EDEN (TSURUOKA Nobuhisa ) Chapter 15

EDEN (TSURUOKA Nobuhisa ) Chapter 15

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EDEN Ch 15



Page 1


P1b1: Guwaah

P1b2: Ugyaah

P1 bottom left: ACT.15 [Cause of Madness ①]

P2 sfx: *sliding away* (zuzaza)

P2b1: Hi…

P2b2: Hiii !!

P3b1: Sa… save me !!

P3 sfx: *stretch out* (ba)

P3b2: I changed my mind, this isn’t the life for me……!!


Page 2


P1 sfx: *wind blade noise* (bouu)

P2: n/a


Page 3


P1b1: ……Report on the advancement

P1 sfx: *metallic noise* (gajya)

P1b2: Yes sir- All the avant-garde troops subjugation and rescue missions are still in progress

P2: But the base is a considerable size, thus suppression will take longer than planned—

P3: ……


Page 4


P1 sfx: *footstep on gravel* (za za)

P2: !!

P3b1: It’s their prison shed !!

P3b2: Seems like quite a few rescue corps are already here !

P4a: Fuu~n- and ?

P4b: Anything else to say?

P5: I’d be overjoyed if you’d tell me more~


Page 5


P1b1: Mira !!

P1b2: Ah- Instructor-san, Hayato-san !

P2b1: Where are the hostages !?

P2b2: They’re being rescued. Thirty people were imprisoned in this small shed

P3b1: According to them, there are ten more prison shed further in

P3b2: A few rescue corps are already making their way there

P4: Alright, we’ll move too !

P4 sfx: *clench* (gu)

P5b1: Give way, the hostages are making their way out !!

P5 sfx: *bam* (ba)

P5b2: Medical team, prepare for emergency treatment !!


Page 6


P1 sfx: *stomps* (do do do)

P2,3: n/a


Page 7


P1: n/a

P2: Damn… the people who did this needs to pay

P3b1: Let’s go !!

P3 sfx: *moves* (ba)

P3b2: There’s nothing we can do here !!

P4: …… ……


Page 8


P1: …Physical damage is treatable

P2: But psychological damage—…

P3 right: [EDEN] has turned

P3 left: completely dirty……

P4b1: Give them no mercy !!

P4 text: In a way, it’s uglier than reality……

P4b2: Kill all thieving players !!

P5 right: This was only supposed to be a game ……

P5 left: Why……


Page 9


P1 sfx: *lightning* (doshaa)

P2: There ! That should be the last prison shed !!

P3: Heh… Hehehehe……

P4: I wouldn’t go inside there if I were you……

P5: What do you mean !?


Page 10


P1b1: Because it’s a “Toy Box”…

P1b2: What you’ll see is traumatizing, especially for brats like you~~

P2: *thud* (dosha)

P3: Shut up- fucking bastard !!


Page 11


P1b1: —Area is clear, There’s no sign of enemies

P1b2: Good- let’s go !

P2: n/a

P3 sfx: *creak* (gigiii)


Page 12


P1 sfx: *airflow* (guooo)

P2b1: Wha… What’s this smell !?

P2b2: I’ll wait outside

P3: ……


Page 13


P1 sfx: *snap snap* (pachi pachi)

P2,3: n/a

P4b1: Uuh…

P4b2 !!?

P5b1: It’s the Guild Association !!

P5 sfx: *dash* (da)

P5b2: We’re here to help !!


Page 14


P1: Wha !!!

P2 sfx black: *creak creak* (gishi gishi)

P2 sfx white: *bam* (don)


Page 15


P1 sfx: *chained* (jyara)

P1: Uuh…… …… .

P2: n/a

P3 body(from top): Retard   Fuck   Pig   Useless!!


Page 16


P1b1: Wha…

P1b2: What is this place !?

P1 sfx: *ominous* (go go go go)

P2: What were those bastards doing in here !!?


Page 17


P1 right: A view of hell……

P1 left: This is crazy… !!!

P2 sfx: *movement* (ga)

P2: !

P3,4: n/a

P5 sfx: *whoosh* (shaa)


Page 18


P1: n/a


Page 19


P1b1: —…You’re safe now

P1b2: You can go back to Dalas

P2 sfx: *smile* (niko)

P2: Thank you

P3: ……

P4b1: Anyway Shion-san… how ?

P4b2: Right after coming back to Dalas with the [Black Cross] members, I went out again to gather some material

P5: Since it was a material common around Dalas, only my younger brother and I went off… That’s when the thieving players attacked us

P6b1: I don’t know if it’s a blessing in disguise but…

P6b2: I managed to scrape by with some scratches since more people appeared after us ……


Page 20


P1: And your little brother !?

P2: He was taken somewhere further up ahead……

P3b1: There were more prison sheds !?

P3b2: Yes- I know where it is

P4b1: We should go !!

P4 sfx: *moves* (ga)

P4b2: Naturally ! That’s our mission as rescue corps !!

P5b1: Raias, we’re going further in. I’ll leave here to you

P5b2: Ok, we’ll tail you after we’ve finished our escort


Page 21


P1: Ple… please let me help you, I can be your guide !!

P2: Eh.. but Shion-chan is…

P3b1: I’m all right !!

P3b2: It’s my brother, please let me help you !!

P3 sfx: *serious* (gu)

P4: n/a

P5b1: …It’s unusual for siblings to game together, you two must be close

P5b2: Yeah, we’ve been close since kids, we’d do everything together…


Page 22


P1b1: Even though [EDEN] turned like this…… we both survived through it, together

P1b2: I was sluggish and always slowed my brother down, but he was a patient person

P2b1: He’s really…

P2b2: My proud brother—…

P3b1: —The plan has progressed about 80 percent

P3b2: And rescued almost all hostages……


Page 23


P1: But the whole ordeal feels odd …

P2a: ……

P2b: What do you mean ?

P3b1: This is their home ground

P3b2: It’s possible for a counterattack even with a small army taking advantage of their land… But there’s no sign of movement

P4: ……

P5: …It certainly does, feel odd

P5 sfx: *slide* (su)


Page 24


P1: …Hey we’ve walked quite a bit, are we getting closer ?

P2b1: We’re on the correct path, right ?

P2b2: Yeah

P3b1: But it’s strange

P3b2: I haven’t sensed any players for a while

P4b1: Are we lost ?

P4b2: Idiot, don’t say something so rude !!

P5 sfx: *turn8 (kuru)

P5: Shi… Shion-chan- have you perhaps gotten the path wrong—…

P6b1: Hey… Instructor-san

P6b2: I’ve always… always wanted to ask you—


Page 25


P1b1: about that nice sword on your waist

P1b2: Can I ask where you got that from ?

P2: Eh ?

P3: ……


Page 26


P1b1: Shion-chan- don’t give that blockhead any attention

P1b2: Is this really the right path towards……

P2: The [Swift Sword Tulwind] is a rank A unique item that can only be acquired in a dungeon’s treasure box

P2 sfx: *stare* (zu)

P3b1: I had a hard time getting it……

P3b2: My—…

P4: n/a


Page 27


P1: Leon……

P2: n/a

P3 sfx: *appear* (vuwon)


Page 28


P1 sfx: *thud* (dogou)

P2: Wha !!?


Page 29


P1: Shi… Shion-chan……?

P2b1: I wanted that sword as a present for him !!

P2 sfx: *grit* (giriri)

P2b2: For my cute Leon !!!

P3 sfx: *slash* (zubaa)


Page 30


P1b1: That sword isss—!!!

P1 sfx: *bam* (do)

P1b2: Absolutely !! Absolutely not an item that you can use—!!!


Page 31


P1 sfx: *jump* (baaa)

P2: Shion-san’s younger brother was……


Page 32


P1,2,3: n/a

P4: Leon……!!


To be continued – End of book 2

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