Gotoubun no Hanayome Chapter 52

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 52

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B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
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H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
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H: They only have 1 bedroom in their new home…
So they sleep together chummily

H: Haruba Negi

H: The stormy “Final Exam” Arc compiled!
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B1: Aargh, I’ve had enough of this lifestyle!!

H: Synopsys… Another new fun year for Fuutarou and the Quintuplets has started.

B2: …

B3: Why are you always sneaking into my bed!?

B4: B-But it was so cold!

B5: Your hair tickled me, you know! Just cut it short!!

B6: Wha..! You just said that because you cut yours!

B7: You never told me that all five of you sleep together in one room…

B8: Well, it’s been so long since we slept on a futon, so we still can’t sleep soundly…

B9: Personally, I rather like you to not fall asleep at all, Yotsuba


B1: Aah… I miss my comfy bed…

B2: Me too. It’s been a while since I slept on a fut-…

B3: …

B4: Err, well, I mean, it’s not really for me, but…

B5: We have no other choice but to endure until we get used to it…

B6: However, it’s sure is a wonder that my blanket always disappears in the middle of the night

B7: Yeah right, that sure is a wonder

B8: Personally, I like this better since I won’t fall from my bed anymore

B9: That’s just for you, Yotsuba

B10: Sigh… You sure don’t waste any time to fight, do you…

B11: Why don’t you learn from Ichika who doesn’t wake up even though you’re making this much noise!?

B12: Learn from her..?

B13: You mean, from that certain filthy part of this room..?

B14: Ichika!
It’s already morning! Wake up and let’s study!

B15: Ah, wait! Uesugi-kun!!

Sfx: Rustle

B16: …


B1: Ah…

B2: Morning, Fuutarou-kun…

B3: Ichika!

B4: Don’t look!

B5: Or more like…

B6: This is still a maiden’s room, you know! Why are you entering it like it’s nothing!?

B7: Good
We can finally start to study no-…

B8: !


Sfx: Nod Nod

B1: Ichika

B2: Ah, sorry

B3: And sorry for letting you see something so unsightly in the morning, Fuutarou-kun

B4: Or perhaps should I say, it was a sight for your sore eyes?

B5: You should wear something when you sleep during winter

B6: Did you know that old habits die hard?
Seems like I unconsciously remove my clothes when I sleep

B7: Eh!? Then what if you fell asleep while in class?

B8: Ahaha, the habit only kicks in when I’m at home though

B9: You two talk like it’s a normal thing to sleep in class…

B10: What did you just say..?

B11; Ahaha, don’t worry

B12: I’m taking a little break from my work right now
So I can focus on my studies from now on


B1: Because I want to show our father…
That even us can avoid getting bad grades

B2: Yeah

B3: Me too! Next time, for sure..!

B4: Me three

B5: So we will definitely pass
And make father approve Uesugi-kun!

B6: Hmph, I never thought that such a low target like making all of you overcome bad grades could be this hard
However, the 3rd school term will be your true last chance!

B7: Then let’s start already!
First, I want you to finish winter break homework together with me!

Sfx: Bam


B1: Eh?

B2: Huh?

B3: Fufufu

B4: Ahahaha

B5: Fuutarou…

B6: Fuutarou…

B7: You’re really looking down on us, aren’t you?

B8: We already finished our homework

B9: Ages ago, you know?

Sfx: Stupefied

B10: Oh…

B11: Seriously..?


B1: Then I’ll have you study like usual for now, I guess…

B2: So, just what were you doing all this time?

B3: …

B4: Shall we help you with your homework?

B5: Oh, shut it!

B6: Fuutarou

B7: I don’t understand this part

B8: Where?

Sfx: Close

B9: !

B10: Oh, so what is the chance of the sum of the dies being an odd number, huh?

Sfx: Badump Badump Badump

B11: You have 3 dices, so there are only 2 patterns here

B12: Either even, even,
And Odd
And odd

Sfx: Badump Badump


Sfx: Stare…

B1: What?

B2: No, nothing

B3: Hey
Wake up, Ichika

B4: Ahh…

B5: Ahaha…

B6: Sorry…

B7: I didn’t…

B8: Asleep…

B9: You definitely did!!

B10: This idiot…
This is what you’re going to show to your father..?

B11: Just let her sleep for a bit

B12: Huh?


B1: Sure, Ichika said that she’s taking a break from work earlier, but…

B2: In reality, seems like she got more jobs to do now

B3: Well, she’s the one who pays for our living expenses after all

B4: She said it herself that we shouldn’t worry about it
Since she still has some savings, but…

B5: It’s all thanks to Ichika that we can have you tutor us again like this, Fuutarou

B6: …

B7: But that doesn’t justify it if she forces herself too hard and can’t focus on her own studies in the end

B8: Hey, wake u-…

B9: Uhmm…


B1: Should we search for a job too?

B2: Eh?

B3: O-Of course, we shouldn’t let it hinder our studies…

B4: But I really want to lighten Ichika’s burden… even just a bit…

B5: So, any experience?

B6: N-Nothing…

B7: Could you balance it with your studies?
Could someone like you guys who are on the brink of failing really do that?

B8: Ugh…

B9: Then…

B10: I will become a home tutor just like you then!!

B11: !?


B1: So I can learn while I teach others!
I can still increase my grades in that case, right? It’s like killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

T: Basic Physics

B2: Perish that thought…
I can’t help but pity the student you’re going to teach…

B3: Then how about working as a clerk at a supermarket?
It’s close to our house, so we can go to work in no time!

T: Yotsuba

Sfx: A long line

B4: You’ll be fired in no time too


B1: I…

B2: Want to work in a Maid Café…

B3: !?

B4: I-I think you’ll be surprisingly popular there, but…

Sfx: Oooooh!

B5: No way! Rejected!

B6: You’ll obviously become a queen, right Nino?

B7: What do you mean obviously!?

B8: Nino is going to do something related to cooking, right?

B9: Well…
That’s if I’m really going to work though


B1: I mean, it’s your dream to build your own restaurant, right?

B2: !

B3: Wow, it’s my first time hearing that

B4: That’s just some nonsense I spewed in my childhood
Don’t take it seriously

B5: I know a very delicious bakery, you know?

B6: !

B7: MilleFeuille
Mont Blanc

B8: Merci beaucoup

B9: Nooooooooo!!!


B1: Blergh…

B2: I have worked in Izakaya, Family Restaurant, a Café
Japanese restaurant, Chinese restaurant, Italian
And also a Ramen, Soba, and Pizza delivery

B3: I have experienced working part time in various places, and I can say for sure that you won’t get any of them with a half-baked resolve

B4: Hey, aren’t them all related to food?

B5: He must be aiming for the staff’s meals

Sfx: Glare

B6: Don’t underestimate the harshness of the working world!!

B7: You can solve all of your problems by getting good grades and returning to your old luxurious house!
So for that very reason, you’re studying right now!

B8: It’s not like I don’t understand Ichika’s feelings for wanting to be an actress
However, I still want her to choose a job that is easier on her

B9: Mmmh…


Sfx: Fwip

B1: Fuutarou!

B2: Not only once, but twice..!

B3: Me!?

B4: You pervert!

B5: Ah, seems like I was the one who underestimated this job


B1: How about it, Manager! It’s really similar to the pie you made, right?
So please promote me and give me a raise!

B2: My work as a home tutor technically doesn’t give me any penny, so I have to search for another way to earn money

B3: Taste it

B4: Blergh…
It feels so raw…

B5: Looks like I have no right to make fun of Miku’s skill…

B6: Seems like you still have a long way to go before entering the kitchen team
And tidy it up yourself, okay?


B1: Oh, and Uesugi-kun?
You can go home right now, good work

B2: Eh..?

B3: Why..?

B4: I’m going to close the store in the afternoon
Because my store is already booked for a film shoot, you see

B5: Then say that earlier

B6: It’s going to feature the current top star Mii-chan
Oh, and seems like Linaria and Kon-tan are going to be in it too
Maybe I can see them

B7: You sure are well-informed, Manager…

B8: Oh, since you’re here, want to see them with me?

B9: I’m done for today, right? I don’t know any one of them, so please excuse me

B10: Well, I don’t know them that much either though

B11: If I can go home earlier, then it’s just perfect

B12: Now I have time to go to the quintuplets home
It’s a chance to teach Ichika for the time she lost yesterday


B1: Excuse us
We’ll be in your care today

B2: Oh, here they come
Will they give me one if I ask for their autograph?

B3: I never knew you’re a trend follower…

B4: Waah, that looks so good!

B5: Please treat me well today!

B6: S-Sure…
Let’s just get outta here

Sfx: Clang Clang

B7: Please treat me well today!

B8: Inhale


B1; Ah..!
This store..!

B2: Manager

B3: Your offer is still valid, right?

H: To be continued

B4: There’s an actress I know very well here after all

H: Even though she said that she’s taking a break from her work, she meets Fuutarou!!
What kind of awkward day will we see next!?

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