Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 45

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 45

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Haruba Negi

H: What are the other quintuplets doing when Nino finally found out that Kintarou = Fuutarou!?

B1: I’m finally done!!

Sfx: Collapse

B2-3: Nice job, Genius!

Sfx: Clap Clap Clap Clap

B4: Ehehehe…
I think I’ve had enough studying for a lifetime now…

H: Chapter 45 Seven Goodbyes ⑦

H: Comic Book Volume ⑤ is planned to be sold at 7/17th (Tue)!!

B5: I wonder what Itsuki and Nino are doing right now…

B6: Well, at least we already know where they are

B7: I’m sure they’ll come back soon

SFx: Ping

B8: Ah, speak of the devil


B1: Finally, some contact from Nin-…

B2: …

B3: …Err, sorry…
It’s actually from the Track and Field club’s president…

B4: Ah! I should hurry to bath and sleep early!

Sfx: Dash

B5: Ah…

B6: Ichika…

B7: I know…
I think it’s better for the concerned parties to resolve it themselves, but…

B8: Seems like this isn’t the time to say something like that, huh…

T: Gather at 6AM
in the school ground


B1: I’ll do my best in both studying and Track and Field too!

Sfx: Chirp Chirp

T: Uesugi

B2: Wake up
It’s morning, Itsuki

B3: Mmmh…
Just a bit more…

B4: We’re going to go earlier today

B5: 5 more minutes…

B6: No can do, wake up

B7: Just let me sleep a bit more…

B8: !

Sfx: Wake Up

B9: Ah…

B10: Uhm…

B11: Good morning…


B1: Morning

B2: I’m relieved… Because it seems like you were getting depressed because of us…

B3: Well I was. You sisters are really troublesome, you know?

B4: So it’s alright now?

B5: You just need to worry about yourselves, stupid

B6: Anyways, how are your studies?

B7: Ah, yes

B8: I already finished that workbook you gave me

B9: Good
I also heard that Ichika and Miku have finished them too..
Then all that’s left is…

B10: N-Nino is doing hers too right?
Then we have no problems now

B11: …


B1: Nino..?
I think she’s absent today

B2: Eh..?

B3: As I thought…

B4: Should we go to Nino’s place ourselves?

B5: Unfortunately, I don’t think it will have any effect at this point

B6: Let’s believe on her and wait
Because that’s all we can do right now

B7: …
You’ve been a little weird since this morning, you know?

B8: Did something happen?

B9: Nothing happened
Let’s go, to where the other problem child is


B1; You’re so fast, Nakano-san!

B2: Yeah, your pacing is good too!
And it’s just in a short time! You really are a genius!

B3: Ahahaha… I wonder why I’m often called a genius recently…

B4: Nakano-san

B5: Next week is finally our long awaited High School long distance relay race!
It’s all thanks to you that we can participate in this event! I’m counting on you, Genius Runner!

B6: The world must be ending if someone like you is a genius

B7: !

B8: U-Uesugi-san!?

B9: And you are?

B10: Are you the president?
It’s almost time for the final exam and you’re practicing for a tournament? What a splendid club this is


B1: Of course

B2: It’s an important tournament after all. So we can’t be bothered with a mere exam

B3: Haa?

B4: A mere exam, you say?

B5: Whoa!

B6: It’s okay it’s okay! I’ll make sure to do both!!

B7: Aren’t you pushing yourself too hard, Yotsuba?

B8: I’m fine

B9: So, anything else?
Because we still have to run after this

B10: Well, I won’t stop you anymore if you said so, Yotsuba

B11: Wh-Wh-Whoa..! Is it really alright?

SFx: Flutter


B1: I’ll run with you too
It wouldn’t be a problem for you then, right?

B2: 5 more laps..!

B3-4: Wheeze…

B5: I’m dying!!

B6: U-Uesugi-san, as I thought, you should stop…

B7: I’m not done yet!


B1: What’s the palace built by Louis XIV of France?

B2: Berlin Palace!
TLN: Correct answer: The Palace of Versailles, V and B sounds the same in Japan

B3: Who’s the author of [Run, Melos!]?

B4: Dazai Ryuunosuke!
TLN: Correct answer: Dazai Osamu

B5: What’s the 4th element in the periodic table?

B6: Hie He Lies Because… Berium!
TLN: Correct answer: Beryllium

Sfx: Smug

B7: All of her answers are almost correct!

B8: But she remembers more than what I expected
Seems like she’s really serious on doing her best on both

Sfx: Step Step Step

Sfx: Stumble

B9: Ah

SFx: Fall


Sfx: Grab

B1: You shouldn’t push your body too hard, you know?

B2: Go get a rest, okay?
I’m really fine now

Sfx: Dash

Sfx: Pant…


Sfx: Pant…

B1: …

B2: Even though we have some unwanted guests this morning…
Good work at today’s practice
However, I feel like everyone can still grow some more

B3: Nakano-san, wanna go somewhere after this?

B4: Sorry, I have to study, so…

B5: That’s why…

B6: Let’s hold a training camp this Saturday!


B1: Eh..?

B2: That’s a bit…

B3: But don’t we always break from practice on Saturdays?

B4: Listen here, first years…

B5: We won’t be able to win twice in a row in the tournament with that kind of naïve thinking, you know?

B6: Ah, I-I’m so sorry!

B7: Training camp, huh… You’ll go?

B8: It’s so abrupt…

B9: But doesn’t it sound so fun?

B10: Yeah, and Eba-senpai seems very eager about this

B11: And we’ll be just fine as long as we don’t get any bad grades in the exam, right?

B12: Nakano-san

B13: You were born in this world for running, Nakano-san
So I will do everything I can to make you the best Runner the world has ever see!

B14: Ah… Y-Yes…

B15: Alright, let’s do it!!

B16: Yeah!!

B17: Yeah…


SFx: Tap Tap

T: Uesugi-san
I’m really sorry for today
I actually

T: I’m rea

SFx: Tap Tap

SFx: Click


B1: Not gonna send it?

B2: Whoaa!!

B3: Ichika..! That was really bad for my heart!

B4: I just wanna brush my teeth too

B5: Then, I’ll go out after gargling my mouth

B6: Wait

B7: Geez!
You just let your toothbrush inside your mouth and didn’t brush them properly again, didn’t you?

B8: Come on, give it to me

B9: Ugh…

B10: I often did it to you before, what’s the difference?

B11: Well…


B1: I’m not a kid an-… Gurgle gurgle

B2: Ok, open wide

B3: !

B4: S-So bitter…

B5: That’s my personal toothpaste
Do you understand the adult’s taste now?

B6: But I guess it’s still too early for you, huh, Yotsuba?

B7: I-I-I-I’m fine with it!

B8: Fufufu… Guess you didn’t change much even though you’re already this big, eh?

B9: See, you pushed yourself too hard that you got a mouth ulcer

B10: But I wasn’t pushing myse-…

B11: Hey, no talking now!

B12: No matter how big you become, you’re still my cute little sister, you know?


B1: So won’t you rely a bit on this big sister of yours?

B2: I…

B3: I can’t really quit my club, can I?


B1: Why not? Just quit it

SFx: Gasp

B2: No no no, of course I can’t!
I will trouble everyone else if I quit!

B3: I’m sure I can do both study and my club
It’s because you act like a big sister that I said something weird, Ichika

SFx: Gurgle Gurgle

B4: Even though we’re the same age

B5: Ahahaha

B6: Well, someone who still wears childish panties like this is still a child in my eyes though

B7: Aaaaah!!!

B8: Put it back! And don’t let Uesugi-san see it when he comes over!!

Sfx: Dash

B9: Okay okay

T: Fuutarou-kun


B1: So, did you hear it clearly?

B2: About the childish panties?

B3: Good then

B4: I’m thinking of going to the Track and Field Club tomorrow

T: Calling

B5: What are you going to do?

B6: Of course I’ll come too!!


B1: Wait for it, Yotsuba!
We’ll definitely set you free!

Sfx: Click

B2: Alright…

B3: I’m doing my best here, so…

B4: Miku…
I leave her to you…

B5: Waaah, amazing!
Thank you, Onii-chan!

B6: N-No problem!

B7: Be careful to not forget your keys again, alright?

B8: Okaay!

Sfx: Creak


B1: Pardon my intrusion

H: To be continued

B2: What, so I don’t have any privacy anymore now?

H: Nino who hasn’t changed and
Miku who already took her first step forward…
What will happen when these two contrasting people meet..!?

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