Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 46

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 46

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: Listen here, I won’t return back home no matter what you’re going to say!

H: What’s going on inside Nino’s heart after she found out that Kintarou = Fuutarou now..?

H: Chapter 46 Seven Goodbyes ⑧

B2: I poured some tea, want some?

B3: Hey, this is my room, you know!!

H: Comic Book Volume ⑤ is popularly sold at stores!!

B4: It was Uesugi yesterday, and now it’s you…

B5: Just why won’t you people let me be alone?

H: Haruba Negi

B6: So Fuutarou came here, huh…
Just what happened between you and Fuutarou at that time?

B7: Eh, what’s this? Do you really want to know?
Hmm, I wonder if I should tell you now…


B1: Ah really
It doesn’t bother me if you don’t want to tell me though…

B2: What a bore
We were only talking about trivial things. Happy now?

B3: Oh…

SFx: Clack Clack

B4: ?

Sfx: Clack Clack Clack Clack

B5: Ouch!

B6: So hot!

B7: Aaah, how irritating! Move, I’ll do it myself!
You’re alright with black tea, right?

B8: No, I want green tea

B9: You’re really a shameless one, you know that!?


Sfx: Tear

B1: You’ll get sick if you pour in that much

B2: It’s my choice, isn’t it?

B3: The ability to customize its taste based on how you feel that day is the best thing about black tea

B4: I don’t really understand what you’re talking about
Besides, it’s too sweet for me

B5: Well, I guess someone who prefers the kind of tea which old people drink, like you, will never understand its greatness

B6: Well, that just shows you’re still a kid because you can’t enjoy the refined taste in this

B7: I’m not a kid!

B8: Sigh…
How foolish…


B1: I can’t afford to fight with you too at a time like this

B2: Oh, she matured a bit…

B3: Just get out after you finish drinking that
To begin with, I just couldn’t fathom how could you find my new hotel this fast…

B4: I went to your previous hotel the day before yesterday

B5: !

B6: However, I saw you rush out from the hotel at that time…

B7: And you tailed me, huh…
So you’ve become a full-fledged stalker now?

B8: …


B1: And that’s the story. Now, I ask you once again…

B2: Just what happened between you and Fuutarou at that time?

B3: If I summarize what happened the day before yesterday…
It’s the worst

B4: That guy… I will never forgive him..!

B5: J-Just what kind of cruel things did he do to you..?

B6: You won’t even believe this!


B1: That guy..!
He dared to disguise himself and deceive me, you know!!

B2: Oh, that’s all?

B3: What a weak reaction!!

B4: Come on, you should have been more surprised!! You’re so mean!

B5: But…
Don’t we also do that kind of thing all the time?

B6: Well… Yeah, but…


B1: To think at that time…

B2: And that time too…
It was actually him from the very start…

B3: I just can’t…
I just can’t forgive him…

B4: So there was nothing else going on?

B5: Nothing else!

B6: !

B7: Yeah, nothing else…

B8: You sure?

B9: …


B1: He told me that he just wants the five of us to be together…
And he doesn’t give a shit about the exam or something…

B2: Fuutarou told you that..?

B3: And he said that after listening about how I feel…
How selfish of him…

B4: Are you really sure you don’t want to come back home, Nino?

B5: And just why should I return?

B6: I’m stressed enough just by living inside that house
Our preferences have already changed from back then, and we often fought because of that

B7: So even with all of that, you still want us, who are already disconnected from each other to live together now?
Tell me, is there any meaning for us to be together now?


B1: Because we are family

B2: Isn’t that enough reason for us?

B3: ..!

B4: You must think that we have changed a lot, right Nino?

B5: But to us, you yourself have changed too…

B6: Changed..? Where..?

B7: You never drank black tea before

B8: Just that!?

H: Total sales of 700.000 Copies breached!!
(Note to editor: Side text)

B9: After all, each one of us is only 20%, a fifth part of a single person…

B10: ?


B1: That workbook…

B2: Ah!
Don’t take it by yourself!

B3: Your answer in the 3rd question is wrong. It should be the Battle of Nagashino

T: 2. Ashikaga Yoshiaki
3. The Battle of Sekigaha
4. Azuchi Castle
5. Free market and open guild

B4: !

B5: So what now?
Are you gonna boast that you studied harder than me now?

B6: No, I just like Sengoku Generals…

B7: From the very start…

B8: Wait, Sengoku Generals..?
You mean those plump old men..?

B9: Yeah

B10: This is my “20%”…

Sfx: Clink


SFx: Glug

B1: !

Sfx: Glug Glug

B2: Ugh, just as I thought, it’s too sweet for me…

B3: Sigh, just what are you trying to do here…

B4: But this taste…

B5: I would have never known about it if you weren’t here, Nino

B6: Certainly, the five of us were really similar in the past and it was really peaceful because we never fought with each other

B7: However, we would have always been stuck at 20% of a person then…

(Note to editor: Double page with p13 please merge)

B1: Whether we laugh…
We got angry…
Or we got sad…

B2: Each one of us experienced different things in our growth…

B3: That’s why, it’s ok being different


B1: And by trying to compensate for our others weaknesses…

B2: We will surely become a whole adult by then…

B3: By the way, because you’ve been gone for so long, the meals in our house are a disaster
And the nutritional balance is already out of the window

B4: Wait, then why don’t you do something about that yourselves!!

B5: Hmph

B6: …
Let me taste that tea…


SFx: Gulp

B1: So bitter…

B2: I never thought I’ll drink something like this in my whole life…

B3: But with this, it’s clear now
As I thought, black tea is way better than this

B4: Black tea is actually bitter without sugar, you know?

B5: But the bitterness in the black tea is more elegant!
There’s no doubt that it was extracted from high grade leaves!!

B6: But green tea’s bitterness has more depth in it
I’m sure there were used better leaves than yours

B7: Then let’s find it out
And don’t cry if it actually used random grass as its main ingredient later!

T: black tea green tea leaf

B8: That’s my line

Sfx: Click


B1: Seems like both black tea and green tea uses the same leaves

B2: The only difference is their fermentation rate

B3: Pfft

B4: Hahaha, what the heck was that!

B5: Phew, that was fun

B6: Hey, let’s tell the others about this too late-…

B7: …

B8: I guess perhaps it’s already the time for me to steel myself…
To forget about the past and start accepting the present…

B9: ?

Sfx: Rustle


Sfx: Snip

B1: Miku

Sfx: Shudder

Sfx: Snip Snip

B2: I think…
You should steel yourself too…


Sfx: Ring Ring

T: Miku

B1: Eh..?
What did you say, Miku?

B2: Huh? You need help..?

B3: Sigh… What the hell is she doing there…

B4: Those girls in the Track and Field Club are going to their Training Camp soon
Good grief… There’s no time before the final exam starts and they blatantly ignore their studies like this…

B5: I thought you’re going to charge them from the front like before…

B6: …

B7: So what should we do? Will they let Yotsuba go if we ask them nicely?

B8: Sorry Miku, but my hands are tied here too…

B9: Not so fast, Ichika. I thought of a good plan for this


B1: Really, what a perfect timing. Bring Miku here too as fast as you can

B2: But..

B3: This is all for Yotsuba’s sake…
So hurry up

B4: …

B5: Fine
I’ll bring her here asap

B6: ?

B7: ?

B8: If Yotsuba can’t refuse them, then you guys just have to refuse them in her place…

B9: By disguising yourselves as her
You sisters are good at that, aren’t you?

B10: !

B11: B-But I’m not that good at that, you know…
Remember that one time I disguised myself as Ichika? My heart was beating so fast at that time…

B12: That’s why I asked Ichika to bring Miku here
The moment she arrives here, I’m gonna make her wear the jersey you’re wearing right now


B1: And then, I’m going to take Yotsuba out and…

B2: !

B3: Shit! They are going now!

B4: We’ll have to stop them before they get to the station!
Like hell I’m gonna let them destroy her precious Saturday with club activities she doesn’t even want to do!!

B5: But how will we stop them!?

B6: Eh..?


B1: Ahahaha… Sigh…

H: There’s nothing but uneasiness in this plan!

H: Will the over serious and bad at deceiving other people Itsuki succeed at
“Replace Yotsuba and quit from the club” operation!?
Mission, Starting Now!!

H: To be continued!

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