EDEN (TSURUOKA Nobuhisa ) Chapter 14

EDEN (TSURUOKA Nobuhisa ) Chapter 14

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EDEN Ch 14

*some easy pages b/c of action*


Page 1


P1: ACT.14 [Corwell Forest]

P1 sfx: *rustle* (za)

P2 sfx: *rustle* (za)

P3 sfx: *rustle* (za)


Page 2


P1 sfx: *windy* (guooo..)

P2: n/a


Page 3


P1 sfx: *menacing* (gogogo)

P2: n/a


Page 4


P1 sfx: *rustle* (za)

P2: …Alright, we’re in position !!

P3: Oi Instructor, you’ve got the instruction pounded into your head ?

P4b1: Support Black Cross by suppression at the entrance

P4b2: Then infiltrate the base and start the search and rescue of hostages


Page 5


P1b1: If many enemy troops are found—…

P1b2: That’s enough, also fall back then

P2: Eh…

P3b1: You’re our rear guard !!

P3b2: Protect our back so you don’t get in our way !!

P4: …… ……

P5: Dissatisfied !?


Page 6


P1b1: N…

P1b2: No…

P1 sfx: *glare* (zu)

P2,3,4: n/a

P5 right: Wha… what the hell…

P5 left: Why is everyone so hostile…


Page 7


P1: …By the way, which side are you on !?

P2b1: Huh…?

P2b2: For what ?

P3b1: What do you mean “for what” !! The pure, Madonna type Rin-san !! Or the little devil idol type Mina-chan !!

P3b2: I’m asking what is your preference !!!

P4b1: Ha… Hayato, you’re too loud !!

P4b2: Calm down !!


Page 8


P1a: Also don’t talk to them so casually !!

P1b: Only talk to them, when you have my permission !!

P2: …Sorry that our leader is bullying you

P3: n/a

P4b1: It’s fine, Hayato is right

P4b2: He’s prioritizing the team first

P5b1: If I move too much it might disrupt the team and endanger us

P5b2: I’ll stick to my position, so I don’t interfere with the rest

P6b1: …… ……

P6b2: You sound like a good guy!!

P7b1: I’m Gin, the archer !

P7b2: Nice to meet you !


Page 9


P1b1: That brown haired swordsman is Takuya

P1b2: And the guy with the tattered hat is Thor, our mage

P2: Us four are classmates in the real world!!

P3: Classmates……


Page 10


P1 sfx: *marching* (za za)

P2b1: …Can you hear me ?

P2b2: The mission will soon commence

P3b1: A voice !!

P3b2: It’s wind magic


Page 11


P1b1: The mission will commence as soon as a huge smoke signal is raised

P1b2: The First Corps of the Black Cross will lead, other units will follow behind !!

P2: …Yakumo, the signal !!

P3: —Let’s start with a flashy one !!


Page 12


P1 sfx: *raise* (za)

P2 sfx: *crackle crackle* (bachi bachi)


Page 13


P1 sfx: *rumbling* (gyuaaa)

P2 sfx: *crackle crackle crackle* (bariri bachi bachin)


Page 14


P1: n/a

P2 sfx: *boom* (dou)

P2: Fractured Lightning !!


Page 15


P1: n/a

P2 sfx: *strike* (ka)


Page 16


P1 sfx: *explosion* (do do)

P2: n/a


Page 17


P1b1: En… Enemies !!

P1b2: We’re under attack !!

P2: !!?

P2 sfx: *boom boom* (zudon zudon) (footsteps)

P3: n/a

P4: Tha… that’s……


Page 18


P1b1: Ze… Zeik !!

P1 sfx: *menacing* (go go go)

P1b2: It’s Zeik of the Black Cross !!

P2b1: Run… run away

P2b2: he’s not someone we can face!!

P3 sfx: *powering up* (gyuii)


Page 19


P1 sfx: *heavy immpact* (dogan)

P2b1: Don’t turn your backs !!

P2b2: Fight !!!


Page 20


P1b1: The signal has been raised, sing • scream !!

P1b2: It’s a declaration of war !!!


Page 21


P1 sfx: *metal crashing* (gagin gyan)

P2,3: n/a

P4b1: S… singing…!?

P4b2: It’s a singing chant


Page 22


P1b1: It’s the [Parad Style Magic]’s unique skill. It has a long-term magical effect

P1b2: As support experts they are very useful since they can cover the whole battlefield

P2: Alright, let’s go !!

P2 sfx: *footstep* (za)


Page 23


P1 sfx: *clang clang* (gashan gashan)

P2 sfx: *strike* (do)

P3: n/a


Page 24


P1: Hah !!

P1 sfx: *slice* (zubaba)

P2: Guh !!

P2 sfx: *getting sliced* (gau gau)

P3 sfx: *block* (gyan)

P4 sfx: *arrows shooting* (bababa)


Page 25


P1 sfx: *blocking* (gyan ga)

P2: God… Damn it !! I’m powerless against this brat !!

P3b1: Hayato !!

P3b2: Takuya !!

P4: OK !!


Page 26


P1: !?

P1 sfx: *jump* (ba)

P2: n/a

P3 sfx: *activate* (ka)

P4: !!?

P4 sfx: *sinking* (do do)

P5 sfx: *rumbling* (go go go)


Page 27


P1b1: We’re… we’re being sucked in !!

P1b2: It’s an antlion’s trap !!

P1 sfx: *sucking in* (zu zu)

P2: n/a

P3: Shi…

P4 sfx: *quick movement of the sword* (guo)


Page 28


P1b1: Slash Wave !!

P1 sfx: *slicing* (ga ga ga)

P1b2: Patrox Break !!


Page 29


P1: Fuu~

P2 right: Hayato is from [Garland Style Kenjutsu], same as Leon

P2 left: And he’s no slouch !!

P3b1: Their individual strength, and a combo that’s efficient in movement…

P3b2: They’re used to team battles…!!

P4: …Guess we’ve cleared this area


Page 30


P1: Supposedly there’s a shed up ahead that holds the hostages……

P2: Let’s go !

P3: n/a

P4 right: …We barely scratched the surface of the enemy’s forces

P4 left: When and where would they attack us—…


To be continued

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