Fenriru Nesan to Boku Chapter 7

Fenriru Nesan to Boku Chapter 7

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


H: I never knew that the gears of fate have already started to move

B1: …Eh..?

H: Ending my peaceful days…

H: And making me a part of the great war Ragnarok…

H: ◎The Jormungandr’s blood that was hidden all this time finally drove its fang in Yousuke’s right hand..!!
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H: The cycle of Ragnarok’s reincarnation finally starts to turn!!
What will Yousuke who suddenly found himself with a heavy responsibility do..!?

H: Comic Books Volume ①
Is selling like hotcakes!!

H: Azaki Momoko

H: Chapter 7 Fever and Nightmare


B1: Beep beep beep

B2: That’s a pretty high fever

B3: You should really rest in bed for the whole day today, okay?


T: The story so far → Yousuke who has the World Serpent, Jormungandr’s blood inside him keeps pretending to be Touka’s little brother from her “previous life”. Will he succeed in feigning himself to be Touka’s little brother so she won’t kill him..!?

B1: I’ve called your homeroom teacher about this, so don’t worry

B2: And I’ve put a lot of things in the fridge, so eat them up when you feel hungry, okay?

B3: Okay

B4: I’m going to get back as soon as I can, okay..?

Sfx: Clack

Sfx: Creak

Sfx: Clack

H: The real truth behind Yousuke’s right hand who is lying down because of his illness is..!?


B1: But you know… Your body sure is mysterious…

B2: To be a human while being a monster at the same time…

B3: Khukuku… It means that an evil monster clung inside your heart and has been eating your life force without you knowing


B1: No…

B2: No..!

B3: I hate this…

B3: I am…


B1: Human…

B2: Do you really think so?

B3: !?

B4: The Great Snake of Destruction, Jormungandr…

B5: Wh..!

B6: Who’s there..!?

B7: The sworn enemy of the world…

B8: And Mystical Beast of Demise, Fenrir’s little brother

B7: Show yourself!!

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B1: …Eh..?

B2: The sea..?

Sfx: Splash…

B3: What’s happening here..?


Sfx: Splat Splat Splat


B1: Die


Sfx: Twitch!!

B1: Gasp!!

B2: Are..!

B3: Are you alright, Yousuke-kun..!?


B1: You were really groaning in your sleep…

B2: Did you have a bad dream..?

Sfx: Fwish!

B3: Yousuke-kun..?

B4: Ah…

B5: No…

B6: Sorry, but…
B6b: Uhmm…


B1: …

B2: …

B3: Seems like you did see a very frightening dream, huh…

B4: You wouldn’t wake up, no matter what I did when you were groaning…

B5: And you looked like you really were in pain…

B6: So I got really afraid that you would never open your eyes again for the second time and…

B7: But I’m glad…

B8: Really…

Sfx: Sniff

B9: I was really worried, you know..?

B10: …


B1: Senpai… Are you crying..?

B2: I’m not, you idiot!!

B3: I’m your big sister

B4: There’s no way I would cry in front of you, silly

B5: That’s a lie

B6: Because I’ve seen her crying a lot lately…


B1: She probably thinks that she wasn’t even crying all of those times, but…

B2: W-Well then, just go back to rest, okay?

Sfx: Pull

B3: Why…

B4: Even though you are this kind…

H: Even though you are a really nice big sister…


B1: What is “Ragnarok”?

B2: Why must you be…


B1: The mystical wolf that will bring destruction to this world..?


Sfx: Step Step Step

B1: Hey, stop that!

B2: Woof
B2b: Woof

B3: Grrrrrr

B4: Stop! Fighting is bad!

Sfx: Step

Sfx: Twitch


Sfx: Step

B1: ?

B2: Whimper…

B3: Whimper

Sfx: Clack


B1: Ah… err… I’m… I’m really sorry…

B2: For stopping you all of a sudden like that…

B3: It’s okay, don’t mind it!
B3b: I mean, I also wanted to be together with Yousuke-kun for a little bit longer after all

B4: And… I’m really sorry that I have never told you anything all this time

B5: …

B6: But let me say this first

Sfx: Clack


B1: I have no idea about the details or the true reason behind the Ragnarok

B2: All I know is just like that Valkyrie woman called Hildr said…

B3: That Ragnarok is the war that will both end and start everything, that’s all

B4: …Both end and start everything..?

B5: Correct


B1: When the world’s lifespan is coming to an end…

B2: Gods…

B3: Humans…

B4: Giants…

B5: Mystical Beasts…

B6: All of those races went on an all out fight to the death war against each other. The one who survived until the very end destroyed the old world, and became the new world’s creator

B7: That’s right, it’s a great war who will decide the destruction and the creation of the world…


B1: So in other words, whoever wins the Ragnarok…

B2: Can create the new world however they please..? No matter how ridiculous it is..?

Sfx: Nod

B3: In the last war, the Gods who won the war sealed the Mystical Beasts’ souls for eternity…

B4: And created a world just for Gods and Humans…

B5: …Or that’s what was supposed to happen


B1: B-But thanks to that, you could reincarnate as human and live in a peaceful world like this, right..?

B2: So why won’t you take this occasion and stop the fighting altog-…

B3: I can’t…

B4: I’m.. no, Fenrir is…

B5: Unable to do that…


B1: I don’t know how to live in the peaceful times

B2: In the first place, I’m not very sure that everyone wished for peace…

B3: Because all we can do is destroy things after all…


B1: And that’s the right thing to do right now…

B2: Because the Gods will definitely come and hunt us until we’re dead

B3: So we don’t really have any other choice but to fight if we don’t want to die

B4: “Fight”…


B1: T-That’s impossible for me!! I… I just can’t fight like you do, Senpai..!!

B2: Besides…

Sfx: Fwip

B3: It’s okay

B4: I will always protect you, Yousuke-kun
B4b: Moreover…

B5: We’ll get reinforcements soon, so don’t worry about it

Sfx: Step


B1: Reinforcements..?

B2: You mean, an ally is going to join us?

B3: That’s right

B4: She contacted me while you were sleeping, Yousuke-kun

B5: And I think, she’s on her way to this house now


H: This house..?

B1: W-W-Why our house..!?

B2: Well, because it’s just perfect..?

B3: What is!? Why didn’t you tell me that before, Senpai!?

B4: I mean, My and Senpai’s ally would be…

B5: Yeah

B6: A Mystical Beast


B1: The Demonic Hound’s King, Garmr

B2: The head of the ferocious Demonic Hound Tribe who reigned over them all

B3: They said that his fangs are sharp enough to smash steel, and his claws are strong enough to tear off the earth

B4: But don’t worry, she’s my trusted comrade


Sfx: Ding Dong

B1: Err… perhaps it’s just a delivery or something, so just let me answer it

Sfx: Ding Dong

B2: A sec!

B3: Sorry for making you…
B3b: Wait..?


Sfx: Ta Da


B1: !?

B2: A grade schooler..!?

B3: And she brought a pretty heavy looking bag with her…

B4: …

B5: F…

B6: Fenrir-samaaaaaaaa!!

Sfx: Sob Sob

B7: I’m really glad you are okaaaaaaaay!!!

Sfx: Hug

B8: Eh!?

B9: Err…

B10: Uhmm…

B11: Fenrir-samaaaaaa!!


B1: You called?

B2: Ah?

B3: You’re already here, Garmr?

H: This loli is… that Demonic Hound, Garmr..!?

B4: Who are you!!?

T: Next time → Demonic Hound’s King, Garmr will talk about her origins..!?

B5: Err, Haijima Yousuke…

B6: Like I said, who are you!!!??

H: To be continued In Issue 9, on sale in 8/10 (Fri)