Fenriru Nesan to Boku Chapter 4

Fenriru Nesan to Boku Chapter 4

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Chapter 4 Nee-san and a little holiday

B1: Wallet, check

B2: Phone, check

B3: Handkerchief and Pocket Tissue, check

B4: All that’s left is…

T: 40% Off Coupon


T: 40% Off Coupon

B1: Discount coupon..?

B2: Yeah, a coworker gave it to me
You can use it at any stall at the food court of the shopping mall

B3: Just go together with Touka-chan on Sunday

B4: Huh!? Why so sudden!?

B5: Why? Because you still act so distant with Touka-chan even after all this time, that’s why

B6: Isn’t this a perfect chance to close that distance with her?

B7: But Mom…

B8: Just make up with her already…

B9: We’re “family”, aren’t we?


Sfx: Step

B1: Calm down, me!

B2: We’re just going to the shopping mall, nothing else!

B3: We’re just going to eat together as family and go home afterwards

B4: Nothing more than that!

Sfx: Step

B5: Yousuke-kun

Sfx: Badump!!

B6: Sorry, did you wait long?

B7: Err, no! I didn’t…

B8: Wait…


B1: I had trouble deciding what to wear …

B2: It’s not weird, right?

B3: Huh..? Yousuke-kun..?

B4: Yousuke-kun!?


B1: Are you alright!? You’re crashing into that lamppost, you know!?

B2: I’m fine, please don’t mind me

B3: Just what the heck am I doing!!

B4: Didn’t I decide to compromise with her?

B5: That I will accept her as my sister… as a family from now on?

B6: I will accept…


Sfx: Smile

B1: Ugh, this is impossible…

B2: ?

B3: Yeah, seems like I really am a coward, no matter whether it’s normal or “special” days…


B1: Whoaaa…

B2: It’s been while a since I’ve come here!

B3: Did you come here often, Senpai?

B4: Only sometimes, like when my classmates invite me to go shopping with them
But I’m already a third year this year, so I’m holding back the urges though

B5: Really… If you only look at her lifestyle, you wouldn’t be able to guess that she’s not a normal girl…

B6: The food court is on the 3rd floor, right?


B1: Yousuke-kun

B2: Yes?

B3: Shall we…

B4: Hold each other’s hand?

B5: Eh, wait…

B6: Won’t we look like good siblings if we do that?

B7: Don’t you realize that it goes over what siblings do!?


B1: I see, so I was wrong… I thought all big sisters do that kind of thing with their little brother…

Sfx: Voom

B2: Well, I am an only child too, so I’m not too sure with other people though…

B3: By the way, did we get along nicely in our previous life?

Sfx: Close

B4: So you…


B1: Don’t remember our past at all?

B2: Ah, crap!!

B3: Err…

B4: Umm…

B5: Well…
You see…

B6: Actually… Sorry, I didn’t remember it…

B7: I see…

B8: So today is our good siblings’ first holiday then


B1: Ping

B2: Ah!

B3: Yousuke-kun, look at that!

T: 4/14th (Sat) to
4/30th (Mon)                                    Deep Sea Photo Exhibition
Is being held at the 3rd floor’s Special Event Hall now


Sfx: Bam!!

B1: Uwaaaaaaah!!

B2: What kind of person in their right mind puts a super close up photo of a goblin shark on the place just after passing the entrance!?

B3: Is this a trial for the guests!?

B4: Turn back…

B5: I’m surprised you knew about it, Yousuke-kun


B1: But it sure is unexpected

B2: Do you like deep sea fishes, Senpai?

B3: Yeah, remember the boom some time ago? I found them interesting back then

B4: That incomprehensible form of theirs makes you wonder, right…

B5: Yeah, they’re so scary, right…

B6: They’re so cute, don’t you think?

B7: Wait, what!?


B1: This is cute..?

B2: ♪

B3: !

T: Deep Sea Shop

Sfx: Clink Clink


B1: S-So…

Sfx: Swooon

B2: So cute…♥

B3: It’s so cute… No, it’s more like…

B4: It’s a gift from heaven

Sfx: Howaaa…♥

B5: Ah, Senpai is broken

B6: There are a lot of goods here, huh…

B7: Right? Aah, which one should I buy..?

B8: Ah! What if I buy you this, Yousuke-kun?


Sfx: Rumble Rumble

T: XL Size

B1: I’m fine without it!!!!

B2: Do you know that this boy’s mouth can move too?

Sfx: Flap Flap

B3: I’m sure diehard fans will probably love it but I really don’t need it!!

B4: Look, they even got a cuter mini size of it too!

B5: Oh, come on, let’s move on from the goblin shark, okay!!??

Sfx: Tada

B6: Then…

B7: I really don’t need anything, so can you please stop choosing anything for me, Senpai!?

B8: Sniff…


Sfx: Tap

B1: Ah…

B2: I’m sor-…

B3: Sob…

B4: Err…

B5: Uhh…

B6: Uwaaaaaaah!!!


B1: What is wrong with this little girl?

B2: Uwaaaaaaah!!

B3: I-I don’t know… She just started crying all of a sudden…

B4: Err, sorry for bumping on you…

Sfx: Panic Panic

B5: Uhm… Did it hurt..?

B6: Uwaaaaah!!

B7: Err, uhh…

B8: Aaaaaah!!

Sfx: Fwish

B9: Are you alright?

B10: So where is your mama?

B11: Can you tell this big sis about it?


B1: Uwaaaaaaaah

B2: Hic…

B3: Sob

B4: Hic

B5: Ma…

B6: Mama…

B7: Ma…

B8: Sob

B9: Mama… is…

B10: Yeah?

B11: Ma… Mama…

Sfx: Sniff

B12: Is…

B13: Gone….

B14: Hic

B15: Sob

B16: Uwaaaaaaah!

B17: I see… So your mama is gone now, huh?
Good job telling me that

B18: Excuse me, could you tell me where the missing child center is?

B19: Eh..!? Wait… Senpai!?


B1: Don’t tell me you’re planning to bring that little girl to the missing child center yourself?

T: Deep Sea Shop

B2: That’s right

T: Cashier

B3: It doesn’t seem too far from here, so why don’t we take her along while we’re at it?
To the information center, that is…

B4: But… Wouldn’t it be better to leave this kind of thing to the shop attenda-…

T: Deep Sea

B5: …

B6: Your mama might have been there before us, you know?

B7: Mama is coming?

B8: Of course she is. So don’t worry, it’s going to be alright

B9: …


B1: But… I couldn’t find my mama before…

B2: …I see… This shopping mall is really big, right?

B3: So it must have been hard for you to find her…

B4: But you see…

B5: Even though it’s sad…

B6: And you feel like you’re going to cry…

B7: As long as you keep wishing to meet her, I’m sure that you will definitely find your mama


B1: I can meet Mama… again..?

B2: Of course!

B3: Ah!

B4: Mama!!

B5: !!

B6: It’s her! It’s her over there!!


B1: Mama!!

Sfx: Hug!

B2: Geez, I’ve been looking for you everywhere, you know?

B3: This Onee-chan helped me find Mama!

B4: Oh, really? Sorry for your trouble. And thank you very much..!

B5: You’re welcome

B6: Good thing we found your Mama, right?

B7: Yeah!

B8: Uhh, I’m really sorry, Senpai…I didn’t really help much back there…

B9: Don’t mind it, I was the one who wanted to do it after all


B1: …I guess everyone loves Senpai because she does this kind of things, huh…

B2: Come to think of it, she was also nice to a stranger like me, when she first talked to me

B3: That really makes me, who only admires Senpai for her appearance, look like an idiot, doesn’t it…

B4: Hey, what are we going to order at the food court?

B5: Eh, you’re asking me? Uhmm…

B6: I’m fine with anything you’d like to eat, Senpai!

Sfx: Pipping Hot


B1: I never imagined you would order an Imagawayaki* though!!
TLN: Imagawayaki is a hot desert similar to waffle but without the pattern on it, and usually have bean paste, vanilla custard, etc as filling

H: Even though there are a lot of other stalls here…

Sfx: Dazed

B2: Well, I really dreamed of ordering every single flavor together at least once in my life!!

Sfx: Bite

B3: Let’s eat!

B4: !!! ♥♥

Sfx: Munch Munch


B1: …Don’t stare at me like that…

B2: Ah, err, sorry…
BC: Gasp!

B3: Turns out, the Kitami Touka Senpai that I admire is…

B4: My older sister…

B5: A monster that’s feared as “The one who resents Gods”…

B6: And a kind…

B7: Sweet loving…

B8: 14 years old girl


B1: It’s been really hectic since she came into my life, but…
I guess having this kind of day sometimes is not bad either

B2: I hope I can spend my holiday with Senpai like this from now on too…

B3: Today was really fun, don’t you agree?

B4: Yeah, it was

B5: Let’s go to see that Deep Sea Photo Exhibition again someday!

B6: Eh?


B1: But wasn’t today the last day of that exhibition?

B2: Eh!?

Sfx: Gloom

B3: I see… That’s too bad…

B4: …

B5: Uhmm, Senpai… I know this can’t be a perfect replacement for that, but…

B6: It said that Ikebukuro Aquarium will open a Deep Sea zone next month in this pamphlet!

T: Deep Sea Zone

B7: So will you go together with me to see living deep sea fishes next time?


B1: I-I-I… I would like to!

B2: Then it’s decided

B3: But next month, huh..? Then let’s go there after the midterm exam ends!

B4: That’s a good idea! Let’s go after the midterm ex-…

Sfx: Gasp!

B5: Midterm exam, huh…

T: Spirit

B6: Wait, why!? Why are you drastically losing your spirit so suddenly!?

B7: Could it be… You’re not good at studying, Yousuke-kun?

Sfx: Twitch


B1: In my house, my pocket money is not only based on my test scores, but also my result on general schooldays, so…

B2: That’s really harsh…

B3: If I ever get a bad grade, not only my mom will reduce my pocket money, but she will also prohibit me to go outside the house on Saturdays…

H: Study♥

B4: And my grades are not something that you can say proudly either…

B5: So that’s why…
BC: Aaaah…

B6: Then

B7: How about I tutor you, Yousuke-kun?


B1: …Whaat!?

B2: I think I’m pretty good in studying, you know?

B3: But but, you’re already in your 3rd year, Senpai… Besides, don’t you have to study for your own exam..?

B4: I think it’s going to be alright for me

B5: Dammit, is this the composure of the one who’s at the peak of her grade..!?

B4: Besides, I really want us to go play together again after all

B5: So let’s go see those deep sea fishes at the aquarium together, alright?

B6: You know, I’m really afraid you’re going to ask me to accompany you seeing the real deep sea fishes directly someday…

B7: Ahahaha


B1: But you see… I’m really glad we’re not in the deep sea right now…

B2: Eh?

B3: Because the environment is so harsh in the deep sea, so sometimes you can’t even meet your family, or so I heard…

B4: And being alone in this world is really lonely…

B5: To be born in the complete darkness of the deep sea…

B6: And live their whole life without even knowing what light is…

B7: Sometimes, they even die in loneliness without even understanding the reason of their life…


B1: Just like me… who continuously resented the world in the middle of everlasting darkness…


B1: Just kidding!

B2: Uhm, Senpai…


Sfx: Clink

B1: Actually, I secretly bought this at that store…

B2: So if you’d like, please accept it

B3: To be honest, I actually planned to give it to you when we got back home though

B4: Eh..?

B5: Eh?

B6: Are you really sure..?

B7: Yes!

B8: Just take it as my thanks for accompanying me today!


Sfx: Clink

B1: Waaah…

B2: That mascot… It’s called by a creepy name like “Triplewart Seadevil” but…

B3: According to the pamphlet…

B4: When they meet their “partner” in a miracle like chance in the wide and dark deep sea…

B5: They’ll cling to each other and live together until death separates them…


B1: So what I’m trying to say is… Uhm…

B2: I know I am a really unreliable guy…

B3: But I’m here with you Senpai!


B1: I will always be together with you!

B2: That’s why… Please…

B3: Please don’t say something so lonely like that…


B1: Okay

B2: Thank you…

B3: Yousuke-kun…

B4: Hey, what if I start tutoring you immediately after we get home?

B5: Eeeh..!?

B6: Just cut me some slack today!

B7: No can do!♥ You’ll get bad grades if you spoil yourself like that, you know?

B8: Ugh…


B1: Found 2 monsters…

B2: In human town


B1: Was it just my imagination..?


B1: Ufufufufu

B2: Bloody Wolf and the Deadly Venom Serpent…

B3: I found you now…

T: [Fenrir Nee-san and Me] Volume 1 End


B1: Extra + Character Setting
BC: Fenrir Nee-san and Me

B2: Front Cover Illustration
«At Photoshoot«

B3: Uhm…

B4: Don’t you think you’re too close, Senpai?

B5: Well, I just thought I’ll do it here since there are no romantic comedy elements whatsoever in the main storyB6: It was for the readers!?

H: Fully satisfied♥

B7: Uhh…

B8: She’s so close..!

H: Bloodstain

B9: Her boobs are so close to me..!

B10: Volume Cover Design
Hijikata Yoshie-san

B11: Editor
Miyazaki Ichirou-san

B12: N-san (Chief)
Ootaki Shou-san
Akagaki-san (Helper)
Kiyama Aki-san
BC: Drawing Staffs
(Note to editor: BC is the vertical bubble)

B13: Author
Azaki Momoka


T: Character Design ①

H: Kitami Touka
Midzuka Junior High School 3rd Year
14 Years old
Height: 163 cm
Bust: Almost E but still D cup
Generally slim with the exception of her breasts. Her hip is on the small side too.
Unexpectedly a glutton. A super sweet tooth.
Her favorite color is white.
She loves casual clothes and skirts.

H: Usually never forces her will to others.
She’s considerate of her surroundings and able to read the mood.
(Berserks sometimes)
Her interpersonal skill is unreasonably high

H: A late bloomer that won’t even realize her own feelings

T: *From chapter 4

B1: I wonder what should I wear today?

H: Casual and cute

B2: It makes us seem like on a date and it’s really embarrassing!!

H: Adult like style

B3: It’s too sexy for me!!!

H: Safe choice

B4: Seems like he can’t take it no matter what I wear…

Sfx: Thud

H: From the main story↗


H: It’s not like he’s really short or anything but, he secretly has a complex because the girl he likes is taller than him.

H: He hasn’t experienced voice change yet. But his secondary sex characteristic is there.

B1: Why do you blabber my secret that easily, Author!!

T: Character Design ②

H: Haijima Yousuke
Midzuka Junior High School 2nd Year
13 Years old
Height: 155 cm
Shoe size: 26 cm
(Only his feet are big)
Generally weak, but he’s fast at running.
Light eater.

SFx: Gulp

T: Morning

B1: You sure drink a lot of milk, don’t you?
Do you love them?

B2: No… Not really…

B3: ?

B4: …

B5: …

B6: It’s okay

B7: I like you just the way you are

Sfx: Pat Pat

B8: It’s not okay for me!!

H: And stop patting my head!!

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