Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 3

Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 3

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 3
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Page 1:

Is…is that true Helina?


She said she was going to go into the forest!

She also said she had a body guard so it’s okay!

Don’t tell me that girl…went to the forest to pick herb…!?

There are talks about the forest right now having more dangerous monsters than fang boars…


Please be safe…

Page 4:


Are you okay?



Page 5:
…if I’m not mistaken this is a

“Giant basilisk”


It’s abnormally bigger from what I knew…

To mid-level players,                                  it could be hard to deal with

Page 6:

But for me, I just need to keep my guard up


It’s fine Maruka-dono

You start from the weakest prey huh-?

I won’t let it touch Maruka-dono!


Page 7:

It’s nodding his head to prepare something?

This is bad

If this was in the game then…

It’s gonna use the wide ranged attack

“Stone gaze”

Page 8:

“Titus heavenly shield”

Page 9:

This is a shield that depend on level to increase your resistance                                as long as there is a level difference, it can prevent almost every abnormal situation

Your “stone gaze” didn’t affect me at all



You’ve done pissing me off!

Page 10:


Page 12:

That was just a mid-tier battle skill…to think it did that much damage…

-But anyways

You’re safe now Maruka-dono


Awesome! You’re amazing!

Arc-sama!                                                      Ah it’s hurt!


Please sit still for a while

Page 13:


You got hurt when running away from that right?                                  But it’s fine now


You’re so awesome!

You can even use healing skill!                                         It’s like you’re a god servant!

Well it’s good that you’re feeling well again

By the way, does this beast                                                            appear often?

No, this is the first time I’ve seen it


Page 14:
lately, there is a beast that kept raising havoc of the village crop, it has tusks this big

It’s called a fang boar!


Do you mean that?

Ah yes


Rata village

Page 15:

Thanks to Arc-sama, I managed to get a lot

That’s good


Thank goodness…you’re still okay…

Mom that hurt

Oh yeah…of course her mom would worry about her…


I apologize for not being able to fully take care of her                                      I also carelessly took Maruka-dono into the forest without getting your permission…

Wait it’s not Arc-sama’s fault!

I’m the one that asked him!

Page 16:

Thank you so much for                               going along with my daughter’s selfishness

No no don’t worry about it

…it’s just that can you not punish her too hard

Maruka-dono just

Love her mother too much


By the way, did you face any danger in the forest?

Danger huh?

Page 17:
maybe I shouldn’t tell her about “it” to not make her worry…

We didn’t encounter anything dangerous

So you don’t need to be worry


Actually there seems to be a giant beast in the forest                                        the lord had to send a subjugation troop, they’re likely to arrive in a few days…                                thank goodness you’re still fine…



If she meant that thing then this could get troublesome!! I should just keep my mouth shut…

Knight-sama, this fang boar is?

It’s a gift, I’ll take its fangs and mana stone for the reward                              so can you skin it?                                       I want to give its pelt to Maruka-dono

Really! Awesome-!

You can split the meat with everyone in the village

Yeah-! All hail knight-sama!

Page 18:
Then I’ll take the completed confirm tag and go

Thank you so much for helping me!

No I’ve also caused you some trouble, then it’s time for us to part way

Ah wait Arc-sama

Will you

Come and visit me again?


Of course!

By the way, the part about me beating the giant basilisk is our little secret


Page 19:
after parting way with Maruka                                           on my way back to Lubielte                                   I saw the subjugation troop heading towards Rata village

Look like Rata village is safe for now

…after suddenly arriving at this world, I didn’t know what to do

Well at least I can make a living here


By completing quest!

Page 20:

A few days later


Don’t stop men!

Don’t flinch!                                                 Keep attacking!

Just a little more!!

Page 22:

Archers! Shoot!!


Spear troops!

Keep moving forward!

(the letters in the next bubble are just sfx)

Page 24:

In the previous battle has result in                                                3 deaths and 11 injured

Look like we managed to reduce the number of casualty when fighting with a giant basilisk…

At least we have some good news when we head back…

Captain! It’s urgent

When I was patrolling around the area, I found…

Page 25:
It seems to be killed by someone alone

It was probably killed a few days ago

One person against this monster?                                      Is there a chance it was fighting with another beast?

No, as you can see the slice on his stomach and even the mana stone was taken away so a human definitely kill it

Could it be someone from the elf race? They have excellence fighting ability                     and can even freely use magic…

Page 26:

No the forest where is the elf live is far east from here

Kanada great forest

Rata village


They shouldn’t have any reason to come here

Someone with the strength of a small army…

You can even say that is either

God or…demon…

Bless you


Even skeleton can catch cold now?

What should I choose next?