Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 47

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 47

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Chapter 47 Seven Goodbyes ⑨

H: Comic Book Volume ⑤ is popularly sold at stores!!

H: In the midst of her talk with Miku, Nino suddenly took a pair of scissors out!!
On the other hand, Itsuki’s “Replace Yotsuba and quit from the club” Operation is about to start!?
(Note to editor and pr: Side text)

B1: Ichika, this is bad. Nino is…
Hurry and come to the hotel, please
I don’t think I can stop her… Help…

B2: Just what in heaven is happening there..?

B3: Miku… Nino…
Please be safe…

B4: I am hoping to quit from this club…

H: Haruba Negi

B5: Due to some complicated personal reasons…


B1: Wrong. Make it more brainless-ish

B2: L-L-Let me..!
Let me quit from this club ple-…

B3: No

B4: Make it more brainless-ish

B5: I can’t do it anymore!!

B6: This role is just too hard for me!!

B7: That’s it! Perfect!!

B8: Itsuki, from this point on, you are Yotsuba!
Or at least, your look is really similar to hers!

B9: I wonder if it will really go that well…

B10: The plan is simple.

B11: First, I’ll lead Yotsuba away from the Track and Field Club members…

B12: After that, you’ll just have to join that group like nothing happened


B1: You make it sound easy, but how do you plan to lead her awa-…

B2: A molester!

B3: It’s a molester!!

B4: !?

Sfx: Dash

B5: Don’t tell me..!?

B6: Eh? A molester..?

B7: Don’t tell me, that running guy is..?

B8: That guy over there! Freeze!!

B9: Nakano-san!?

B10: Got you!
Now, Itsuki! Finish it off!!


B1: Before I get caught and sent to the popos, that is!

B2: Hey, stop!

B3: What a ridiculous sacrificial plan this operation turned out to be…

Sfx: Badump Badump Badump

B4: From this point on, you are Yotsuba!

B5: I’m going to trust you on this..!

B6: Pant…

B7: Ahahaha…
Sorry, I let him get away…

B8: Geez, I was really surprised because you started to run after him all of a sudden, you know!

B9: Come on, we’ll miss the train if we don’t hurry

B10: Sorry…

B11: But I’m not going to the training camp

B12: Eh?


B1: What do you think you’re doing?

B2: I… I want to quit the club…

B3: !

B4: Why are you telling me this?

B5: I mean, next week is the final exam, so…

B6: No, No…
That’s not what I’m asking

B7: What I mean is why is a stranger like you posing as Nakano-san and telling me this?

B8: Eh..?


Sfx: Jump

B1: I got you now!

Sfx: Grab

B2; Guhee..!

Sfx: Skiddd

B3: Hmm..?
This smell…

B4: You’re heavy…

B5: !

B6: U-…

B7: Why..?

B8: Now, what should I tell her to get out from this pinch…


B1: Just why..? Why do you have to step so low and molest people..?

B2: That’s just a lie, okay!!
That’s just a big fat lie to lead you away from them, believe me!!

B3: Eh? Lead me?

B4: Sigh…

B5: So Itsuki can tell them you quit the club in your place

Sfx: Dash

B6: Hey! You can’t come out now, stupid!!

B7: But all of this is caused by my blunder!!

B8: Argh, stop this soft-hearted act of yours right now, will you!!
I know that both are important to you, but don’t you know the word “prioritize”!?

B9: So tell me now, what is the one that you want to cherish the most!

B10: But…

B11: Hide!

Sfx: Fwip


B1: Something feels strange…

B2: Mmph!

B3: W-What are you talking about? I AM Yotsuba, you know?

B4: I mean, look at this ribbon

B5: Yeah
You’re just similar, but you’re not her

B6: How…

B7: How did she find out..?

B8: I mean…

B9: Your hair is way longer than Nakano-san’s


B1: Oh right..!

B2: Tch..!
What a troublesomely sharp eye she has there..!

B3: This kind of thing also happened before, don’t you remember?
Please have more interest in the other people around you

B4: The eager Nakano-san will never say something like that

B5: I heard that Nakano-san is a quintuplet

B6: So you must be one of her sisters, right?

B7: Why are you doing something like this?

B8: Thank you very much for doing all of these things for me, but…
Sorry, I have to go!

B9: Hey, wait! Yotsuba!


B1: Sorry for making you wait!

B2: Ahaha, and sorry for the trouble, everyone!

B3: !

B4: Nakano-san!

B5: Seems like it’s the real one this time…

B6: Ahahaha, it’s just one harmless prank
You know, a quintuplets joke

B7: Yotsuba…

B8: Oh, so it was just a prank
But that’s not funny, so stop it

B9: We can’t let your talent go wasted, Nakano-san
So let’s aim for the very peak of High School Track and Field together with me!

B10: But well…


B1: The part about me quitting the club is not a joke

B2: !!

B3: Eh..?

B4: N-Nakano-san..?

B5: Why are you…

B6: Why?
Isn’t that obvious? Because you got carried away and ignored my feelings, that’s why

B7: In the first place, deciding to do a training camp just a day before is just plain stupid


B1: Are you an idiot or what?

B2: Ah…
I’m really sorry…

Sfx: Collapse

B3: Just…

B4: Just what the hell is happening right now..?

B5: It appeared..!


B1: My doppelganger appeared!!
Help, I don’t want to die!!

B2: Doppelganger… Oh, so that’s why!

Sfx: Step

B3: Phew…
Seems like I made it

B4: Ichika!

B5: That was really close

B6: Thanks to you bringing Miku out there, we can avoi-…

B7: !?

Sfx: Step

(Note to editor: Double page with p15 please merge)

B1: Thanks Miku
I’m so glad you made it in time

B2: I didn’t do anything though

B3: We don’t have the wig, so her hairstyle would have exposed her cover in no time

B4: Wait… 5, 4…
3, 1…

B5: Don’t tell me..!

B6: When I arrived at their hotel room…

B7: I was greeted by a Miku who stood still with a blank look

B8: So I don’t know the full details, but…
I’m sure…


B1: Something changed inside your heart, right?

B2: Nino?


B1: To think you cut your hair that short… Did you just get dumped or something?

B2: …
Well, something like that

B3: Kyaaa! Who was the guy? Did you know about this, Miku?

B4: I don’t

B5: It’s a secret

B6: What?

B7: …

Sfx: Fwip

B8: I’ll just tell you this upfront, but it’s definitely not you, okay!!

B9: Y-Yeah, sure…


B1: Good if you understand

B2: Farewell…

B3: And…

B4: Yotsuba

B5: I just did what they told me, but is it really alright with you?

B6: I mean, even without this method, if you take your time and tell her your true feelings, I’m sure she’ll understand


B1: So you should change too, Yotsuba

B2: Even though it’s not going to be easy, but I’m sure good things will happen to you too

B3: …Yeah, you’re right. I’ll go now

B4: Want me to accompany you?

B5: Thanks. But…

B6: I think I can do this myself

B7: …

B8: Nino…

B9: Nino! You see, this gir-…


B1: Okay, time’s up, Fuutarou-kun!
We should leave too, alright?

B2: Eh?

B3: We still have to prepare for our final exam after all

B4: …Guess you’re right

B5: However, you girls don’t have to worry about your exams
Because I already have my super secret plan with me now

B6: Nino… About that day…

B7: Wait
Don’t apologize

B8: You’re not at fault here
I am. So, I’m sorry

B9: The only thing you did wrong is…

B10: You didn’t hold back, I guess
That slap really hurt

B11: Ninoo…

B12: O-Oh, right…
I was planning to give you this as my apology…


B1: It’s the pre-sale ticket of the movie you wanted to see before

B2: Let’s see it together next time!

B3: Really, what kind of joke is this…

H: To be continued!

B4: Why is everything just never going my way, I wonder…

T: Life’s Origin – The Unknown Mystery

H: Even though their preferences and line of thought are different now, the way for the quintuplets to make up is always the same.
No matter how much they change, they will still be able to accept each other…
…Because they are family.

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