Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 43

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 43

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Nino who ran away from home because she fought with Itsuki…
And Fuutarou who just got his heart broken because “The Girl in the Picture” bid him farewell so suddenly…
What will happen to this Gloomy Duo..!?

H: H: Grab the popular Comic Books Volume ④at the nearest store!

H: Chapter 42 Seven Goodbyes ⑤

Sfx: Glooom

T: Synopsys… In Final’s preparation week, a fight broke out between Nino and Itsuki, while Yotsuba got busy with helping the Track and Field Club. And in the middle of that never-ending troublesome Final’s preparation week, Fuutarou got his heart broken because “The Girl in the Picture” bid him farewell.

H: Haruba Negi


B1: Geez…
What a gloomy person

B2: Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror?

B3: Are you happy now that you’re free from your sisters?

B4: Of course

B5: I can watch TV anytime I like
I can set the AC’s temperature as I please
And there’s no one that will mess up my room

B6: Being alone sure is the best, you know?

B7: A-And don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I let you in because I feel lonely or anything!

Sfx: Blank stare…

B8: …And he wasn’t listening, Sigh…

Sfx: Sniff


B1: Actually, you’re not only gloomy, but you sure stink like a gutter!

B2: Ah, this? Long story short, I fell into a lake

B3: You shortened it too much!

B4: Ah, geez, just take a shower, right now!

B5: Eeh…

B6: But I don’t really mind it

B7: I do mind!!

Sfx: Damp

Sfx: Ugh…

B8: Aargh, I can’t put up with this anymore! Come here!!

B9: W-What are you going to-

Sfx: Splash

Sfx: Rub Rub

B10: Sigh, just what the hell did I come here for…


B1: Oh and, don’t only use shampoo, but use the conditioner too, you hear me!

B2: Fine…

B3: So troublesome…

B4: I wonder how could you be fine with hair that long?

B5: Huh? Looks like I can talk with her just fine If it’s just the two of us

B6: Or more like, I don’t really care about my hairstyle though

B7: Then stop cutting your hair into that style, silly

B8: Can’t help it, Raiha can only cut it this way

B9: Seems like I haven’t tried to understand Nino well enough, have I…


B1: W-Well…
Of course I wash my hair every day. By the way, I wonder if you would be able to take care of it if we had the same length of hair?

B2: More like I wouldn’t let it grow that long in the first place

B3: Yeah, you looked really gross after I tried to imagine you with long hair

B4: You don’t know that, it might surprisingly suit me, you know?
Don’t underestimate my potential

B5: …Huh..?
Even though she hated me that much before…

B6: Before I knew it, we could talk with each other normally…

B7: Blergh…

B8: In the first place, why would you let a family member to cut it?

B9: Why not? Just ask anyone, like Yotsuba for example to cut yours

B10: Ab.so.lu.te.ly NO!!

B11: Hey…

B12: What happened to you..?


B1: Something did happen before you came here, right?

B2: …

B3: It’s nothing

B4: Don’t lie to me! I mean, it’s my first time seeing you that depressed

B5: I..!
I wasn’t depressed, you know!?

B6: Just tell me what happened already

B7: Sure it’s great being alone, but it’s really boring with no one else around to talk with

B8: Five years ago…

B9: I met a girl on my trip…


B1: Farewell

B2: And then…
She disappeared from my sight…
The end…

B3: …

B4: Did she fall asleep..?

Sfx: Creak

B5: Sorry, it must be a very boring story, right?


Sfx: Drip Drip

B1: Eh..!?

B2: Eeeh…

B3: Why are you crying..?

B4: Be…


B1: You loved that girl for these 5 years, right..?
That must be very painful…

B2: I-I-It’s not like I love her…
More like gratitude or admiration, perhaps

B3: That’s what we call love, you moron!!

B4: I told you, it’s not like that
It’s just that she did that much to me that I…

B5: Phew, what a perfect sad story!

B6: That was a masterpiece!

B7: You’re the worst

B8: But well, cheer up

B9: I believe that even for a guy with zero tact like you…
There must be at least one girl on this vast world that will fall in love with you, I think


B1: Wait, why did you get out from there!!?

B2: You exhibitionist!!

B3: Come on, aren’t we two friendly enough for naked communication now?

B4: Forget it!!

Sfx: Panic

Sfx: Fall

B5: Hmm..?
Isn’t this..?

B6: Ah!

B7: So you’ve done it, huh…

B8: You… made them all while considering our weaknesses, right..?
And at that time too…

B9: Really…


B1: Well, even I…
Feel somewhat guilty about that, you know?

B2: Sorry…

B3: Good good
Now, let’s continue the nice flow and apologize to Itsuki, okay?

B4: No way!

B5: But why!?

B6: Are you still holding the grudge because Itsuki slapped you?

B7: She wasn’t a girl able to do something like that before…

B8: Somehow…
I feel like Itsuki has become a stranger to me now…

T: Uesugi


B1: Nino apologized to you..?

B2: Do things really happen that easily in the real world?

B3: I just can’t believe it

B4: But that’s the truth!
So, when will you stop being obstinate about this?

B5: Your hair seems silkier that usual, Onii-chan

B6: Oh right, didn’t the two of you go to the cinema together before?
Then maybe…

B7: !

B8: Even though we went, at that time…

B9: Phew, that was really scary, right?

B10: Yeah, it wasn’t really interesting because Ichika died in it

B11: Anyway, that film that was in previews seems to be more interesting, don’t you think?

B12: Aah…
That one, eh…


B1: Summer Vacation of Love

B2: Life’s Origin – The Unknown Mystery

B3: Wait, what’s with that? Sounds so boring!

B4: What!? That’s not true!
(Note to pr and edit: Left b3)

B5: Your taste is just not good enough then
(Note to pr and edit: below b3)

B6: That’s my line, Nino!

B7: And that’s what happened…

B8: Well, our preferences have changed compared to when we were kids after all

B9: By the way, I wouldn’t go to either movie if you ask me

B10: But can’t you just do it..?

B11: Ah!  I forgot to take out the trash!

B12: Today is unburnable trash day, right?
I think we can still make it, so just leave it to me

B13: Yay, thank you, Itsuki-san!

B14: Huh, where’s my watch…

B15: It’s this, right?


B1: Itsuki-san, where should you put rubber bands again?

B2: It’s for burnable trash, I think

B3: Phew, you’ve really been a great help, Itsuki-chan!!

B4: …

B5: You know, I think I can understand it perfectly now…
Why you were so irritated when I was making myself at home at your house

B6: Hee…

B7: I’m going to ask for a room service, do you want something?

B8: Then, a drink please

Sfx: Clack

B9: Okaay
I’ll just pick whatever is available then

Sfx: Ring Ring


B1: Yes, this is-

B2: Wait, why are you here like it’s the natural thing to do!?

B3: Ah, I-I’m really sorry!

B4: What, you won’t order now?

B5: You’re really shameless, you know that!

B6: Where did the depressed you from yesterday go!?

B7: I’m not in that mood anymore, thanks to someone being noisy

B8: First things first, we need to tackle the problem in front of us before everything else…

B9: In front of us..?
You mean Final exam?

B10: Mmmh… Oh, right…
It was for the Final exam

B11: ?

B12: Seems like the thing that happened yesterday was too shocking for me

B13: I don’t know why Rena decided to appear in front of me at this timing, but…
There’s one thing that I learned from her


B1: There’s no one able to escape from change
So, all we can do is accept it and forget about the past

B2: That’s why, go back home and reconcile with your sisters

B3: Forget, you say..?
It’s not that easy to do that…

B4: You know, this is my room, so…

Sfx: Click

B5: This is just me talking to myself


B1: At the time when we had identical looks…
And had identical personalities too…

B2: It was very comfortable because it felt like everyone could feel each other’s thoughts and feelings like it was their own…

B3: However, something changed 5 years ago

B4: After that, everyone started to move apart from each other…

B5: I mean, I never knew that Ichika wanted to be an actress all this time

B6: It feels like everyone had already left our nest…
While leaving me all alone


B1: I alone can’t forget our memories of that time

B2: I even kept my hair unchanged

B3: That’s why, I have to leave our nest, no matter what
Before I’m completely left behind all alone

B4: So this is what I didn’t unearth before…
The real truth behind Nino’s mind that’s caused by her giant love for her sisters

B5: Is that fine with you?

B6: It is. I mean I have no choice but to forget my past and face forward after all

B7: Then all that’s left is…
I guess, I still have one little regret left…


B1: From the Field Trip…

B2: …Kintarou-kun

B3: Chuckle
I wonder if I can properly say goodbye to him…

B4: I think I can settle it once and for all if I can meet him for one last time, but…

B5: I guess I am destined to never forget about him…

B6: If I say you can meet him…
What will you do?

B7: Eh..?


Sfx: Knock Knock

B1: A moment please

Sfx: Step Step Step Step

Sfx: Clack

B2: H-…

B3: Hi…

H: To be continued!

H: Kintarou (Fuutarou in disguise) and Nino (Who thinks Kintarou is Fuutarou’s relative)
Finally meet again..!!

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