Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 18

Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 18

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


B1-2: Pant…

B3: Someone…

B4: Anyone…

B5: Help me..!

(Note to editor: double page with p3)

Sfx: Step Step

B1: So this is the border town
B1b: Of the Holy Leblanc Empire…

H: Chapter 18 A Savage Beastmaster ①


B1: Quezech!


B1: I guess I should say as expected from the border town of the Holy Empire…

B2: I can see a lot of guards and soldiers here…

B3: So we’re supposed to find the whereabouts of this Viscount Valisimon who bought an elf
B3b: In this bustling border town, huh…

B4: Yeah, and seems like we have no other choice but to ask around patiently…

B5: So let’s split up for now and meet up again before the sun sets

B6: Alright, roger that


B1: I’ll have one of this honey dressed walnuts please


B1: Is it good, Ponta?

Sfx: Crunch Crunch Crunch Crunch Crunch

B2: Kyuuun!

B3: Now that I have time… I guess I should sort the information that I have in my hands…

B4: “The soldiers at the west fortress seem to be very busy”

B5: “Monsters are seen more often around the border”
B5b: “Strange cries can be heard from the fortress every single night”

B6: And “There has been an increase of missing person incidents lately”, huh…

B7: Just what the hell are the guards in this town doing, I wonder?


B1: On the other hand, I can’t find anything about the man I wanted to hear about

B2: The very Viscount Valisimon… Sigh…

B3: This is harder than what I originally thought

B4: Kyuun…

B5: Alright!
B5b: Let’s just meet up with Arian-dono for now!

B6: Kyuun!!

B7: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
B7b: Somebody help meee!!!!

B8: Hmm?


Sfx: Crash

SFx: Roll Roll

B1: Damn bitch…
B1b: You’re too much trouble for a mere whore, you know…

B2: Come on, let’s go back right away

B3: Hey guys, how about we postpone that plan until after we get a little bit of fun time from her?

Sfx: Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble

Sfx: Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble

B4: Oh, that’s a brilliant idea! It’s too wasteful to let her become simple fodder anyw-…
BC: Twist


B1: Yeouccch!!!

Sfx: Twist Twist

B2: Hey hey, couldn’t you see you’re making that girl frightened?

B3: Kyuun

B4: Ouch ouch!! That hurts, you bastard!! Let me go!!!


B1: This fucker! Don’t you dare look down on us!!

Sfx: Dash Dash

B2: Let’s beat this bastard!!

Sfx: Psssssh

B3: Evil is punished

B4: Kyuun!

Sfx: Tap tap


B1: You can rest easy now

Sfx: Hug

B2: Whoops

B3: W-What’s wrong?

B4: D-Did they hurt you or something?

B5: …much…

B6: Hmm?

B7: T-Thank you… very much…

B8: Thank you very much…
B8b: For saving my life…

B9: You must be very afraid, aren’t you…
B9b: But it’s alright now

B10: Ah, there you are!


B1: Listen to this, Arc! I just found someone who can give us some very valuable info, you know!
B1b: Fufufu! You see, it was…

B2: Oh, Arian-dono!


B1: Arc, who is that woman over there?

B2: Ah, well you see, she was about to get attacked earlier, so…

B3: So are you doing something like this every time, Arc?

B4: Not always, only as long as my hands can reach them

B5: Seems like you aren’t hurt or anything, right?

B6: Then I suggest you to hurry home and get plenty of rest

B7: But… I haven’t even expressed my thanks to this gentleman for saving my life…

Sfx: Tap


B1: Just go home, now
B1b: Okay?

Sfx: Squeeze!

B2: Y-Yes!

B3: Ahaha, sorry for making you come all the way here, Arian-dono

B4: By the way, what are you getting angry for?

Sfx: Sulk

B5: I am not!

B6: But she is, right..?

B7: Kyuun


Sfx: Pant…

B1-7: Pant…

Sfx: Drool

Sfx: Tremble

Sfx: Splat

Sfx: Tremble

B8: Sigh…

Sfx: Scratch Scratch

B9: You guys…


B1: Not only did you let that girl escape…

B2: You didn’t even bring back
B2b: The fodder I told you to fetch…

B3: Or what? Are you lot taking me lightly?

B4: No..! We wouldn’t dare to do that!!

B5: It’s all his fault!

B6: What the fuck!? You were the one who let that woman away, you bastard!!

B7: Shut up! Shut up!!


B1: It was all good until that armored bastard showed up!

B2: Yeah, he’s right, Funba-sama!
B2b: A weird man in armor got in our way when we were about to capture that harlot, and…

B3: Sigh…

B4: You can eat them

Sfx: Crunch

B5: Whatever, you guys can be his dinner for tonight

B6: I can always ask that old man for your replacements anyways

B7: No! Please!!

B8: Funba-sama!!

B9: Well that’s that

B10: Bye bye


B1: Gyaaaaaaargh!!!

Sfx: Crunch Crunch Crunch Crunch Crunch Crunch Crunch Crunch

B2: No… Stay away..! Stay awaaaaaay!!!!

Sfx: Slid Slid

B3: Oh, just wait for a little bit longer, okay?

B4: I’m going to let you “dine out” for tonight anyways

Sfx: Slid Slid Slid Slid

B5: Hahaha, as I thought, seeing you grow every single day is the best


H: West Fortress


B1: Based on the story that I heard…
B1b: Someone saw an elf getting transported into this fortress 4 months ago…

B2: I see…
B2b: But 4 months, huh…

B3: Then they might not be here anymore…
B3b: Or maybe, even worse…

Sfx: Jump

B4: I know…

B5: Even so, I still want to cling…
B5b: To the sliver light of hope that they are still alive…

Sfx: Swish

B6: My bad. That wasn’t very appropriate of me


B1: By the way, you haven’t told me about who this valuable informant is

B2: I heard about it just before I found you…

B3: Hugging that woman, Arc…

B4: Ah, that time, huh… this is a really great achievement, Arian-dono! But, to think that I have the chance to lent my chest to a crying woman…

Sfx: Step Step

B5: I guess I have no complaints about that, hahaha!

B6: Heeee
B6b: eeeeeeee….

B7: So? Who is this informant?

B8: I told you we’re going to meet up with him later!!

B9: Huh? Why are you angry again, Arian-dono?

B10: I am not!!

B11: Kyuun…


B1: There’s no one here…

B2: Yeah, it’s too quiet…


Sfx: Slid

B1: !

Sfx: Slide

B2: Arc, I found a hidden staircase here

B3: This smell… It’s blood, there’s no doubt about it

B4: Kyun kyun

B5: Yeah… And I can also smell a monster’s stench ahead

B6: !?

Sfx: Step

B7: Huh? Hey hey, who the hell are you guys…


B1: Intruders?

B2: Sigh… And I was just about to rest
B2b: After feeding my cute pets…

Sfx: Flutter

B3: Because tonight is “his” day to dine out after all


B1: So don’t get in m-…

B2: …

B3: Ooh, you’re pretty sexy, aren’t you…

B4: Huh!?

B5: Alright, from this moment on you’re my girl, okay

B6: So dispose that lump of metal over there

B7: What the heck is this guy talking about..?

B8: Let’s tie him up and make him fess anything he knows, Arian-dono


B1: And then…

Sfx: Shwing

Sfx: Clang!

B2: Whoa!?

B3: Arian-dono!?

Sfx: Step

B4: You’re attacking the wrong person here!


B1: She isn’t wrong, you oaf

B2: So shut up and let her kill you at once

B3: What did you do to her!?

Sfx: Flap

B4: Hey hey, are you sure you can afford to look away right now?

B5: Because that girl…

B6: Is pretty strong, isn’t she?

Sfx: Grab

Sfx: Step


B1: !?

Sfx: Swing!

B2: Guha!!

Sfx: Thud!

Sfx: Flutter


B1: Whoa Seriously!?

B2: She’s a dark elf!?

B3: I hit the jackpot today! Hey, hurry up and kill that oaf over there!

Sfx: Pull

Sfx: Rise

H: It’s clear that she’s not even herself…

H: Is she under a spell?

H: Then..!

B4: [Anti Curse]!

B5: Impossible!!


H: I can’t break the spell she’s under..!?

Sfx: Clang!

B1: Ugh!?

Sfx: Grit Grit

H: Shit… At this rate..!!

H: To be continued