EDEN (TSURUOKA Nobuhisa ) Chapter 16

EDEN (TSURUOKA Nobuhisa ) Chapter 16

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EDEN Ch 16



Page 1


P1 top left: Title + ACT.16 [Cause of Madness ②]

P1 sfx: *attack* (baaa)

P2 sfx: *slam* (do)

P3 sfx: *thud* (za)

P4 sfx: *clang* (gaka)


Page 2


P1 sfx: *clash* (gyau)

P1: Wha…!?

P2 sfx: *moves* (guo)


Page 3


P1 sfx:*clash* (gagii)

P1: Kuh!!

P2: In…Instructor!?

P3 sfx: *sizzle sizzle* (pusu pusu)

P4: Hmgh!?


Page 4


P1 sfx: *crunch* (za)

P2 right: I thought I blocked everything……

P2 left: She had one more strike!?

P3 right: St…

P3 left: Strong…!!

P4a: I’ll kill you

P4b: But I won’t kill you easily…!!

P5b1: I’ll play with you, play with you a lot, play~~

P5b2: I’ll play with you until I’m bored and then kill you like a cockroach!!


Page 5


P1b1: Inside the Toy Box…I studied a lot by experimenting

P1 sfx: *slide hand* (su)

P1b2: So I can play for a long, looong time

P2b1: Instructor-san…I’ll grind your nails first—

P2b2: And then I’ll trample over your screaming face

P3b1: Or should I clean you up first by scraping off all the unnecessary things sticking out of your face!?

P3b2: Ufufufu!!


Page 6


P1 right: She wasn’t captured

P1 left: She was torturing the players inside the Toy Box…

P2 right: Why……!?

P2 left: Why…!?

P3: …!?


Page 7


P1b1: Shi… shit-enemies!!

P1b2: We’re surrounded!!

P2b1: There are… eight of them!

P2b2: Be careful!!

P2 sfx: *take out* (ba)

P3 sfx: *frost noises* (shuuu)

P4 sfx: *freezing noises* (pikiii)


Page 8


P1a: Fre… Freeze Bind!!

P1b: It’s an ice restraint magic!!

P2: *snicker* (kusu kusu)

P3 sfx: *appear* (ba)

P3: …!!?


Page 9


P1 sfx: *raining arrow noises* (dobababa)

P2: Kuh…!!

P3 sfx: *ice cracking* (bakii)


Page 10


P1 sfx: *blocking noises* (zugyaa)

P1a: In…

P1b: Instructor!!?

P2 sfx: *blocking noises* (gyan gau ga)


Page 11


P1: God damn it, it’s like a storm of arrows!!

P2 right: I’ll protect

P2 left: Both of them!!

P3: n/a

P4b1: Has it finished…?

P4b2: …… ……

P5 sfx: *stagger* (gura)


Page 12


P1: Th…Thor!?

P1 sfx: *drop* (dozaaa)

P2b1: Aga…

P2b2: Gah…

P3: E…even though it was only a scrape…

P3 sfx: *shake shake shake* (gata gata gata)

P4: It’s…poison……

P5: Hayato, Takuya !!

P6: It’s too powerful…we can’t even drink the health potions


Page 13


P1b1: I handmade them

P1b2: I’ve coated them onto the swords and the arrows

P2: Poison enough to make a high ranking martial arts user insensible in an instant…Only I can make them

P3: *rustle* (gaza)

P4,5 sfx: *step step step step* (za za za za)


Page 14


P1: n/a

P2b1: Looks like a desperate situation, Instructor-san

P2b2: I love your expression!!


Page 14


P1 sfx: *pat* (pon)

P1: Aren’t you in a good mood, Shion!

P2: Kudo, don’t you dare touch me.

P3: Heh, you’re cold to us as always

P4,5,6,7: n/a

P8: You… you are……


Page 15


P1 sfx: *bam* (don)

P1: Kudo of [Lionheart] !!!

P2b1: Shion, leave the rest to us and go have a rest

P2b2: …… ……

P3b1: Keep the Instructor…

P3b2: I know, catch him alive


Page 16


P1: The… the guild [Lionheart] is the thieving player’s spy!?

P2: Why are you guys…… why!?

P3b1a: You guys participated in the Guild Alliance!

P3b1b: Even capturing a few times!!

P3b2: You’ve even killed many thieving players!?

P4: Heh, we just killed and gave the random weaklings around the place to the alliance to gain their trust

P4 sfx: *scratch scratch* (pori pori)

P5: Because of that we were able to win their trust and easily get deep inside of them


Page 17


P1: We’ve pulled a few strings in this raid too. I’ve even set up multiple isolated parties just like you

P2b1: And then we surround them and beat the shit out of them and everyone gets killed…

P2b2: Our identity is kept hidden and we’ll continue to secretly control from the dark!

P3: Ba… bastard!!

P4b1: Well this raid mission was a good opportunity for us

P4b2: We were thinking it was about time for the guys of the top guilds to start exiting the stage

P4b3: We also had to thin out the overgrown thieving players too


Page 18


P1b1: …With this raid the thieving players will take heavy damage…but at the same time—

P1b2: It’ll mean that the Guild Alliance will lose a third of their lives!!

P2: What!!?

P3,4: n/a


Page 19


P1 right: Thi…this isn’t good…

P1 left: We have to somehow bring this information to the rear…If not…!!

P2 right: There are eight enemies. Either way they’re quite strong players

P2 left: Hayato and others can’t move and have no magic support. I can’t count all the disadvantages but…

P3: I have to just do it!!!


Page 20


P1b1: …Gin

P1b2: Hnn… what is it, Instructor ?

P2: …Their target is me! I’ll handle this so I want you to get out of this place to inform the rear and request for backup!

P3: But how!? We’re surrounded…!!

P4: …I’ll create a chance!!

P5: In… Instructor, you……

P6 sfx: *smile* (niko)


Page 21


P1: Don’t make that face……

P2 right: But I can’t be killed here so easily…

P2 left: Looks like… I have to gamble on Instructor—…

P3b1: Kudo, why do you do this…!?

P3b2: Heh, why you say…

P4: Isn’t it a waste for this fun world to just end after being cleared?

P5a: We still wanna enjoy ourselves!!

P5b: In this all-you-want-to-do world!!

P6: Kudo!


Page 22


P1b1: Whoops, looks like the princess has had enough!

P1 sfx: *takes weapon out* (zau)

P1b2: Better prepare yourself…!

P2: I’ll let you taste the blade of my [Biting Sword – Spilled Blood] to the fullest…!!

P3: ……

P4: Prepare—


Page 23


P1 sfx: *gets ready* (za)

P1: Are you guys ready yourselves……!?

P2 sfx: *rumbling* (go go go)

P2: A responsible resolution—…


Page 24


P1: A resolution to be cut down by me!!!

P1 sfx: *power growing* (doshuu)

P2: n/a


Page 25


P1a: Wha… what is that eye!?

P1b: Is it a new skill? A secret technique? Or an ability!!?

P2 sfx: *rumble* (gogo)

P3b1: You- You guys be careful of his eye!!

P3b2: We don’t know what its capabilities are!!


Page 26


P1: In… Instructor…!!!

P2 sfx: *move* (do)

P3: n/a


Page 27


P1a: …I’ll create the chance—!!

P1b: I won’t let these guys do what they want!!!


Page 28


P1: n/a


To be continued

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