go back.
p1b2 I really want to go back.
p3b1a Ah, I’m sorry!! I was so focused on talking about myself.
p3b1b You were trying to say something, right?
p3b2 Ah, nothing… I’m getting a bit sleepy now.
p4b1 Ah… Sorry! good night then
p5 sfx *Raining*
page 15
p1 sfx *Clear sky*
p2b1 Thank goodness, the rain has completely stopped.
p2b2 And our clothes are all dried up too.
p2 sfx *Rustle*
p3b1 We can’t get out of here unless we defeat the sorcerer who put up this barrier, right?
p3b2 Hm?
p3 sfx *Rustle*
p4b1 Asagiri… doesn’t that look strange?
p4b2 Eh? Where?
page 16
p1-p2 sfx *Howling wind*
p3b1 That thing there, it looks different from its surroundings…
p3b2 Ah! you’re right… There’s something there…
p4 sfx *Buon*
p5b1a !!
p5b1b What is this…?
p5b2 *Ring* *Ring*
page 17
p1b1 That’s a healing potion…
p1b2 I only have two but…please use it if you’re in danger.
p1 letters on menu Item

Healing Potion X 2

p2b1 I understand, I’ll go distract the enemy then.
p2b2 Wait, that’s too dangerous with your current level.
p2 sfx *Click*
p3b1a I’m sure that thing hiding there is the sorcerer Grim.
p3b1b If that Grim uses AoE magic attacks, then Doumeguri-kun will definitely get hit too…
p3b2 So, if it becomes too dangerous… No, even if it’s not that dangerous, promise me that you’ll use the potions.
p4b1 I’m sure that it’s too difficult for her to handle Grim alone…
p4b2a … I understand, but I’ll still join the fight.
p4b2b I’ll try to reduce Grim’s HP too even only for a little.
p5b1 I see, then let’s give our best!!
p5b2 But don’t do anything reckless, okay?
page 18
p1b1 Okay then, let’s go!!
p1 sfx *Step*
p2 sfx *Ring* *Ring*
p3b1 As I thought, something is there!!
p3b2 That must be the sorcerer Grim…
p4 sfx *Swish*
p5 ltr1 Lightning!!
p5 sfx *Bam*
page 19
p1 sfx *Rattle* *Rattle*
p2 sfx *Bomf*
p3 sfx *Menacing*
p4b1 Something came out…!!
p4b2 That thing must be the sorcerer Grim…!!
page 20
p1 sfx *Swish*
p2 sfx *Buoon*
p3b1 Watch out!!
p4b1 Magic?!
p4 sfx *Hah*
p5b1 Uh-oh!!
p5 sfx *Boom*
page 21
p1b1 Kuh!!
p1 sfx *Clank* *Clank*
p2b1 Hah!!
p2 sfx *Swoosh*
p3b1 …That magic…seems like it has no effect outside the monogram…?!
p3b2 That means I’ll be fine as long as I keep my eyes open for that magic monogram…
p3 sfx *Clank* *Clank*
p4b1 Alright then!!
p4 sfx *Dash*
p5b1 Dammit, my attack is so weak!!
p5b2 But it’s fine as long as I can help Asagiri…!!
p5 sfx *Swish*
page 22
p1 sfx *Bam*
p2b1 Oh sh*t!!
p2 sfx *Buoon*
p3b1 Guaaaahhh!!
p3 sfx *Boom*
p4b1 Ugh…!!
p4b2 My HP is down to 20…!
p4 diagram info Doumeguri Kakeru
p4 sfx *Sizzle*
p5b1 I’ll use the Healing potions…!!
p5 sfx *Beep*
p6b1 At least my HP back to 80 now…
p6b2 If I take that attack again, then I’ll be a goner…
page 23
p1b1 Hm…!!
p1 sfx *Buoon*
p2b1 Ugh…!!
p2 sfx *Boom*
p3b1 Ughh… Guh…!!
p3b2 Hyah!!
p3 sfx *Swish* *Swish*
p4b1a Asagiri is still attacking while taking all of Grim’s attacks…!!
p4b1b That might let her finish the battle quicker but…
p4b2 Is her remaining HP alright?!
p4 sfx *Clank* *Clank*
p5b1 Hah… Hah…
p5b2 Ugh…
page 24
p1b1 That… doesn’t seem alright at all?!
p2b1 ?!!
p2 sfx *Buoon*
p3b1 Asagiri!!
p4b1 Doumeguri-kun!!
p5 sfx *Boom*


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