Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 36

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 36

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: The two of them who started to realize their feelings toward Fuutarou take a step forward and they..!

T: Will you spend the holiday with me tomorrow?

H: Chapter 36 – Labor Thanksgiving Tour ①

B1: Huh, wait..? Doesn’t this feel like a date invitation..?

H: Haruba Negi

B2: Yeah, it looks like a date invitation

H: Comic Books Volume ④ is planned to be out at 5/17 (Thu)!

B3: Maybe, it’s better if I ask the others to go too..?

B4: A date, with just the two of us

B5: It’s okay to send this, right..?

B6: Because tomorrow is…


B1: Labor Thanksgiving Day after all!

Sfx: Click

T: Your message has been sent

Sfx: Dingaling♪

Sfx: Thud

B1: I sent it!

Sfx: Thud

B2: !?

B3: ?

T: Today is a holiday, so I won’t go


B1: Fufufu…
It’s a long awaited holiday…

B2: If I don’t spend it on studying, then what is the holiday truly good for?

B3: And if I do study properly, then I believe those girls will get motivated to do it too!

Sfx: Write Write Write Write

B4 Geez, Onii-chan…
It’s a holiday, you know? But look at you, sticking yourself on the table again like that…

B5: Raiha

B6: Are you going out?

B7: Yeah, I promised my friends!

B8: Don’t you have any other business too, Onii-chan?
Today is Labor Thanksgiving day, you know?

T: Synopsys… Fuutarou became suspicious about whether the girl from the picture = one of the quintuplets. However, that possibility got destroyed inside his mind because of the quintuplets’ stupidity…

B9: Oh right…
I made something as a thanks for your diligent work every time

B10: Present for me!?
What is it..!?


B1: Here, to double as my thanks for the bracelet!
Accept it, Raiha!

T: Extremely Easy to Understand
Test Workbook

T: Extremely Easy to Understand
Test Workbook

B2: Don’t need it

B3: Huuuuh!?

B4: It’s not like I actually think of them as work so I’m fine

B5: Anyways, what about Yotsuba-san?

B6: Huh, why did you bring up Yotsuba?

B7: Sigh…

B8: You do realize that most of the stories you told me about your field trip are filled with how you got helped by Yotsuba-san right, Onii-chan?

B9: Err, y-yeah…

B10: So shouldn’t you thank her for that?

B11: But…


B1: It’s the day when every single citizen thanks each other!

B2: But well, if you don’t even feel any speck of gratitude towards Yotsuba-san then you don’t have to do it though…

B3: Eh?
A present for me?

B4: From Uesugi-san?

B5: Could it be that you still have a cold..!?

B6: Anything is fine, so just tell me something!
I’ll buy it for you right away!

B7: However, limit it to a thous.. no, limit it to 1500 yen!

B8: Hmmm…
I wondered why you suddenly come up to our house, but this…


B1: But well, asking about it straightly in front of my face like this is just like you, Uesugi-san
You didn’t think to make it a surprise?

B2: I would hate it if you reject it because it’s something you don’t need

B3: Give me some time to think about it. So why don’t you wait inside, Uesugi-san?

B4: I just can’t…

B5: ?

B6: What would Ichika and Miku say if they saw me here…

B7: It’s nothing. Just hurry up and say what do you want

B8: Let’s see…
It’s the Labor Thanksgiving Day, right…

B9: If it’s a nice hanging out place, then I know some!

B10: Eh?

B11: Now that it’s been decided, let’s go there immediately!

B12: Wait, what are you talking about!?


B1: Ahahaha
It’s going to be the best day ever!

B2: Really? We’re just walking around and doing nothing though…

B3: But that’s the good thing!

B4: Because this is a date, you know?

B5: A date!

B6: It’s really wrong to not go outside at a nice sunny day like this!

H: Outdoor Type
(Note to editor: That text on Yotsuba hip)

B7: Just tell me what you want already…
It’s really a waste to not study during a good weather day like this…

B8: Now now, let’s just go for lunch, shall we?

B9: Oh, lunch!
Just tell me where do you want to eat!

B10: We’re here!


B1: Welcome to our restaurant, Nakano-sama

B2: Long time no see!

B3: This is Itsuki’s favorite restaurant, you see…
So I’m sure Uesugi-san will love it too!

B4: …

B5: So just order anything you like to eat!

B6: Wait, let me…


T: Special Lunch Course ¥ 12.000
Assorted Deluxe Hors doeuvre

B1: !?
Do they come with rooms or what..!?

B2: So small…

Sfx: Munch

B3: !!

B4: It’s good, but…

B5: I completely don’t know what I just ate..!

B6: Mmmh!

B7: This is so delicious, right, Uesugi-san! This roasted duck…
It’s really a perfect match when eaten with the sauce which has citrus mixed in it!


B1: Yes, you’re right…

B2: This is the spa where Miku is a member at…
And this place is invite only, so it’s not a place people can go freely

B3: Ah, and don’t you dare turn this way, okay?

B4: Sure, but tell me, what is this spa thing first

B5: By the way, our lunch today was really the best, don’t you think?

B6: It gains 3 stars in Yotsuba ranking

B7: Let’s go again together with the others too at Christmas, okay?

B8: So you girls usually eat at a place like that…

B9: Ahahaha, not really, only at special days
And Christmas is on the top of that list
For example…


B1: Last year we went to south for a forget the winter tour

B2: Can you really enjoy Christmas that way?

B3: And the year before we went north for a super white Christmas

B4: Training..?

B5: Or more like, we don’t really mind wherever the place is though…
Our Mom said this before…

B6: The most important thing is not where we are now…
But that the 5 of us are here together

B7: Your mom really said good things in the past, huh…

B8: Cut me some slack with your rich stories. Can you give me something that’s more reasonable, maybe?

B9: Oh right, the film that starred Ichika was supposed to be premiered today!

B10: !

B11: Nice, it’s a thousand yen!
Let’s go with that!


B1: I guess… this is the end…

Sfx: Rumble Rumble

B2: All of the people in Shikoku have turned into zombie now…

B3: Then it couldn’t be helped!

Sfx: Shout

B4: We’re going to sacrifice the Great Seto Bridge!!

B5: Sir, it’s impossible to block the Great Seto Bridge!

Sfx: Bam!

B6: Mmmh! That development in the last 15 minutes was really suspenseful, right! It got me really exited!
But Ichika died too fast though…

B7: …


B1: But I’m glad I could get a hold of this ticket!!

B2: Normally, I’ll be glad too. But this is just a gift ticket, you know?
It will be gone after you use it

B3: You see, after our field trip, I feel that Ichika got a little more eager than before somehow…
And because of that, she got a lot job offers too

B4: Hee… I bet they are another mob role like in this move, right?

B5: I heard that with just one speaking line, she’s even able to save up a pretty big amount of money

B6: …

B7: So a rich girl in a rich family…

B8: What an unreasonable world this is…

B9: And of course, you can’t forget to go shopping on a date!

B10: And of course, you treat that one extra 0 like normal…

B11: Do you like these clothes, Miss?

B12: Ahaha, maybe I should buy it?

B13: Oh, and we also have clothes with similar pattern in the Men’s selections


B1: Would you like a pair look with your boyfriend?

B2: She said boyfriend! Ahahaha, Uesugi-san, you sinful man!
Oh you!

B3: As you can see, she’s this kind of girl

B4: Ah, please forgive my rudeness!

B5: Ahahaha, that surprised me…
So what should we do?


B1: Shall we do it?

B2: You must be joking
I have enough of similar patterns by looking at your faces

B3: N-nice one! For someone like Uesugi-san… Wait, no, you cheapskate!

B4: Sigh…

B5: She really makes it hard for me, doesn’t she…

B6: However…


B1: If she’s having fun with that, then…

B2: Sigh…
Why am I still fretting on that…

B3: She’s not one of them
Just stop thinking about that, me!

B4: Ah

B5: I finally found it!
I really want this one!

B6: This one!

B7: Fine, I’ll buy it for you
I guess I won’t mind anymore if it’s a little expensive

B8: Yay!!


B1: Thank God…

B2: Nino said that she wanted these clothes after all
I bet she’s going to be happy with this

B3: Wa…
Wait a minute…

B4: Yotsuba…
What do YOU really want?

B5: Eh?


B1: Restaurant,
And shopping?

B2: No

B3: Itsuki’s favorite restaurant…

B4: Spa where Miku is a member…

B5: Movie where Ichika stars…

B6: And shopping for what Nino wants

B7: Neither of them where about you

B8: Wah, you’re right!

B9: Hmm, give me a minute…

B10: I’ll think about it now

B11: Uesugi-san…


B1: I wonder what do I really want is

B2: Yotsuba, you..

B3: Nino said that it’s somewhere around here, right?

B4: !

B5: H-hurry up, hide!

B6: Eh?

B7: Actually, Ichika and Miku were mumble mumble…


B1: Should we buy it for her?

B2: I don’t think we have to go that far

B3: …

B4: This is…

B5: I feel a bloodbath is coming!

H: To be continued!

H: What would happen if Ichika and Miku found Fuutarou, who rejected their invitation, together with Yotsuba..!?

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