EDEN (TSURUOKA Nobuhisa ) Chapter 9

EDEN (TSURUOKA Nobuhisa ) Chapter 9

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Page 1


P1b: …How am I supposed to meet her?

P2b1: It’s been about a month since I last saw Nee-san

P2b2: If it was gonna be like this I should’ve said something before leaving…

P3b1a: Huhhhh!?

P3b1b: Who the hell are you!?

P3 sfx: *rumble rumble* (go go go)

P3 text: I hope she doesn’t say that……

P4b: Fuu~

P5b: Alright!!


Page 2


P1b: sfx *chime* (karan koron)

P2b: Ex… excuse me~ Nee-san……?

P2 text: ACT. 9 [Friends]

P3b: Nee-san……

P4 sfx: *head rock* (koku kokuri…)

P5 sfx: *head rock* (koku…)


Page 3


P1b: Thank god it’s just the usual cat nap

P1 sfx: *smile* (Niko)

P2 sfx: *tap tap* (ton ton)

P2b: Nee-san?

P3b1: …… Nee-san!

P3b2: Hah

P3 sfx: *twitch* (biku)

P3b3: Haii~~~!!

P4b: Ah!!

P5: N/A

P6 sfx: *catch* (ba ba)

P7b: You… you look just like instructor-san~…


P8 sfx: *squeeze* (munyu)


Page 4


P1b1: Thank god you came back unharmed~!!

P1b2: I was worried for so long~. You stopped coming to the store and you didn’t return after leaving the city~!! I thought that maybe you might have died trying too much……

P2b1: —Ehh~ you finally acquired the [Baludo Style Kenjutsu]’s secret technique ~!

P2b2: Yes, about a month ago

P3b: At the same time a quest to enter the true style started and I went to Mt. Varitor

P4b1: Speaking about Mt. Varitor, did you know things are hectic around town Because of it~?

P4b2: It’s a rumor that the Colossal Dragon Varitor was subjugated~

P5b: Was that perhaps~ just maybe~, did you do it Instructor-san~!?

P6b: Why, why do you think that?


Page 5


P1b1: Since I don’t go out to the front lines I don’t know the strength of monsters~

P1b2: But I just feel that Instructor-san could maybe do it~

P2, 3: N/A

P4b: You’re correct, I defeated Varitor

P5b: Fufufu, I knew it~!

P6 right: I told the entire story to her about defeating Varitor even though I lost all of my equipment.

P6 middle 1: About getting helped by Rin-san’s group

P6 middle 2: About how Leon and his group were the actual thieving players

P6 left: And… about how I killed his group—……


Page 6


P1b1: …We’re talking about Instructor-san

P1b2: I’m sure it was to help out Rin-san’s group

P2b1: It’ll be alright, people were saved because of your actions

P2b2: Rin-san, Mina-san, Keith-san were saved

P3b: Move forward without losing that feeling

P3 sfx: *smile* (niko)

P4b1: Aa…… Nee-san!!

P4 sfx: *slam* (don)

P4b2: If you ever feel like it’s too much or you feel like crying, you can lean on me~

P5b1: Now, since you’ve lost all your equipment we have to get you some new ones~

P5b2: Do you have any requests~?

P6 sfx: *apologetic laugh*(tahaha)

P6b: I’m actually broke right now… So I was thinking of selling these and using that money to get new ones

P7 sfx: *place* (koto…)

P7b: Do you think you could buy them?


Page 7


P1 text: Skill [Appraisal]

P2: n/a

P3b1: Hmm… Even considering the rate of the loss of durability, they’ll still go for a high price since a lot of them have an item rank of A

P3b2: And this long sword is a unique item~. The name is [Swift Sword Tulwind], its effect is an increase in agility. The other items are enough for new equipment so you should at least keep a hold of this~

P4b1: I understand. Then I’ll just keep the sword and sell the rest

P4 sfx: *slide* (su)

P4b2: I also want to discuss the new equipment. I want you to use this as material to create it

P5ba: [Colossal Dragon’s Scales]…  It’s a material item~

P5bb: It’s item rank is……

P6b: S!?

P7ba: It’s my first time seeing a rank S material~

P7bb: The others are rank S too!! You’re leaving all of this to me?


Page 8


P1b1: How about a long sword and full body armor for your new equipment~?

P1b2: From the looks of it, it’s a light material so it shouldn’t hinder your movement. And your defensive stats will be on a different level from before

P2 text: Full body armor… the [Baludo Style Kenjutsu] is mainly a stance that concentrates on defense

P3 sfx: *snap (open)* (pachin)

P3b: Alright, I’ll go with your suggestion of the long sword and full body armor

P4 sfx: *slide* (su)

P4b: And I have one strange item I want you to check

P5b: ……!!!

P6b1: In… Instructor-san, this is……

P6b2: Eh…


Page 9


P1b1: During the fight against Varitor, my [Steel Long sword +10] broke when I landed the finishing blow. Normally it should disappear on the spot, but for some reason, only the hilt remained

P1b2: And when I closed it back to the card mode it became a mysterious item called an [Elemental Soul]

P2 sfx: *shake shake shake* (kata kata kata…)

P2b: …… ……

P3b1: This is amazing Instructor-san!

P3b2: Amazing, so amazing!!

P3 sfx: *grab* (gashii)

P4b: Thanks to Instructor-san, this finally proved and solved the mystery that always came up in blacksmithing styles~!!

P5b1: An elemental soul……!!

P5b2: An item we kept pursuing!!!


Page 10


P1b1: The [Balmond Style Blacksmithing]’s secret technique is able to arbitrarily set the performance of production weapons to an extent, called the [Blacksmith’s Hand]. And another secret technique called [Spirit Armament Production] ~

P1b2: This is a second secret technique other blacksmithing styles can also acquire~ But it was shrouded in mystery~

P2b1: To use the [Spirit Armament Production], it needs an [Elemental Soul]. But we couldn’t discover it at all~

P2b2: We even got some help from the famous guilds but it was useless~ and some came to a conclusion that the item hasn’t been implemented yet…

P3b1: When acquiring the [Spirit Armament Production] the master NPC taught me this one thing~

P3b2: The [Elemental Soul] is something born from accumulating the feelings of people for a long time. But no one understood the meaning and was troubled because of it~

P4b1: But after hearing Instructor-san’s story it finally came to me~!!

P4b2: The [Elemental Soul] is born from equipment that’s been raised to a +10~!!


Page 11


P1b: I see…

P1 text: So my [Steel Long sword +10], with which I had so many adventures, can be reborn…… As a [Spirit Armament]……!!!

P2b1: By the way, is there any information on [Spirit Armaments]?

P2b2: I can’t say much since nobody’s been able to successfully make one. But there are some rich talks that it’s an attribute equipment~

P3b: An…attribute equipment!!

P4b1: Does that mean there’s potential of canceling out the advantage of magic!?

P4b2: I won’t know until I make one, but the chances of that are pretty high~


Page 12


P1 sfx: *serious?* (GU)

P1b: Nee-san, please make a [Spirit Armament] sword for me!

P2b1: Of course~!! (With pleasure~)

P2b2: It looks like it’ll be my best creation yet too~ I’m gonna give it my all~

P3b1: …Changing the conversation, tonight Rin-san’s group is coming to my inn to hang out. Would you like to come too?

P3b2: Rin-san huh~ Will it be ok for me to join~

P4b: Please do!! I’m thinking of having Bulart cook using the best ingredient I just obtained

P5ba: The… the best you say~!!

P5bb: You got it then~ I’ll definitely come over~


Page 13


P1b: … Honestly, I don’t understand what’s going on!!

P2b: back you acquire the secret technique and leave to solo a dragon and come saying you defeated Varitor

P3b1: Unbelievable…

P3b2: Absolutely unbelievable!

P4b1: But this meat is the biggest piece of proof……

P4 sfx: *bam* (doon)

P4b2: [Colossal Dragon’s Meat]…… It’s an item rank of S, how do I prepare it……

P5b1: Do you even have friends other than me and Nee-san?

P5b2: How… how rude!! Even I have a few friends—

P6 sfx: *creak* (gii)



Page 14


P1b1: Hey Instructor-kun, we’re here!

P1b2: It smells really great in here!

P2b1: Ehh!!?

P2b2: Rin-san, Mina-san, Keith-san, welcome!

P3ba: Wha…

P3bb: Wha…!

P3bc: Wha…!!

P4b1: So you’re Bulart, I’ve heard about you from Instructor-kun. I’m Rin

P4b2: And I’m Mina!

P4b3: Y… yes, I know very well yes!


Page 15


P1 sfx: *chime* (karan koron)

P1b1: I’m sorry~ I came a bit late~

P1b2: Scarlet!!

P2b1: Wow~ you’re all wearing such nice clothes~ How cute~♥

P2b2: Fufu… I need to show off my girl power every now and then

P3b1: …Hmnh, nice muscles master!

P3b2: ……

P4b1: Come on Instructor-san, let’s get a seat!!

P4b2: S… sure

P5b: Nuh…… (Unhappy noise)

P6b: The main dish is finished~!!

P6 sfx: *move* (ba)

P7b: Is… is that possibly the meat from…


Page 16


P1b1: That’s right, it’s a dish that uses the [Colossal Dragon’s Meat] from Varitor that the Instructor defeated—

P1 sfx: *bam* (do)

P1b2: It’s a dragon steak!!

P2ba: Umm… It’s to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for helping me out

P2bb: And I hope to get along in the future too—…

P3 right: A night surrounded by friends

P3b: Cheers!!!

P3 left: Is a very fun time


To Be Continued (in vol 2)

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