Fenriru Nesan to Boku Chapter 5

Fenriru Nesan to Boku Chapter 5

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: [Fenrir Nee-san and Me]

H: ◎A policeman who’s protecting the city at night…
(Note to editor and pr: Side text)

B1: It’s around here, right..? The area where we got the report about the purse snatcher…

B2: !

Sfx: Skidd

B3: Err, was that you miss, the one who called us about the purse snatcher..?

B4: …

B5: Police

B6: Organization of people who works for justice

B7: Huh?

H: He found a girl who stands still under a lamp post, and…
(Note to editor and pr: Side text)


Sfx: Twist

B1: Aag…

Sfx: Crack Crack

B2: A perfect candidate to be my cute soldier

Sfx: Snap

B3: Welcome, to the country of Gods ♥


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H: A shadow who approaches from behind the Mystical Beast’s back…

H: Azaki Momoko

H: Chapter 5: Monster and God

H: Will she bring happiness with her, or perhaps a greater destruction..?


H: [Fenrir Nee-san and Me]

SFx: Clink

Sfx: Clink

B1: So… You’re really going to school with that attached?

B2: Yeah, it’s cute right!

B3: Err… Uhm… Well, not that I have a problem with it anyways…


B1: I went out together with Senpai yesterday, and I was able to see her various sides…

H: [Haijima Yousuke] Timid 1st year Middle School boy. Has Jormungandr inside his body. He actually is just a normal human boy. However, fearing that Touka will murder him if she finds out about the truth, he pretends to be Touka’s little brother now.

H: [Kitami Touka] The most beautiful girl in her school. On the other hand, she also has a cruel and brutal side as the bringer of Demise, Fenrir within her. She thinks Yousuke is her little brother from her previous life, and now is doting him as his big sister.

B2: About how she loves deep sea fishes…

B3: How kind she was with little kids…

B4: How she smiles

B5: How she jokes

B6: How she got delighted

B7: How she blushed

B8: And I got more charmed by looking at how often her expressions changed…


B1: I’m really happy, you know? I mean, it’s the first time you gave me something, Yousuke

B2: And I want to keep my precious things close to me

Sfx: Badump

B3: Besides, I feel that I can suppress the urge to do something to you Yousuke if I have this with me…

B4: Then please keep that close to you, I beg you!!


B1: By the way, what are the urges you’re suppressing anyways?

B2: You sure you want to hear it?

B3: Err… Sorry, forget it…
So scary…

Sfx: Blink Blink

B4: Hmm?

Sfx: Murmur Murmur


H: [Fenriru Nee-san and Me]

B1: Did you hear? It seems that a policeman was murdered there…

B2: Really? In a residential area like this? Uwaah, so scary…

B3: Did he really die because his neck was torn off?

B4: Eh, you serious? That’s so scary…

B5: Tanaka saw it with his own eyes you know? He even uploaded the pictures on LINE*
TLN: Messaging app similar to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

B6: Uwah, so gory…

B7: Let me see it! Let me see it!

B8: Senpai…

B9: Yes…

B10: I feel the enemy’s presence…

B11: But it’s different than usual…


B1: It feels like a God’s presence…

B2: A God…

Sfx: Badump

B3: It’s on a different level from the servants we faced up until now

B4: Gods have the world’s creation power at hand
And they solely come to hunt and kill us


B1: They probably have already found out about our whereabouts… So please be careful…

Sfx: Throb

B2: Another battle, huh…

B3: I wonder why Senpai never hesitates when she plunges herself into the battlefield…

B4: Is it because she is the monster who brings destruction upon this world?

B5: Were all of her expressions that I saw yesterday just a way to deceive the world?

B6: Just what kind of monster is the Fenrir really?


B1: Just…

B2: Who are you truly, Senpai..?

B3: And, who am I actually too…


B1: What’s wrong, Yousuke-kun?

Sfx: Twitch

B2: Ah… Uhm… Err…

B3: Sorry…

B4: Uhm… I just remembered that I have day duty today, so I have to go earlier…

B5: So, see you later, Senpai

Sfx: Dash

B6: Ah…

B7: …


B1: I ran again…

B2: I’m the worst…

B3: I really am the worst…

B4: I did say that I will compromise with Senpai, but it seems that I only compromised with her “human side”, not the “true” Senpai

B5: Then what is the “true” Senpai..?

B6: Are you wavering?


B1: Or perhaps…


B1: You just can’t accept the answer you found?

B2: Eh..?

B3: Who is she? She’s really beautiful…

B4: Eeh..?

B5: But you see, everything is alright
You don’t have to be worried about anything

B6: Because…


B1: There is no future for a monster to choose of anyways

Sfx: Twirl


B1: Yousuke-kun..?

Sfx: Step

B2: Fufufu…

B3: Ahahaha


B1: Hey, how does it feel for a monster like you to be hugged in a Goddess’ arms?

Sfx: Flutter

B2: Does it feels like in heaven? Or maybe… like in hell, perhaps?

B3: Mmph!?

B4: Goddess..?
Then she’s one of the Gods..!?

B5: Giggle… Are you afraid?

Sfx: Draw closer


B1: But you know… Your body sure is mysterious…

B2: To be a human while being a monster at the same time…

B3: Are you not a normal reincarnated person..?

B4: Mmph!

B5: …

B6: Ahaha!

B7: So cute! ♥

B8: It sure is a waste to let you stay as a monster!
Don’t worry, this big sister will love you plenty! ♥

Sfx: Hug ♥♥

B9: !!?


Sfx: Swoosh

Sfx: Swish


B1: Oh my

Sfx: Bam!!

B2: Hee…

B3: You got here faster than I thought

Sfx: Twirl Twirl

B4: Good Girl ♥

B5: Because I feel that I heard something annoying coming from your mouth just now…

Sfx: Step


B1: Now tell me, who will love my little brother plenty again?

B2: Move your hands

B3: Or do you want me to kill you first?


B1: My, what a scary big sister you have there

B2: Pwahh!!

B3: Senpai, be careful!!

B4: This person is…

Sfx: Fwip

B5: A God…


Sfx: Bwoooosh

B1: Nice to meet you, Mystical Beast Fenrir


B1: My name is Hildr

B2: A Valkyrie who serves the King of the God Realm, Odin-sama


B1: What’s that..?

B2: Something is there..!!

SFx: Pssssh

B3: Valkyrie…

B4: A lower goon who brings human souls who die in battle to the God Realm and makes them Gods’ slaves

B5: How rude. It’s a proper job, you know?


B1: Oh shut up

Sfx: Bash!!!


B1: Grr..!

B2: Why are you so irritated?

B3: Was snatching your little brother away that vexing for you?

B4: Senpai…

B5: Pant…

B6: Pant…

B7: Yousuke-kun…


B1: It’s okay… I will save you now…

B2: Pfft

B3: Ahahaha
You will save him!?

B4: A monster is talking about saving others!?

B5: A good for nothing who can only destroy the world like you is talking about saving others!?

B6: What’s this? A cheap “fate defying sisterly love” soap opera!?

B7: Ahahahaha!!


B1: Even though…

B2: You are the one who killed that very little brother of yours “that day”!!


B1: Shut up…

B2: A filthy monster is talking about love!? What kind of foolish joke is this!!
I’ll have you know that you will never ever obtain that boorish wish of yours!!

Sfx: Ahahahahahaha

B3: Shuuut up!!!!

(Note to editor: double page with p33 please merge)


B1: That wolf..!

B2: So you’ve shown your true colors huh, Demon Wolf…

Sfx: Bwoooosh

B3: Einherjar*
TLN: Kanji wrote God Created Soldier


B1: Yes

B2: My Mistress


Sfx: Bang Bang Bang Bang

B1: Grrr…


Sfx: Bwooosh

Sfx: Bllaaassst!!

B1: Grrrr….


Sfx: Pssssssh…

Sfx: Clack Clack

B1: It endured Senpai’s fire with its armor and shield!?

B2: …As I thought…


B1: That Fenrir is really weakened after she got reincarnated

B2: Because even her strongest attack, the “Jet-Black Flame”…

B3: Can’t even pierce the defense of its steel armor!

Sfx: Grrrr…

Sfx: Collapse


Sfx: Bwosh!

B1: Pant…

B2: Pant…

Sfx: Slam!

B3: Aagh!!

B4: Executing… justice…

Sfx: Creak

B5: Shoot all evil… to death…


B1: Senpai!!

B2: Hey hey, it’s not your turn yet

Sfx: Fwing

B3: Fufufu… Isn’t this like the greatest?
It’s my latest work, you know?

Sfx: Drip

Sfx: Psssssh…


B1: This Einherjar #5

B2: Anti Demon Beast special soldiers that were made from human souls, The Einherjars…
Their performances are based on the souls they were made from

B3: And seems like I hit the jackpot by using a human called the “policeman’s” soul as material this time!

B4: It can use weapons…
It also has a strong sense of justice and faithfulness. An ideal underling, don’t you agree?

B5: It’s the most perfect thing to destroy evil


B1: Evil..? Who is the real evil right now, I wonder?

B2: Don’t you know? The winner is always right of course

B3: Sorry for making you wait so long, little brother ♥
Don’t worry, I’ll kill her right awa-…

B4: Oh my..?

Sfx: Pssssh…

B5: Hi…

B6: Hildr-sama…

B7: !!

Sfx: Melt


B1: If…

B2: If you Gods are the justice…

B3: Then… Then I don’t mind being evil..!

H: Even if it means to become God’s enemy…
He will stand up to save Touka’s life!!
Next chapter, a center color full of tension!!

B4: I won’t let you…

B5: Land another finger on Senpai anymore!!

H: To be continued in issue ❼

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