Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 44

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 44

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Chapter 44 Seven Goodbyes ⑥

B1: Now…
Come on in

B2: Please excuse me…

T: Synopsys…  In Final’s preparation week, a fight broke out between Nino and Itsuki, while Yotsuba got busy with helping the Track and Field Club. And in the middle of that never-ending troublesome Final’s preparation week, Fuutarou got his heart broken because “The Girl in the Picture” bid him farewell. Furthermore, to erase Nino’s worry, Fuutarou decided to disguise himself as Kintarou again and meet her..!?

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B3: What I should do with Nino today is…

B4: A
Act as the fictional boy Kintarou until the very end and accompany Nino until her worries disappear

H: I have no worries now!

B5: B
Confess everything to Nino and make her forgive me

H: I forgive you!

H: Haruba Negi

B6: If I think about the consequences, I should choose option A, but…

B7: Hey…


B1: You have something to tell me, right?

B2: ..!

B3: I guess things won’t be that easy…

B4: That’s right…
I really need to tell you…

B5: That I’m really sorry…

B6: Actually, I am…

B7: It’s fine


B1: I’ll especially forgive you for standing me up back at the bonfire event

B2: !

B3: Well, even though I told you I forgive you, I was the one who selfishly made that promise back then

B4: Wait! I’m not talking about…

B5: Okay! We’re done talking now!

B6: I’ll give this back to you
You promised to accompany me all day long today, right?

B7: I won’t forgive you if you break your promise this time, okay?


B1: …

B2: Then, just sit wherever you like
I’m still in the middle of making treats

B3: To be honest, I was planning on finishing them before you came, Kintarou-kun…
But you ended up coming earlier than I thought

B4: Actually, I…

B5: Stop! I have to maintain my focus here!

B6: Calm down, don’t rush it… The timing is really important with this…

B7: It’s still not the right mood to reveal my true identity…

B8: Then let’s finish it fast

B9: What are you making?


B1: Eh?
A sec…

B2: Sorry, I need to call someone!

Sfx: Step Step Step

Sfx: Ring ring

B3: !?

B4: Hello, Uesugi?
Kintarou-kun is super duper nice, you know!
Or rather, I’m so nervous that I can’t even look directly to his face!!

B5: Err… J-Just why the hell are you calling me for..?

B6: Ah, sorry sorry!
Hey, Kintarou-kun doesn’t hate cream choux, right?

B7: I think he loves it… probably

B8: OK!

Sfx: Peek


B1: I’m thinking of making some cream choux today

B2: Oh, nice…
I love it…

B3: Then all that left is baking them

Sfx: Beep

Sfx: Wheeee

B4: …

B5: Sorry, need to call again

Sfx: Ring ring

B6: We can’t even hold a conversation! Tell me Kintarou-kun hobbies right away!

B7: Why don’t you ask him yourself!
Stu-… No, reading! Yeah, reading..! Probably…

Sfx: Peek


B1: You know, I saw a really interesting movie a while ago…
I heard that the original work was a novel or something…

Sfx: Glance Glance

B2: Is there any well-informed person who can enlighten me around here?

B3: You are so bad at this…

B4: Ding

B5: Y-You’re kidding me…

Sfx: Flat…

B6: Did I forget to spray some water..?
But usually I never forget to do that

B7: I never thought that even you can fail at cooking, Nino…

B8: Eh?

B9: What did you just..?

B10: Ah, no, I heard from Fuutarou that you’re really good at cooking so…

B11: Not that part…


B1: Can you believe it, he just call me by my name!!

B2: Don’t call me if it’s just to talk about something like that!!

B3: Alright!
Let’s make it once again!

B4: This is so tiring…

Sfx: Gleam

B5: I’ve never seen cream choux like this…
This isn’t a normal cream choux, right..?

B8: Ah, sorry, I’ll remake it in a flash!

Sfx: Munch

B9: No need, I’ll still eat it though…


B1: This is pretty good

SFx: Smile

B2: Then eat as much as you want!
Don’t worry, I made a lot of it!

B3: Well, you aren’t wrong about that…

B4: …

B5: Hey, since you have this many…

B6: Why don’t we call over your sisters and eat them together?

B7: Don’t say such things…

B8: I finally got some time to be together with you…
I don’t want them to get in the way…

B9: I…

(Note to editor: Double page with p11 please merge)

B1: I’m happy enough as long as you’re with me, Kintarou-kun…

B2: I guess you really are his cousin, huh…
Cause Uesugi also told me the same thing before…

B3: And even after I said that thing to him at the Midterm Exam…
I’m sure I brought a lot of troubles his way…

B4: That’s not true

B4: Of course it’s true!
I mean, he always nags about study an-…


B1: He doesn’t give a shit about the exam
He just wants the five of you to be together, that’s all

B2: Nino

B3: I have an important thing to tell you…

B4: I…
Kintarou is…


B1: Wait! Time out!

B2: !

B3: I have the feeling that this is going to be long

B4: Can I go to the washroom first?

B5: Huh?
Ah, sure…

Sfx: Bam

Sfx: Ring ring

B6: What now?

B7: Are you at somewhere near my hotel now..?

B8: Well… You can say so….

B9: Then come to the café on the 1st floor

B10: Ehh…


B1: You’re late

B2: Just why the hell are you calling me so suddenly?

B3: Why are you sweating anyway?
Excuse me, can I have one ice coffee please?

B4: You see, I think he’s going to confess to me…

B5: Sigh…

B6: I mean he has this serious look on his face while saying that he has something important to tell me, you know!

B7: What else could it be?

B8: R-Really now..?

B9: So, what do you think?

B10: Eh?
I think…


B1: Ah! It’s Kintarou-kun!

Sfx: Turn

B2: !

B3: Wait…

B4: Of course he won’t be here

B5: Yeah…

B6: To be perfectly honest, your opinion doesn’t really matter

B7: It’s just that I want someone to listen to my story so I can sort out my feelings…

B8: I mean, I’m planning to listen to what he’s going to say after all

B9: Ugh…
If I have to leave before her and wear that disguise again…
Or rather, even now I…

Sfx: Gulp Gulp

Sfx: Fwip


B1: I thank you for letting me meet him today

B2: What’s this?
It’s so not like you

B3: Because no matter what kind of conclusion is waiting for me…
I’m thinking of putting an end to this relationship with him once and for all…

B4: Nino…

B5: Sorry I can’t help much

B6: Do your best

Sfx: Grab


Sfx: Pull

B1: ..!

B2: !


B1: I knew it

B2: Wait…
I can explain this..!

B3: I told you that I won’t forgive you if you break your promise this time, didn’t I?

B4: !

SFx: Sway

B5: Tch..!

B6: Don’t tell me…

B7: You were too naïve to let me meet you in a bright place like this

B8: Because unlike last time, I can see your face clearly this time


B1: I knew from just a glance that it was you with a disguise

B2: It wasn’t that hard. I mean, you’re not even a quintuplets after all

B3: He just wants the five of you to be together, that’s all

B4: Bye bye


Sfx: Knock knock

B1: Nino!
Open up!

SFx: Clack

B2: Can I help you?

B3: If it’s about the guest that stayed in this room…

B4: She checked out just now

Sfx: Rattle rattle


T: 3 Days until the final exam!!

H: To be continued

H: There just a little time left before the final exam starts!
However, there are still a lot of problems in front of him!
Is there no saving for Fuutarou..!?

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