EDEN (TSURUOKA Nobuhisa ) Chapter 17

EDEN (TSURUOKA Nobuhisa ) Chapter 17

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EDEN Ch 17



Page 1


P1: Uoooo—!!!

P1 left: Title + ACT.17 [Cause of Madness ③]

P2 sfx: *clench*


Page 2


P1 sfx: *slam*

P2 sfx: *metal clashing* (gya gya)

P3 sfx: *bam*


Page 3


P1: n/a

P2 sfx: *clash*


Page 4


P1 sfx: *jump* (bashu)

P2 sfx: *block* (gan gan gyan)


Page 5


P1, 2: n/a


Page 6


P1: …… ……

P1 sfx: *clashing*

P2: In… Instructor…!

P3: A… amazing…!!

P4: !!!

P5: You’re not going anywhere !!


Page 7


P1b1: …Against this many I can only be on the defensive, I can’t retaliate!!

P1b2: I need to pull them away from Gin!!

P2b1: If I divide them up and decrease the markings on Gin has—

P2b2: There should be a chance to run!!

P3b1: D… damn it, this bastard keeps blocking all our wave attacks!!

P3b2: Isn’t he the supposed worthless beginner swordsman!?

P4: This bastard… he’s used to fighting!!

P5: Kudo, why are you struggling on one guy!?


Page 8


P1b1: Shut up!!

P1b2: Aight

P1b3: Kiryuu!!

P2: Freezing air, a cold white sparkle—…

P3: Mixing Blizzard!!

P3 sfx: *bam*

P4 sfx: *swing*

P4: Uooo—!!!


Page 9


P1b1: No more playing Instructor!!

P1 sfx: *swing swing*

P1b2: Block this if you can

P2: I’ve seen that initial movement. It’s [Arc Impact] that Reiji used in Kuper Mines!!

P3b1: It’s power is tremendous!!

P3b2: Blocking it straight on will blow me away!

P4: …Hmg!?


Page 10


P1b1: Can’t have you running instructor!!
P1b2: I’ll rip apart your body piece by piece!!!

P2: Die—!!!

P2 sfx: *wind* (bwooo)

P3 sfx: *move* (ba)

P4: sfx *stand ground* (ga)


Page 11


P1 sfx: *light up* (ka)

P2 sfx: *bam*

P2: Ooorrraaa!!


Page 12


P1 sfx: *blown away* (gouuuu)

P2: In… Instructor!!

P3: n/a

P4: Yeah!! Eat that!!

P5 sfx: *wind* (guo)


Page 13


P1 sfx: *open up* (ba)

P2b1: !!?

P2b2: Wha… what!?

P3: This is what I was waiting for—!!


Page 14


P1: He… he purposely took the hit—!?

P2 sfx: *slice*

P2: Dragon Souga!!!


Page 15


P1: Run, Gin!!

P2: Hah…!! (realization)

P3 sfx: *dash* (da)


Page 16


P1: It’s up to you Instructo…!!

P2b1: So his aim was to let bandana escape!!

P2b2: I won’t let you—!!

P3 sfx: *dash* (ba)

P4 sfx: *blam*

P4: *tsk*… you’re in the way, Ice Bolt !!!


Page 17


P1 sfx: *stabbing* (do do do)

P2: Ice Lance !!!

P3 sfx: *slamming* (ga ga ga ga ga)


Page 18


P1: Shit… so stubborn!!

P2: Frost Bomb

P3 sfx: *move* (ba)

P4 sfx: *grasp*

P5 sfx: *boom*


Page 19


P1b1: Heh… heheheheh !!!

P1b2: So you blew up, that’s what you get

P2: Attacking without magic aid, what a fool !!

P3 sfx: *reach through smoke* (buwo)


Page 20


P1 sfx: *grab*

P1: …Uguh!!?

P2 sfx: *tighten* (gu gu)

P3b1: Impossible!! How are you still alive……

P3b2: Let go! Let go of me!!


Page 21


P1 sfx: *tighten*

P2 sfx: *crack crack* (guki guki)

P2b1: Ah… Gah…

P2b2: Gaaahhh—!!

P3 sfx: *crush* (gogyan)

P4 sfx: *put down* (dosa)


Page 22


P1: n/a


Page 23


P1, 2, 3: n/a

P4: …… Instructor…

P5: Impossible… A… a monster…!!!

P6b1: What are you doing?! finish him in one go!!

P6b2: Don’t give him time to heal!!

P7 sfx: *step* (za)


Page 24


P1 sfx: *slice off* (pagyaa)

P2 sfx: *drop* (don)


Page 25


P1 sfx: *stab* (zubu)

P2: Kah..

P3: n/a

P4 sfx: *shiver* (kata kata kata)

P4: Wha……

P5: You piece of shit—!!!


Page 26


P1 sfx: *block* (ga)

P2a: Die!!

P2b: Diee!!

P2c: Dieee!!


Page 27


P1 sfx: *drop* (gaku)

P2, 3: n/a

P4: Uoooo—!!!


Page 28


P1 sfx: *parry* (guba)

P2 sfx: *slice* (zudoa)


Page 29


P1 sfx: *lands* (zudoo)

P2a: K…

P2b: Kudo!?

P3b1: Hih…!!

P3b2: Hiiiih!!

P4 sfx: *leftover slice noises* (zu zu)


Page 30


P1 sfx: *lift* (su)

P2 sfx: *dissapear* (vuuurrr)

P3: n/a

P4: sfx *healing noises* (shuuuu)


Page 31


P1: Fwoooo–!!

P1 sfx: *power up* (go go go go)

P2: n/a


Page 32


P1 sfx: *stand* (za)

P2b1: Y… you’re kidding, there’s no way we can win!!

P2b2: He’s a monster!!


Page 33


P1b1: S… Shion, let’s get outta here!!

P1b2: We can’t afford more losses, and his comrades are gonna be here soon!!

P2b1: …… ……

P2b2: If you want to runaway go ahead…

P3b1: !!

P3b2: Shion… You…!?

P4: n/a


Page 34


P1b1: Instructor! You’ll pay for this eventually!!

P1 sfx: *dash*

P1b2: I’ll definitely kill you!!

P2b1: Ahahaha, that parting line is so lame !!

P2b2: What a sore loser!!

P3: … Shion-san ……

P4b1: ……

P4b2: I don’t want to fight you……

P5b1: I’ll carry the sin of killing Leon, I’ll also try my best to amend you

P5b2: So let’s find a way, one of peace—…


Page 35


P1: Stop talking !!

P1 sfx: *take out*

P2b1: I’ve got nothing to say to you!!

P2b2: Only “your death” will give me peace!!!


To be continued