Fenglin Tianxia – Wangfei Shisansui Season 4 Chapter 3

Fenglin Tianxia – Wangfei Shisansui Season 4 Chapter 3

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Season 4, Chapter 3


Page 1

(no text)


Page 2

1: Do you want me to make a move?

2: No, I can deal with this.


Page 3

1: I’m so tired, time to sleep! These past few days, I haven’t gotten a single good night’s sleep…

2: Mm…


Page 4

1: Move it, let me get in bed.

2: Yue Er…


Page 5

1(thinking): Oh my, he’s blushing?

2: Let’s tease him a bit, then!

3: Che…


Page 6

(no text)


Page 7

1: I can’t reach my back, come help me, Che~


Page 8

1: It, it’s so hot! I’m going outside to get some fresh air!

Sfx: Bang!


Page 9

1: Pff

2: Puha

Sfx: Pwahahahahahaha!!


Page 10

Bottom left:

Original Story: Yishi Fengliu    Creator and Producer: Yankai Culture

Primary Writer: Jiu Shijiu

Line Draft: Xiao Pang

Color: Yu Mao, Zhasu Tuan, En Yu

Beijing Yankai Culture Development Co. Ltd. Production


Page 11

1: Hey, have you heard? Yi Wang has returned!

2: I heard, I heard! Yi Wang’s princess has returned as well!

3: She’s that incredibly powerful Murong Liu Yue, right?

4: Who else? A princess this powerful, we’re truly fortunate!


Page 12

1: Yi Wang still hasn’t married yet, right?

2: That’s right, the princess was too young, but she should be old enough now, right?

3: We still don’t know if a wedding date has been set yet…

4: Right, right!


Page 13

1: In the council hall—

2: Minister, has an auspicious date been set for Che Er’s wedding yet?

3: Your Majesty Qi Zhe, this old minister has looked at His Highness and miss Murong’s birth date, time, and horoscopes, the third of next month is indeed auspicious.

4: Good, then—


Page 14

1: Report—Urgent news from Jin Cheng!

2: Nan Song has sent their prime minister, accompanied by the fourteenth princess, to come to discuss marriage with Yi Wang! Their party includes fifty thousand cavalry troops, and is already less than ten miles outside of Jin Cheng!

3: Report—Urgent news from Yi Shui, the prince of Ao Yun and princess Xie Qinglian have entered into a marriage alliance, the bride’s send-off party has come calling with General Mi Zou, their party contains forty or fifty thousand troops!

4: Report—thirty thousand troops from Xue Sheng have entered Qu Guo, claiming that they’re supplementing the dowry of their seventh princess!

TL note: a heck of a lot of place names. Only important ones appear to be Nan Song, Ao Yun, and Xue Sheng, which are all countries).


Page 15

1: Excuses! Those are all just excuses!

2: They’re allying in the name of marriage as an excuse to attack Tian Chen!

3: Right! It’s an excuse! Nan Song, Ao Yun, and Xue Sheng have always had friendly relations!

4: They were able to pass through Chen Guo and Qu Guo, those two countries are also probably…


Page 16

1: ……

2: Report—

3: What?! There’s more?!


Page 17

1: This letter was personally written by the prince of Ao Yun,

2: it’s urgent, only to be opened by Yi Wang!

3: …Bring it here.


Page 18

1: The advancing armies, whether they attack or retreat,

2: it all depends on Yi Wang’s decision.


Page 19

1: Oh?

2: This prince has already spoken,

3: in this life, I will only marry one!

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