Ecstas Online Chapter 5

Ecstas Online Chapter 5

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+Page 1

Chapter 5: Exodia Exodus 2

This one….. is definitely not an NPC….

I know this person.

A Hell’s Domain official……

Aikawa Shuuko….!!

*This unexpected acquaintance……

+Page 2

D-demon King….


Please forgive this humble servant!

I hope that my presence didn’t offend Your Highness!

+Page 3

A full backflip followed with a Dogeza??

Ah, no. Your Dogeza was beautifully executed.

More importantly, what are you doing here?


I haven’t realized Hell Shaft’s algorithm was this good….

Ah, well….. You’re Aikawa-san, aren’t you….?

It’s me…. Doumeguri, I’m Doumeguri Kakeru.



+Page 4

Why did…. Aikawa-san become a slave? And that oufit…..

Shut up!

It wasn’t my wish to wear this kind of thing!

Right! I’m sorry!

Ah… Ever since I first met her, it has been extremely difficult to talk to her….

She’s so aggressive…. and scary too…..

When the data I gave had any kind of mistake, rather than talking normally, she would become extremely hostile….

I knew I wasn’t fit to work at that company….

+Page 5



Did you see it?

Eh!? Saw….. saw what…..?

I haven’t seen anything…..!?


You’re gonna pay for this…..

+Page 6

Wait a minute! I haven’t seen anything.

I don’t even know what to say about this?!

But I swear I won’t tell anyone about Aikawa-san’s secret!

I will always keep it deep inside my heart!

If you take a vow like that, there’s a chance I may receive a karma with men until Doumeguri-kun die, you know!

Are you trying to curse me or something!?

Just…. Do not speak about this to anyone, okay?

I got it.

There’s no one for me to tell, anyway.

Oh, that’s right.

There’s no internet here.

Yeah, until you become a criminal.

But if you want to become one to take revenge on me, I’m fine with that.

I don’t mean to threaten you like that.

But I will use all of my social capability to make your life a living hell if you spoil any of this out, got it?

That’s threatening, you know….

But, if you’re already the Demon king, why didn’t I recognize you before!?

Did you really not see me even once?

+Page 7

….? This is our first time meeting in this world, right?

Eh, what are you talking about? I’ve been here for half a year.

What I want to ask is why you didn’t even see me after all this time.


Half a year!?

Impossible! It’s only been a while since I woke up!!

After I that, I realized that I was in this body!! And people kept trying to kill me time after time when I don’t even know anything….

Hm…. Then there must be a glitch.

So that’s why your login process was slower than everyone else….

+Page 8

When you think about it the other way, it was pure luck that you were able to log in safely.

Normally, if there’s an error while your awareness data is being transferred, your consciousness will be shattered, which means you’ll die.

Can you stop speaking of such horrible things…?

So, have you somewhat understood the current situation yet?

No, I’ve got nothing….

You’re so dumb.

Don’t you have any kind of analyzing, understanding or imagining skills?

Well, I did figure something out, but I got no proof.

If you’ve already known something, it will be much easier for you to just spill it out, you know.

There was a huge error.

The brain data of the entire group of students and managing officials that went into this game was destroyed.

In other words, they are all in a vegetative state.

+Page 9

V-vegetative state!?

Wait…. This joke isn’t funny at all!

Of course it isn’t, that’s why, in order to restore our data in the outside world

The emergency measure to fix this error within 24 hours has been performed….

Oh, so you can actually communicate with the outside world….

My toolbar doesn’t have any function to contact the admin, so I was kinda worried.

Because my system was developed differently, I can communicate with the outside world.

But I can’t send any information, I can only receive them from outside.

So they don’t know our situation in here?

No, currently, my awareness data are all inside the system.

Only my body is being connected to a medical device to sustain my existence.

But I don’t know how long it can hold.

+Page 10

At this moment, all of our consciousness are being stored inside the system.

Which means there is still a chance to bring them back to our bodies and wake up.

*awareness data



But it will take at least 1 year for that technology to be fully completed.

So that means our lives.

Depend entirely on the developers…

But why are we inside Exodia Exodus?

We were supposed to be in our classrooms….

It’s quite complicated.

According to Aikawa-san’s explanation.

The new VR system’s original usage was for Exodia Exodus.

And it had been developed into an educational platform through the NNT System.

*NNT System



+Page 11

The developers of Exodia Exodus – Hell’s Domain and the NNT system both belong to a holding company.

And to save up some of the developing fees due to high expenses, they used the same interface for the new VR.

It seemed there had been a major plan proposed to earn profit from developers.

By dividing products development into different segments.

*holding company

*Hell’s Domain                  *NNT System

*Exodia Exodus                 *Educational platform

*sharing the same VR interface

That uses the same network, which was the cause of the error.

The worst thing is, user’s data are being transferred and merged with the data of Exodia Exodus.

And that’s the reason why all the players in this game

*Exodia Exodus

*Educational platform

*2nd year Class A

And some members of the company are also trapped in this system.

That’s the whole story….

You look calmer than I expected.

I thought you would cry yourself to sleep after hearing about this.

To be honest, I almost acted like that when I first realized the situation.

But when I carefully considered this, there’s nothing I can do right now.

+Page 12

I’m living inside the most advanced gaming system, isn’t that awesome?

That is my motivation to continue this game.

Even though I’m worried, there’s a whole team of professional technicians who are trying their best to bring us out, right…?

The situation is not that simple! Stop saying such foolish things!

Gah!? I-I’m sorry!

Anyway, if you are Hell Shaft, then things will get easier for us.

….? What do you mean?

Because right now, our top priority is….

To stop your classmates from finishing the game.

+Page 13

I see!

I got nothing…..

Normally, isn’t it common sense to think that finishing the game will bring us back to reality?

We will return to our world!

*That was what Asagiri said.

We will go home!

Everyone, hang on, it only takes a few more hits to kill him.

Then we can go back!

*Ichinomiya said it too….

What do you mean “normally”? ….Things would be normal if there was no error, am I right?

Well, it’s true that returning to the real world was the idea of the developers’ tutorial.

So it’s reasonable for your friends to think of it that way.

Are there any differences….?

Usually, there’s not.

But remember, this is an emergency state.

+Page 14

When every mission is completed, the game will end….

Meaning, the defeat of Doumeguri-kun and them entering Infermia.

Then they will go through “Hell gate”….

That’s when the game ends.

Then you will be forced to log out of the game.

Normally, your data will return to the body.

But what now?

In theory, the data that aren’t fit to enter the body will be terminated.

And those data will vanish.

And then we will regain our consciousness…. However,

*awareness data

*data terminated

*the body regains consciousness so nothing happens

Now, with our awareness data also inside of the game’s system….

Which means….. if that process happens…. We will…..

*awareness data

*data completely terminated

*empty body

+Page 15

We will all die.


Wait a second! Then what should we do now….!?

In order to avoid the tragedy from happening.

You must not let them finish the game.

You must protect the Hell gate, our final objective.

Eliminate all players that dare to challenge you!

+Page 16



But…. Will they come back if I kill them….?

Of course, there aren’t any game that has a permanent-death rule.

That’s sounds reasonable….!

I’m glad… then Asagiri must have revived somewhere in this world.

If I had known that you can die as many times as you like in this world,

I wouldn’t have been so freaked out before.

+Page 17

However…. There are 2 people that can’t be revived in this game.


It’s you and me, Doumeguri-kun.

If we get killed, we’re finished.

If we die in here, we will die in the real world too.


But… why?

Because this is a battle that you cannot lose! If Hell Shaft is defeated, everything will be finished.

If you let everyone pass the Hell Gate, we will all die too!

…What is this? Does that mean I’m the one holding everyone’s lives?

This heavy responsibility…. Is weighing on my shoulders….

+Page 18

…Is there any way to solve this without fighting?

There’s none! It had been mentioned in the trailer at the beginning of the game.

If the Demon king is defeated and the heroes pass the Hell Gate, they will finish the game….

And your friends will return to the old world.

That’s what they all believe right now.

Ah… so that can’t be changed!

Damnit! Why did they have to put in that stupid trailer!

What do I do now….?



Muahahahah! How could I be so stupid!?

There’s a more simple way to solve this!

Let’s just show them our real identity!

Either me or Aikawa-san will do!

If they see us, it will solve everything!

+Page 19

I won’t encourage that.

Eh, Why?

There is an item…. that will kill you immediately if the owner finds out about your true identity.

Which means if they find out Doumeguri-kun is the Demon king…

You will be killed and everything will be finished.


Let’s assume that they believe you…..

But what if only one of them doesn’t?

What if it is just the Demon King Hell Shaft’s scheme?

What if Doumeguri is a liar, what will you do if they think that way?

If they doubt you just a single bit, we’re all doomed.

Ah sorry, I don’t even understand your school life relationships

That’s just my subjective view.

If you’re extremely popular or well-known to everyone, then maybe we can….

Nope, that’s impossible.

+Page 20

It still won’t work even if I tell them myself.

I can’t get out of this place on my own.

And even if I make it, they will just see me as one of the demons, no one will believe me.

That’s right…. If she dies, we are finished too.

With this HP and defense, it will only take one hit.

Do they know that they can finish the game if they figure out the Demon king’s identity?

There’s probably a quest to receive that item….

Compared to direct combat, this is a more serious problem.

If they find out about my identity, they may not hesitate to kill me at all…

Only I can protect myself…

No matter who i become, I still have to think for myself first…

And I have no intention of asking them for help.

Then I should come up with a plan to protect me.

+Page 21

I mustn’t lose, I have to defeat them all.

And my real identity must not be exposed.

But I’m the only one of the whole class who isn’t there.

Sooner or later, someone will figure out that I am the Demon King…. I have to do something quick…

Hey, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now….

Why didn’t you take that armor off?

Oh, that’s right! I forgot!

If I still have the same appearance behind this armor….

Then I can join their place as a spy!

+Page 22

Oh… So I really can take this off…

Let’s just remove all…..

Whoa! It’s me!

It’s truly me!

+Page 23




You Pervert—-!!

+Page 24

I’m not a pervert! Stop looking! You are the perverted one!

What did you say!? I’m the victim since you keep showing that disgusting thing in front of me! You spoiled kid!

It’s the same as when you showed yourself to me earlier!

Did you just call that place of mine disgusting!?

I apologize! Yours is beautiful! It was my honor to witness such a sight!

You pervert!!



What’s the matter? There are pretty loud noises in there?

Crap… this voice! It’s Forneus!

Ah… Sorry, I’m in the middle of something here…..


+Page 25

Remember, you are currently Hell Shaft!

If they discover who you truly are, you might get killed by your own subordinates!

If their loyalty bar goes down, they will not obey your orders….

You will be killed immediately!

…It’s that “Loyalty” bar from earlier…. Damnit, why does this game have to be so complicated?

Hell-sama? May I come in?

I’m doomed!

What do I do now!?

Put your outfit on! If they see you in this form, you’re finished!


Armor! Armor!


There’s no time!!!!

+Page 26


What’s wrong, Forneuus!?

You’re disturbing my rest…. Is something wrong?


Another….. difficult situation?

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