Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 37

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 37

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Chapter 37 Labor Thanksgiving Tour ②

Sfx: Ba-dump Ba-dump Ba-dump

H: Fuutarou encountered Ichika and Miku, whose invitation he refused before!
Would we see a bloodbath today..!?

B1: So Fuutarou-kun, what are you doing with Yotsuba here?

B2: Even though you refused our invitation before

H: Haruba Negi

H: Comic Books Volume ④ is planned to be out at 5/17 (Thu)!

Sfx: Ba-dump Ba-dump

B3: Which pattern would I get from them, A or B..?

B4: I can’t predict which one is going to happen…


B1: Uesugi-san! Please leave this matter to me!

B2: I will masterfully lead them away from here!

B3: Hey…
Don’t do unnecessary thi…

B4: Don’t worry, Uesugi-san…
I won’t make this harder for yo-

B5: Ah

B6: What, you’re here too, Yotsuba?

B7: Didn’t you say that you’re going to eat out earlier?

B8: ..!!

B9: Oh my…
Isn’t this Ichika and Miku…

B10: Hey, I found some super interesting clothes there, so why don’t we three…

B11: Oh right, we can ask Yotsuba about that, can’t we?

B12: Eh..?


B1: Hat or cap…
Which one do you think will be best for Fuutarou?

B2: Err, one sec

Sfx: Slide

H: Synopsys… At the Labor Thanksgiving day, Fuutarou who thought that he can endeavor himself in studying, got told by his sister Raiha to express his thanks to Yotsuba for her help during the field trip before by giving her a present that’s filled with his gratitude. However, they encountered Ichika and Miku whose invitation he refused before he took Yotsuba out.
(Note to pr and editor: Side text)

B3: Err, seems like he usually doesn’t wear any kind of hat

B4: Wait, what’s with that pause?

B5: Anyways, there’re some clothes that will definitely crack you up around there so…

B6: Sure, let’s go together later

B7: But I need to go in that room first


B1: In that dressing room

B2: Let me use it after you, okay?

B3: What the…

B4: B-B-But why do you want to go in here?
There’s nothing inside here, you know..?

B5: Well, people normally go in there to try clothes, I think

B6: We’ve found the loungewear that Nino wants…
So I think I’ll try it out to see if the size matches or not

B7: Oh I see… But if it’s not Nino herself, won’t it be…

B8: What are you talking about..?

B9: We have the same figure, don’t we?

B10: Yeah…
Yeah I know, but…

B11: Guess I have no choice…


B1: Then it won’t be any problem if I’m the who tries that, right?

B2: Eh?

B3: The voice just now…

B4: It’s me, it’s me! Of course it’s me!!

B5: Well okay then…
So Yotsuba…

B6: We’ll leave it to you, okay

B7: W-W-W-What should I do about this now!!?

B8: Just put it on, what else?
I’ll close my eyes for you

Sfx: Grip


B1: Geez!
You make it sound so easy!

B2: Do you forget that even though I’m like this, I’m a genuine girl!?


B1: Nice, I knew it would be perfect

B2: …

B3: What happened? Your face is so red

B4: !

B5: Of course it isn’t! I mean there’s no one else in there!

B6: That idiot…

B7: Well, no matter…


B1: It’s my turn next

B2: Try this on, please?

B3: That’s a pretty long time for just trying clothes

B4: Geez, don’t mind about small things and let’s go!
It’s our chance to escape while both of them pay at the cashier!

B5: Right

B6: Sorry

B7: Yotsuba!

Sfx: Pull

B8: !


B1: Ah!

B2: So you properly expressed your thanks to Yotsuba-san today!
Well done!

B3: O-Of course I did…

B4: Yaay! It’s Raiha-chan!

B5: Well, we’ll be on our way now
And if you meet the others, don’t tell them anything about this

B6: No!! I don’t want to be separated from Raiha-chan!!

B7: What are you doing? Come on, let’s go!

H: Sandwiched between Uesugis!

B8: Eh? You’re going to go already?

B9: But Itsuki-san is going to be here any moment now…

B10: !


B1: Raiha-chan

B2: Sorry to make you wait

B3: Long time no see, Itsuki-san!

Sfx: Step Step Step

B4: Let’s move, Yotsuba!

B5: To think that the friend she has promised to meet with is Itsuki..!
Seems like it’s better to not meet with anyone if possible today!

B6: Y-Yes

B7: T-Then, let’s go this way!

B8: I wonder where did Yotsuba go…

B9: Maybe she’s in a different store?

B10: This way!

B11: It’s so boring with no one else at home

B12: This way!

B13: Haa…

B14: Finally, a place we can relax…


B1: I’m surprised you know a place like this

B2: Ahahaha…

B3: You see, I often come to this park…
And ride on that swing whenever I feel down…

B4: But but, this place sure is not suitable for the end of the date, right?

B5: So let’s go to somewhere that is more wonderful than here!

B6: Like that planetarium that was featured on TV for example…

B7: This place is fine

B8: Eh?


B1: You like this park, don’t you?

B2: Then this place is fine

B3: But… It’s not stylish at all…
And it’s a date after all…

Sfx: Squeak Squeak

B4: Ahh… it has nice plebian feels

B5: Is this really alright?

B6: Sure

B7: It’s been a long time since I came to such a place, but this is nice

B8: Look!

B9: Aren’t I amazing, Yotsuba?

B10: Geez, you look like a little child, you know?
And it’s not amazing at all

B11: I’ll show you how to do it, so watch and learn!

B12: What? I won’t lose to you!

B13: See? How about that?

B14: Kuh..!

B15: Uooooooh!!


B1: You know, I really love this scenery that can be seen when you swing with all your might…

B2: Sure, it’s really different with the night view that 1 million dollars can give you…
But when I think that every one of those lights represents a family with their warm household…

B3: It makes me warm inside too…

B4: And then…

B5: Hup!


Sfx: Step

B1: And she broke the new record!
Can you reach this far, Uesugi-san?

B2: !

B3: Don’t underestimate…

B4: Me!

Sfx: Bam


B1: Eh?

Sfx: Swooosh

B2: !!!

Sfx: Rattle Rattle


B1: …

Sfx: Swing Swing

B2: U…

Sfx: Ba-dump Ba-dump

B3: Uesugi-san..?

B4: Haa…

B5: Haa..!

B6: Did you see that!?
Just what the hell was that!?

B7: What do you really want?


B1: Just what are you doing, geez
Well, it’s pretty late, so let’s go home now, okay?

B2: Eh?
Yeah, sure…

B3: But, I haven’t been able to give you anything in the end…
Don’t I have something…

B4: If… If you’re alright with this…

B5: Ahahaha!
That’s so like you, Uesugi-san!

B6: I’ll gladly receive it then

B7: However…

B8: You already gave me something I really wanted, you know?


B1: ?

B2: Really?

B3: Yes!

B4: Then it’s fine…

B5: …

B6: Did I really?

B7: Let’s come here again, okay?
Next time, with the others too

B8: Wait, isn’t this for grade-schoolers..!?

H: To be continued!

H: Today is a good day, I guess. Because I could finally see your smile today

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