Gotoubun no Hanayome Chapter 49

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 49

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H: Haruba Negi

H: We have grown this much,

H: Comic Book Volume ①—⑤
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H: Chapter 49
7 Goodbyes ⑪

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H: «Continued from 2 color pages

T: Nakano Ichika
Japanese             Math                     Science                 Social Studies                     English                  Total
24                           47                           41                           28                                           36                           176

T: Nakano Nino
Japanese             Math                     Science                 Social Studies                     English                  Total
19                           22                           38                           27                                           45                           151

T: Nakano Miku
Japanese             Math                     Science                 Social Studies                     English                  Total
35                           41                           40                           70                                           20                           206

T: Nakano Yotsuba
Japanese             Math                     Science                 Social Studies                     English                  Total
35                           15                           22                           30                                           26                           128

T: Nakano Itsuki
Japanese             Math                     Science                 Social Studies                     English                  Total
43                           28                           68                           26                                           34                           199

H: The rowdy Final Exam week is finally over! And now, the quintuplets’ results are announced!!
(Note to editor and pr: side text)

H: Synopsys… In a rowdy Final’s preparation week, a fight broke out between Nino and Itsuki, while Yotsuba got busy with helping the Track and Field Club… But everything has been solved now! However, before the Final exam started, Fuutarou quitted his job as the quintuplets’ tutor after acknowledging his short-comings


B1: This is pretty terrible…

B2: This is what we get after studying that hard..?

B3: These really reconfirm that we are idiots, don’t they…

B4: Cheer up, Nino

B5: Worry about yourself first before thinking about me

H: 100 lucky readers will be awarded with special stickers for [Go-toubun no Hanayome] Anime Adaptation Commemoration Event in Shonen Magazine official app, [Magapoke] right now!!
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B6: Well, today is the tutor day anyways…
So I guess we’ll probably do the reflection for our failure in Final Exam today

Sfx: Ding Dong

B7: Oh, speak of the devil…

B8: I bet Fuutarou is going to scold us plenty today

B9: Hahaha, probably

B10: Wait, why do you seem happy about this?

B11: Ahaha

B12: Well, even though our results can’t even be called good
I’m really glad we can work hard with the five of us together again


B1: Huh?

B2: Looks like it isn’t Uesugi-kun

B3: Please excuse myself

B4: Oh, so it’s Ebata-san

B5: You don’t have to work as Father’s driver today, Ebata-san?

B6: We have known you since our childhood, but it’s the first time you entered our house, right?

B7: Hohoho, surely you jest
Because every one of you are still a child in my eyes, Young Misses

B8: Fuutarou-kun sure is late…

B9: By the way, why are you here, Ebata-san?


B1: I have come today to become your temporary tutor, Young Miss

B2: O-Oh, so that’s why…

B3: Well Ebata-san did work as a teacher before after all…

B4: Then what, he skipped work?

B5: Or maybe he got sick again perhaps?

B6: I have something important that I have to tell all of you

B7: Uesugi Fuutarou-sama has quitted his job as your tutor, Young Misses


B1: Eh?

B2: And because of that, I will be the one who tutor the Young Misses until a new tutor is found

B3: Wait wait wait

B4: There must be a mistake here

B5: Geez, your joke is not funny, Ebata-san

B6: Unfortunately, this is the truth

B7: The Master has already contacted me
He told me that Uesugi-sama rescinded his contract the day of the final exam


B1: Eh…

B2: Fuutarou-kun…
Won’t come here again..?

B3: You’re lying…


B1: As I thought…

B2: That nasty “bad grade” condition was applied too this time

B3: What do you mean?

B4: It’s because we performed badly in our exam. I bet Papa must have told him to quit

B5: I don’t think that’s the reason here, Young Miss

B6: Because I heard that it was Uesugi-sama himself who decided to quit as your tutor

B7: It’s his own decision..?

B8: But why… Fuutarou..?

Sfx: Stand

B9: I can’t accept this
Call him here. I’ll ask him directly what’s this all about

B10: I’m very sorry, but I can’t allow that


B1: Because Uesugi-sama is forbidden to step inside this mansion
This is the Master’s direct order

B2: Then I will go

B3: !

B4: Ebata-san, move aside

B5: I’m sorry, but I will not

B6: Even though it’s just temporary, but I have been entrusted to be the Young Misses’ tutor right now

B7: So I can’t have you leave the house before finishing at least the minimum amount of study today


B1: Ughh…
You’re so stubborn, Ebata-san!!

B2: Hohoho…
Say anything, but I will still not move

B3: We can go after we finish this, right?

B4: Yes, of course. You’re free to do anything you want after you’re done

B5: Dammit, what is he thinking, quitting so suddenly like this…

B6: I still can’t believe this is real

B7: Yeah, I won’t accept this before I hear it directly from his mouth
So, who has finished?

B8: Almost done

B9: Me too


B1: But these questions are relatively easy, don’t you think?
I guess Ebata-san must be pulling his punches against us this time

B2: Yeah. But it’s probably dangerous if it was for the past us

B3: It feels really strange to be able to solve problems so smoothly like this

B4: It’s vexing me to say this, but I guess it’s all thanks to that guy

T: Pros and Cons
Right and Wrong

B5: One last question…
I only have one last question left, but…

B6: I’m at the last question too


B1: Hohoho!
Seems like I have to reconsider about the special lesson if you can’t solve easy problems like this

B2: ..!!

B3: We have done this before, right?

B4: Uhhh…

B5: What was it…

B6: …

Sfx: Gulp

B7: Hey…

Sfx: Whisper

B8: Should we look at the cheat papers?

B9: !

B10: You mean the ones he gave us before the exam?

B11: Yes. I have been hiding everyone’s share inside my pencil box

Sfx: Rustle

B12: Is… Is this really alright..?


B1: This is an emergency. It’s not a time where we can choose our methods

B2: Itsuki, you look like Uesugi-san now!

B3: Just how much did he influence you…

B4: Now!

B5: Okay!
BC: Flip

B6: …

B7: W-What’s wrong..?

B8: ?
What… What is the meaning of this..?

B9: How should I say this… Seems like he made a mistake in mine or something…

B10: Then let’s use mine

Sfx: Swirl

B11: Let’s see…

T: Onl

B12: On..?


T: Only fools who try to search for the easy way to solve problems

Sfx: Only fools

B1: …

B2: Geez…

B3: So he wasn’t planning to let us cheat from the start

B4: That’s just so like him…

B5: But then again, what should we do wit-…

B6: !

B7: Wait, there’s still something here…

T: problems

B8: ②..?

B9: Is it mine?

Sfx: Swirl


T: Like hell I would teach students who will resort to cheating →③

B1: But you were the one who proposed it!!

B2: They’re connected…

B3: This is probably Uesugi-san’s last letter to us!!

T: Try to seize anything you want with your own hands from now on →④

T: I’m really glad I can finally escape from this exhausting hell →⑤

B4: …

B5: Ahaha

B6: So he really was planning to quit back then…

B7: Well, we caused a lot of trouble for him, so perhaps it’s only natural if he felt that way


B1: Yours is the last piece, Itsuki

B2: ?

B3: Itsuki?

B4: …

T: It was a pretty fun hell, I guess. See ya

B5: It was a pretty fun hell, I guess
See ya

B6: I…


B1: I…
I still want Uesugi-san…

B2: To teach us…

B3: …

B4: Me too…

B5: If Fuutarou is not here…
Then I…

B6: Even if you girls say that, he won’t be coming here any longer
So there’s nothing we can do


B1: Girls… I have a proposal…

B2: Eh..?

B3: Are you serious..?

B4: Yes
I have been thinking about this for a while now

B5: Oh?
Is there anything wrong?

B6: Ebata-san, please…

B7: Please cooperate with us

B8: !


B1: You sure have grown, Young Misses


T: December
(Note to editor: that 12 in calendar)

T: Wednesday

T: Closing Ceremony


B1: Merry Christmas!

B2: Would you like some cake?

B3: Some cake…

Sfx: Exhale

B4: Excuse me

B5: Yes!

B6: One whole cake please

H: To be Continued

H: His former student appears before Fuutarou when he’s in the middle of a part time work!
The Christmas Eve has just started..!!

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