Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 42

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 42

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Chapter 42 Seven Goodbyes ④

H: Additional prints for all volumes!!

H: Grab the popular Comic Books Volume ④in the nearest store!

B1: Long time no see…

B2: Uesugi Fuutarou-kun

H: A chaotic and stormy final’s preparation week.
And between all of that, “The Girl in the Picture” appears..!?

H: Haruba Negi

T: Synopsys… In Final’s preparation week, Fuutarou fired himself up to make the quintuplets get higher grades. However, a fight broke between Nino and Itsuki, and both of them left their house. Nino stayed in a hotel, while Itsuki stayed at Fuutarou’s house. Fuutarou did everything he could do to mend their relationship, but ended up with a failure. However, in front of a depressed Fuutarou, “The Girl in the Picture” appeared all of a sudden..!


B1: …

B2: Ah, right…
Long time no see, right..?
Yeah yeah!

B3: But I have some business after this, so… See ya!

B4: I bet you don’t even remember who I am, right?

B5: Weird… And after I did my best to look the same as I was at that time

B6: Or rather, how was I supposed to remember you when you hide your face with the hat like that?

B7: Ah, please don’t mind this. I have my reasons
Oh, right…

B8: Then will you remember me with this?


Sfx: Flip

B1: Don’t tell me…

B2: From that time in Kyoto…

B3: Uh…

B4: Nice to see that you’re healthy…

B5: …

SFx: Dash Dash

B6: Eeh!?


B1: Why are you running away!?

B2: Because I still don’t have the right to meet you!

B3: But why!?

Sfx: Grab

B4: !

B5: Listen to what I have to say if you want this back!

B6: Kuh…
That’s cheating!

B7: Let’s see, how should I stop you from running away again…

B8: Ah!
I found something good!

B9: Let’s ride that


B1: Come on! I’ll return this after we reach over there!

B2: Pant…

B3: Pant…
Can’t paddle anymore…

Sfx: Paddle Paddle

B4: I can’t believe it… To think that I can meet that girl again for the second time…
Ah, right… I never asked for her name…

Sfx: Smile

B5: …

B6: I… don’t know your name…

B7: Eh, my name?

B8: …

B9: You’re right. Then…
*TLN: The kanji Re in her name is the kanji for 0


B1: My name is Rena

B2: It’s been 5 years since our last meeting, right?

B3: Rena…

B4: I’m glad you’re healthy too, Fuutarou-kun
But I’m surprised you changed this much
A High school debut..?

B5: …

B6: Why are you here..?

B7: To meet the current you


B1: I heard about it, you know?

B2: About how you did your best since that day in studying and got first place in your grade…
And how you work as a home tutor these days, right?

B3: That’s so amazing

B4: Where did you hear all of that!?

B5: L-L-Let’s not mind the trivial things, okay?

B6: So what about your students?
Tell me about them

B7: Hmm…

B8: You may not believe this but, I teach quintuplets in the same grade as me right now…

B9: Then? Then?

B10: I’m surprised you’re not surprised with that

B11: Ah!

B12: So quintuplets really exist!?
I’ve never seen any except in TV soap operas!

B13: And the troublesome thing is…
All of them are idiots…

(Note to editor: double page with p9, please merge)

B1: The eldest one is a dream-chaser idiot…
Even though I don’t think her dream will come true…
But well, she has the perseverance to keep chasing it for sure
In short, she’s just an idiot

B2: The second sister is a familial idiot
She loves her sisters a lot and is quick to bark at me…
Or so I thought, but recently, I don’t really know anymore
In short, she’s just an idiot

B3: The third sister is a meek idiot
At first, she was so gloomy and had a really spiritless face, but…


B1: I’m relieved that she has become more cheerful whenever I see her nowadays
In short, she’s just an idiot

B2: The fourth sister is a muscle-brained idiot
Sure, she’s really eager and reliable but, she’s the most troublesome one between all of them
Besides… Nah, I’m just over thinking things…
In short, she’s just an idiot

B3: And the fifth sister is an over serious idiot
I don’t know why but this one seems to hate me
But she’s actually very capable, so it’s really wasteful if she keeps going like this
In short, she’s just an idiot


B1: Well, I think that’s about it

B2: ?

B3: What’s wrong?

B4: Nuh-uh
It’s nothing…

B5: But, yeah…
I’m surprised…

B6: Seems like you’re serious about them, aren’t you?
Then I’m sure that you’ve already  become someone who’s needed by others


B1: Itsuki…
Said the same thing to me too…

B2: You shouldn’t have come to our lives from the start!!

B3: No… I haven’t changed a bit since that day…

B4: I see, then…

B5: I guess the me who keeps binding you should disappear then

B6: Eh? What did you…

Sfx: Bubble Bubble

Sfx: Splash!

B7: !


Sfx: Splassh!

B1: It’s a fountain!

B2: That was dangerous…

B3: It’s so cold!
Let’s run!

B4: You’re leaving it to just me again!?

B5: You’re so slow, Fuutarou-kun!

B6: Then help me a little here!!


Sfx: Paddle Paddle

B1: Pant… So tired…

B2: Good job

B3: Hup

B4: Then I’ll return this as promised

B5: However…

B6: I’ll have you return this to me, okay?

B7: !

B8: Huh..?


B1: Because we will never meet again for a third time

B2: Wha..! You’re doing that after calling out to me!?
What do you mean!?
Wait for me!

B3: Please!!

Sfx: Stop

B4: …

Sfx: Rustle Rustle

Sfx: Throw

B5: !

Sfx: Tap


B1: Open it when you’re able to acknowledge yourself

B2: Wha..!

B3: What do you…

B4: Wait…

Sfx: Sway


B1: Farewell

Sfx: Splash!

Sfx: Grab

B2: Pant…

B3: Just what did you come…


Sfx: Drip Drip

B1: …

Sfx: Step Step Step Step

B2: Whoa!

B3: Uesugi-san!

B4: Why are you in a place like this..?

B5: Nakano-san! Don’t stop, keep running!

Sfx: Step Step Step

B6: Ah, yes, sorry!

B7: But, err… Can I take a break…
Or rather, I have to go back home and study soon…

B8: What are you talking about? Even our third-year senpais who have to study for college are here, you know?

B9: Err, yeah, you’re right…

B10: Then I’ll be going now…
I’m counting on you for Nino and Itsuki, okay?

B11: Y-Yotsuba…


B1: Dammit!

B2: That’s right…

Sfx: Step Step

B3: Nino…

B4: Was it raining outside?

B5: I don’t think so…

B6: ?

B7: Ugh..!


B1: He’s… He’s here again..!
So gross!

B2: Just leave me alone, will you!

B3: I’m going to say a few things to him!!

B4: Just how many times should I turn you away before you understand..!
To think that you keep coming again, again and again..!

B5: Really..!

B6: What an obstinate person…

B7: Just how many times should we tell you before you understand?

B8: You’re bothering our guests, you know?

B9: !

B10: Oh my…

B11: I didn’t expect him to be that obedient…


Sfx: Pomf

B1: !

B2: Just like what those guards said…
A shabby guy like you will dirty other guests’ eyes if you keep hanging around here

B3: In short, you’re a bother

B4: Come inside my room

H: To be Continued

H: The one who stretched their hand to a dumbfounded Fuutarou…
Is none other than Nino who hates him..!?

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