Futoku no Guild Chapter 10

Futoku no Guild Chapter 10

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 10
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P1b1: nnh

P1b2: gasp

P1: What happened to these girls!?

P2b1: gasp x2

P3b1: 10 minutes after starting,

P3b2: With no help from me, this monster hunting mission with just the newbies…

P4b1: twitch x2

P4b2: tremble x2



P1b1: Ended after many twists and turns.

P1sfx+ silence

P2b1: gasp x2

P3b1: Looking back on it,

it was a fight that used none of their strengths and dragged each other down through all of their weaknesses…



P1b1: First, through friendly fire from Tokishikko, the only decent damage source (Hanabata) was taken out.

P1b2: Oh…

P1sfx: crackle crackle

P1b3: Zero Magic Resistence

P1b4: And the battle plan fell apart from there.

P2b1: Hitamuki, who looked away for one moment to think about letting Hanabata get away, got caught

P2b2: Hanach-

P2b3: Kya!

P3b1: Kukuruuu~~~~~


I can’t do this anymooooree~~~

P3b2: Meidena, who lost all will to fight, let out a cry that echoed through the forest…

P4b1: Which called (enemy) reinforcements.

P4: nyaaaa

nurangaaaa (tl note: what)



P1b1: Noo ish…. mouth….

P1b2: coming i…. ahhhh

P1b3: gasp

slimy….. sto…gchk!

P1sfx far right: slop slip

P1sfx top; twitch x2

P1sfx bottom left: slick slurp

P1.5: And thus started the banquet of the flesh

P2b1: Ku… let… me… ahhh

P2sfx: slide slip



P2b2: I’d be… able to…

P2b3: beat this in one… hit if….




P1b1: gasp…. gasp….

…. au

you c..an’t….

P1b2: n… kuh

P1b3: why…. does everyone….

P1b4: lick…. AH! Noo,… Na ahh ahhh

P2b1: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

P3b1: And it finally ended when Tokishikko lost her temper, but…



P1b1: gasp x2

P2b1: gasp x2

P4b1: Not sure if this can even be called a victory….

P4b2: Keep heading forward

▶Return to town

P5b1: ~Kikuru’s home~



P1b1: Um… well,

P1b2: Let us celebrate us newbies’ first victory.

P2b1: Kanpaiii!

P2b2: She went and called it a victory…



P1b1: What?

Do you have something to say to the MVP who OHKO’d three of the monsters?

P1b2: How about we start remembering who made it all go downhill to start with!

P2b1: But we were all saved thanks to Tokichan!

P2sfx: pat pat

P3b1: Hitamuki still hasn’t defeated any monsters…

P3b2: and wasn’t of any use this time either…

P4b1: That’s not true!

P4b2: Hitamuki, you tried to save me right?



P1b1: Yeah!

There’s a healer that not only brought in more monsters by crying loudly, but then decided to hide quietly! You’re great!

P2b1: S- silence!

It turned out that way in the first place because you knocked out Hanabata right!?

P2b2: Let’s at least get along for meals…

P3b1: …. well

P3b2: Looks like I’ll still be needed for a while…

P5b1: Well, I’ve been eating away at this for a while but

P5b2: the person who actually made this is…?



P1b1: It’s Hitamuki!

P1b2: Did… did it not match your tastes….?

P2b1: No…. it’s delicious.

P2b2: Bear Stew

P2b3: This is the Todobear you hunted today, right?

I’m amazed you could manage this well with bear meat…


… yeah, it tastes good!

I don’t taste any hardness or smell!

P4b1: I’m glad you guys liked it!

P4b2: the only thing I’m good at is housework so…

P5b1: Your wife skills are too good~



P1b1: Hey hey Kikuru,

If you’re gonna date someone, do you want to date a girl who can cook?

P1b2: What!?

P2b1: …. umm…


P2b2: I guess it’s better to be able to do it than not…

P3b1: I see…

P4b1: Then we should try making something for Kikuru

P4b2: Wha!?

P4b3: Fight for first!

P4b4: But why!!



P1b1: But really, why?

P1b2: In the first place, you wouldn’t cook because it’s too much work…

P2: nod

P3b1: And for Hanabata and Meidena, they have people to do it for them and they’d’ve never cooked themselves so…

P3b2: There’s no way they can cook.

P4b1: … do not look down on us, Kikuru

P4b2: Don’t underestimate us, senpai

P5b1: I’m sorry… I assumed too much…



P1b1: Just because we’ve never cooked before doesn’t mean it’ll taste bad!

P1b2: Then of course I’ll look down on you!!

P3b1: That careless remark seemed to irritate their pride as women and…

P3b2: Thus an impromptu cooking contest between the three started…



P1b1: Ummm…

I wonder what’s good…

P2b1: I’ve never used a knife, so I want to take a part that’s soft and easy to cut…

P3b1: Well, this looks like a rib cut by itself, so I’ll go with this!

P4b1: … all that is left is flavoring….

P5b1: Well, meat tastes good as long as you stew it salty and sweet right?

P5b2: Soy sauce and sugar



P1b1: Now what’s left is quantities…. but I

am not allowed to use a site, so I will just go by gut feeling…

P1b2: I wonder how much I should put in…

P2b1: …. oh, I see!

P3b1: I wonder if it’s going oka….

P4sfx: chug chug chug



P1b1: M… Meidena

P1b2: Are you okay with that amount….?

P2b1: ? Of course?

P3b1: I mean, obviously this pot is this size because it is meant to fit this much liquid!

P3b2: But it’s not made to be filled with nothing but soy sauce…!!

P3sfx: BOOM

P4b1: Cooking is…. yes.


P5b2: Apologize to every cook and detective.



P1b1: Although Meidena, who is dressed in an apron and uniform, a perfectly tempting outfit,

P1: Uniform …. 1 outfit

Apron …. 1 unit

Black tights …. 1 pair

Ponytail …. 1 bunch

Neck …. small

P1b2: with zero misses in calculation there,

P2b1: The all-important cooking has nothing but mistakes!

P2sfx: no idea how to tl

P2b2: This is the first time I’ve ever thought “That pot looks like it’s suffering”….

P3b1: Tokishikko and Hanabata went outside, but…

P3: clack

P3b2: I hope that it’s better than Meidena…

P4b1: Roaaaaarr……

P4b2: From the yard…. what in the…





P2b1: Ah

Heya Kikuru

P2b2: I have never seen anyone cook with a welding mask!! Is this supposed to be construction!!?

P2b3: It’s cooking!



P1b1: Well well, calm down,

P1sfx: roaaarrrr…

P1b2: I’m just reducing cooking time using a blowtorch

P2b1: You know, cooking is,… well…


P3b2: I’m being taught cooking by clueless people for the past few minutes…

P4b1: BAM

P5b1: That’s not proper, Tokishikko!

P5b2: Cooking is not about things like efficiency or calculations…

The most important thing in cooking… that is….



P1b1: Honest heart!

P1b2: What she’s saying is girly, but what I’m seeing is madness just like the other two!


P2b1: Turning steak into ground meat with a mallet…

P2b2: That’s actually sort of amazing…

P3b1: I thought I should use something like this… instead of a knife which I’m not used to…



P1b1: …. well… if… you sort, of, uh…

P1b2: thought of it as…. um… a hamburger patty…?

P2b1: And now I’m going to stuff red beans inside and make a pastry!

P2b2: What is she trying to make me eat?

P3b1: Ey, you’ve got a real harem going on Kikuru! Inviting 4 girls over to your house

to make you homemade cooking!

P4b1: But is it really “cooking”…?



P1sfx: soysauuuuce

P1b1: By Meidena – Requiem of the Bear

P2b1: By Tokishikko – Bear’s hand, charcoal style ~accented with black magic~

P2sfx: crumble

P2b2: I’m sorry after having you guys make this, but…

P3b1: There is one requirement before I eat it.

P3sfx: splat

P3b2: By Hanabata – Bear Pastry



P1b1: Take responsibility and try taste testing what you made!

P1b2: My… my nose…..

P2b1: How rude! Taste testing?

P2b2: You should be thankful I don’t call you guinea pigs, and normally you taste your food as you cook it…

P3b1: crunch

P3b2: splotch

P3b3: squelch




P1b1: How!?



P1b1: Why did your clothes explode!?

P1b2: Is this a weapon!?

P2b1: Be… because it was so nasty…

P2b2: Mana burst out of our bodies…!!

P2b3: The taste of food can make this happen to our bodies!!?

P3: gasp pant hauu

P3b1: This isn’t even the reaction of people who ate food anymore!

This is the moment some dangerous drug was invented!



P1b1: So… nnh…. senpai…. wh… who won?

P1: twitch x3

P1b2: It’s hard to rank you guys!

P1b3: Why? Because your food was all so rank! *TL note: wordplay involving kanji here. translated stuff has nothing to do with original words, but it wouldn’t make sense in English.

P2b1: All you guys, wasting good food…



P1b1: Tokishikko’s bear hand, and…

Meidena’s selection were both pretty valuable…

P2b1: … um, Hitamuki

What part did I use?

P2b2: Um?

P3b1: Um…. uh….

P3b2: Hitamuki doesn’t know…

P3b3: It is obvious you are lying…

P4b1: Why? If you know, you might as well tell us, right?

P4b2: Wau……

P5b1: What….

P5b2: What Meidechan used was…

P6b1: The bear’s…. bear’s….



P1b1: Pee-pee….

P1b2: … part….



P1: thump

P2b1: …!

P3b1: So the part… I just… put in my mouth was…

P4: thump

P4b1: Senpai! Meidena fainted!!

P4b2: I didn’t know bears had a bone there…

P4b3: The cooking contest was a runaway victory for Hitamuki in every possible area, and thus closed

P4: Meidena’s precious first time!

To be continued in the May volume

P4b4: To Be Continued▼