EDEN (TSURUOKA Nobuhisa ) Chapter 10

EDEN (TSURUOKA Nobuhisa ) Chapter 10

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EDEN Ch 10



Page 1


P1 text: ACT. 10 [Kuper Mine]

P2: n/a

P3b: My first time going to Kuper Mine… It’s been a while since I’ve gone with a party

P4: n/a

P5b: Come on Instructor-kun, here you go

P5 sfx: *slide* (suu…)


Page 2


P1b1: Here, I’ll help you eat

P1b2: Say “Ahhhn”

P2b1: Ri…

P2b2: Rin-san !?

P3b: “Ahhhn”♥

P4b: Wha…

P4 sfx: *stands up* (gata)

P5 sfx: *shake shake* (kata kata kata kata)

P5ba: Hah..

P5bb: Hau uhu..


Page 3


P1b1: …Say, Instructor-san

P1b2: !?

P1 sfx: *gets up* (gu)

P2b1: Do you perhaps—

P2b2: like… that ?

P3b1: Do you want me to

P3b2: Do that kind of thing…?

P4b1: Guhehe, the spark of love is flying around !!

P4b2a: Why

P4b2b: Why is it only him !!

P5b1: —That reminds me, how should we repay you ? We thought about getting you equipment but it looks like you’re getting an upgrade using Varitor’s materials…

P5b2: Is there anything you want ? It’s easy enough to get most things


Page 4


P1b1: Thank you Rin-san. Then… if possible, can you help out Nee-san’s ore mining ? Take me with too !

P1b2: Ore mining with Scarlet……?

P2b1: Ummm~ that’s because the plan is to make a full body armor~ but the orichalcum needed to make it was more than expected~

P2b2: It’s not enough with how much I have on hand~ The market is scarce as well so I thought it’d be quicker to go mining

P3b1: And I’m sure Nee-san will feel a lot safer if she has escorts from the [Silver Knights]

P3b2: I want experience in party battles, too !


Page 5


P1b1: —Ah, you’re early~ Instructor-san~

P1b2: Hello Nee-san !

P2b1: That’s a fairly light outfit~

P2b2: Yeah, apparently they’re getting everything ready for me

P3b1: Hey you’re late !!

P3b2: My bad my bad !!

P4, 5: n/a


Page 6


P1a: ……If you look at it now—…

P2b: Everyone’s expression has changed a lot since three years ago~ Each one of them has found a place since coming here~

P2 right: Yes… Us players not being able to log out, our shadow of despair is now harder to see

P2 left: Each and every one of us is trying their hardest to live through this world called [EDEN]—

P3 right: The reason we’re in this mess is still unknown…… If there is a real culprit

P3 left: What were they thinking making the world like this—… And when will this world meet its end


Page 7


P1 sfx: *crunch* (za)

P1b1: Instructor-saan, Scarlet, sorry we’re late~ It took longer than expected getting things ready

P1b2: Instead we’ve got you really good items and gear !!

P2b1: You were able to get an approval from the guild master ?

P2b2: We eventually did, although he wasn’t pleased in the beginning

P3b1: We persuaded him by saying we had a really strong helper

P3b2: We haven’t said anything about Varitor by the way

P4b1a: It’s obvious that we’re not allowed on expeditions until we have background checks because of the recent attacks

P4b1b: But these two trying their best to talk the master and other members into your strength was something to look at !

P4 sfx1: *gahaha*

P4 sfx2: *slam* (don)

P4b2: Keith, you don’t need to say anything unnecessary !


Page 8


P1b: Here, your items as promised. Have a look !

P1 sfx: *raise* (suu)

P2b1: They… they’re all high level items !!

P2b2: Are you sure I can have all these ?

P3b1: I don’t believe you can put a price on life, but this is the utmost gratitude

P3 sfx: *grab* (gu)

P3b2: Please accept it ! And you don’t need to speak so politely anymore, we’re friends !

P4b1: That’s right Instructor-kun, don’t hesitate to take them

P4b2: Hey, you still haven’t seen the armor, right ? It’s the best part

P5b: This… this is !!

P6b: The [Brave Series] set !!!


Page 9


P1b: Mina and I chose it, I hope you like it

P2b1: Come on put it on !! I’ll help you out

P2b2: Alright, I’ll put it on then !

P3b: sfx *open/release* (bu u u u)

P4 sfx: *metallic noise* (gasha)

P5 sfx: *glove noise? * (za)

P6: n/a


Page 10


P1 sfx: *stand tall* (za)

P2, 3: n/a


Page 11


P1b1a: You look spectacular wearing the full [Brave Series] !

P1b2b: How does it feel ? Since we’re talking about you, there shouldn’t be any problems moving around from a lack of stats, right !?

P1b2: Yeah, no problems at all !

P2b1: I’ve heard that the [Brave Series] can only be obtained in a high rank dungeon’s treasure box. And its acquisition probability is extremely low too~

P2b2: Even more, since you have the complete set it should have an effect that increases your resilience~

P3b: Thank you for such an amazing equipment !

P4b1: Fufu

P4b2: Ehehe !!


Page 12


P1b: Now that Instructor-kun’s equipment is organized, let’s depart !!

P2b1: [EDEN] was supposed to have an teleportation gate set up. But since the log in, it was discovered that it wasn’t working. So we can’t instantly travel anywhere

P2b2: Instead, the main transportation is to ride the NPC’s carriages that connect various villages

P3b1: Two days since departing Dalas— We’ve arrived to Melissa village near the Kuper Mine, just as planned

P3b2: The game setting for Melissa village is a village for the miners, so it was built at the foot of the mountain


Page 13


P1b1: …So that’s Kuper Mine

P1b2: It’s a stone’s throw away from the village (idiom)

P2b: Alright, let’s go !!


Page 14


P1b: There are barely any monsters outside the tunnel

P2b1: But that doesn’t mean you should make light of the tunnels, thinking it’s the same

P2b2: There’s a big difference in the monster’s spawn rate inside compared to the outside

P3b1: The monsters that appear inside are Goblin Workers, Armored Goblins, Earth Golems…

P3b2: Cyclopes and Curse Elementals, right ?

P4b1: Exactly

P4b2: Overall there are a lot of defensive monsters. You need to be especially be careful of the Cyclopes and the Curse Elementals

P5b1: The Instructor should protect Scarlet and watch our fight for a while

P5b2: Got it, I’ll observe while protecting Nee-san

P6b1: I’ll leave it to you~

P6b2: Instead I’ll mine tons of ore using my excavating skill~ !


Page 15


P1b: Alright, we’re at the entrance of the dungeon !

P2b1: Hehhh, they’re a lot of people here

P2b2: A dungeon’s entrance is always like this when meeting up or when they’re recruiting temporary party members

P3b: Rin ? It is Rin !!

P3 sfx: *appear* (za)

P4b: How about that, you [Silver Knights] are mining ore, too !?

P5b: If it isn’t Reiji from [Black Cross] !


Page 16


P1b1: It’s private this time. Escorting a friend !

P1b2: Reiji-saaan, hello~ !

P2a: Oh, so you’re Scarlet-san’s escort

P2b: You guys do have a great relationship

P3b: Are you also ore mining ? It looks like a small scale party for [Black Cross]

P4b: We’re escorting someone, too. Except the client is a pharmacist and today’s goal is medicine preparation. Although we still brought blacksmiths along

P5, 6, 7: n/a


Page 17


P1, 2: n/a

P3 sfx: *shiver* (zoku)

P4 sfx: *ominous* (zu..)


Page 18


P1b1: !!

P1b2: Oh what a cute girl !

P1 sfx: *slide* (suu)

P2: n/a

P3b: Huh… what !?

P3 sfx: *rub rub* (goshi goshi)

P4 left: Was…… was it just my imagination?

P5b1: Well that’s how it is, good luck in there !

P5b2: Yeah, same to you !

P5 sfx: *crunch* (jyari)

P6b1: He’s Reiji of the first corps, known as the right hand man of the [Black Cross] master

P6b2: Unlike the master who pulls members through strength and charisma, he’s gaining popularity through looking out for others. It’s also said that his ability is second only to the master


Page 19


P1b1: The [Black Cross] is a huge guild with a few hundred people. So the members are grouped depending on their weapons and styles

P1b2: And that first corps concurrently serves under the master’s direct command. Everyone in the corps is a user of the high level [Alecto Style Kenjutsu]

P2b: …… ……

P2 sfx: *glance* (chira)

P3b: ……!!

P4: n/a


Page 20


P1b1: …… …….

P1b2: She looked at me ? I shouldn’t be acquainted with her—…

P2 right: …Conversely

P2 left: Does she know me…?

P3b: We should go in as well !

P4: n/a

P5 sfx: *step* (gau)


Page 21


P1b: sfx *kishaaa*

P2b: Hah !!

P3 sfx: *slice* (za u u)


Page 22


P1b1: So that’s “Shunsen” from [Hiten Style Kenjutsu] !!

P1b2: It’s a skill that utilizes speed. With Rin’s strength it becomes certain kill hit !

P3 right: As expected of Rin-san, she’s going for the vital spot without fail

P3 left: Slicing through those thick layers of armor like nothing !


Page 23


P1b1, 2, 3: *bang/clang* (gan gan gan)

P2b: !!!

P3b: Oraoraora, over here !

P4a: [Sparto Style Sojutsu] “Name Obduction” (TL note: Sojutsu = art of the spear)

P4b: Making noises using the shield and spear, it’s a skill that forcefully makes the monsters target him


Page 24


P1b1: Then Rin strikes the opening

P1 sfx1: *slice* (zuba)

P1 sfx2: *slice* (bazu)

P1b2: It’s an exquisite combination play !

P2 sfx: *stomp* (zudon)

P2b: …Looks like my type of enemy has appeared !

P3b: An Earth Golem !!


Page 25


P1b: Haaaaaa—

P1 sfx: *charging/ominous* (go go go)

P2 sfx: *moves* (gyau)

P3 sfx: *smash through* (gogan)

P3b: Shield Rush !!


Page 26


P1b: And the finishing blow !!

P2 sfx: *slam* (gogyaa)

P2b: Muran Rugae !!


Page 27


P1b: What a lively display !

P2 sfx: *appear* (zuzuzu)

P2b: !?

P3b: A troublesome one is coming !!

P4 sfx: *appear* (do)

P5b: It’s a Curse Elemental !!


Page 28


P1 sfx: *gets ready?* (za)

P2b: [Kain Style Magic] Photon Enchant !!

P3 sfx: *power up* (kaa)


Page 29


P1 sfx: *light up* (pikaa)

P2 sfx: *light up* (kaa)

P3b: sfx *scream* (vaaaa)

P4 sfx: *flood* (doba)


Page 30


P1 sfx: *boom ?* (ba ba ba)

P2b: It’s attack is gonna end soon, get ready Miss !

P3b: Yeah !!

P4b: …Go now !!

P5 sfx: *jump* (do)


Page 31


P1 sfx: *slice* (gagya)

P1b: [Hiten Style Kenjutsu] “Gasousen” !!! (TL note: gasousen = flash claw)

P2: n/a


Page 32


P1 sfx: *crumble crumble* (para para)

P2b: A… amazing ! What an impressive team play !!

P3b1: Looks like trouble is over for now

P3b2: Isn’t there anything that can be done about that Curse Element’s appearance !?

P4b1: I don’t want to go against those or undead types alone !

P4b2: It’s unreasonable for someone to hunt in the [Cave of the Dead] like Instructor-san


Page 33


P1b: No no, they’re pretty cute once you get used to them

P2b1: Monsters like ghouls have rotten bodies so their meat is soft. When you grab them it goes smush

P2b2: Gyaa, stop it. I’ll start imagining it !!

P2b1, 2: sfx *pickaxe noises ?* (ga ga)

P3b: Fumu fumu~~♪

P4b1: Nee-san, how’s the mining point here ?

P4b2: It’s rank A here too~

P5b: We’re pretty lucky to have multiple rank A’s in a row like this~


Page 34


P1b1: Are you gonna join the battle soon Instructor ?

P1b2: Yeah, I’ve grasped the flow so I’ll join from the next battle on

P2b: Then Instructor-kun will change positions with me. Mina and I will protect Scarlet

P3b: ……!!!

P4 sfx: *monster screams* (oo aaa)

P5b: Can you hear that sound……

P6b: There’s still some distance but they’re monsters. Sounds like someone’s fighting them

P7b1: Is another party fighting up ahead ?

P7b2: Let’s just go forward since it’s just a straight path


Page 35


P1b: …… ……

P1 sfx: *monsters* (uuu.. ooo…)

P2b: Hey hey… aren’t the monster voices increasing abnormally ?

P3b: It’s from the area further ahead, what’s happening ?

P4 sfx: *bam* (do)

P4b: !!!


Page 36


P1b1: Thi… this is bad !!!

P1b2: It’s a monster house !!!

P2b: The ones being surrounded are…… Black Cross !!?

P3b: God… god damnit !!


To Be Continued

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