Grancrest Senki Chapter 24

Grancrest Senki Chapter 24

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B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
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H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
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Sfx: Thud!

H: The outcome that awaits them after slaying Sevis’ King is..!?

Sfx: Thud! Thud! Thud!

Sfx: Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

Sfx: Fwoooosh

H: Chapter 24

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H: War against Valdrind
“Day 3”


B1: SIluca-sama, our enemies are already inside firing range!

Sfx: Fwip

B2: What we should aim for is only military defeat…

B3: And for that reason, we have to use any method possible to prevent the fall of this castle

B4: You want to leave minimal court rank for Theo-sama…
And make us go away from this land!?

Sfx: Stand up!

B5: When we kill the Sevis’ King…

B6: We also indirectly, completely trash Valdrind’s honor, which is only here to aid him

B7: And I believe that they won’t be satisfied with anything but total victory on us to restore their pride…
And so, we, as the loser side, have to receive a punishment that’s equal to Theo-sama’s life if we want him to stay alive, right?

B8: Well yeah, but…


B1: And that’s why, after we’re militarily defeated tomorrow…

B2: We will cast everything away and leave this land

B3: And if all the Lords in Sevis swear their allegiance to Valdrind…

B4: They will not only attain victory in this war, but also restore their pride, so we can end this war without shedding anymore blood

B5: Therefore, we will also ask the Independent Lords and normal citizen to leave from this war, as they already have no reason to continue fighting

B6: And for Lassic-sama, after you received Theo-sama’s crest, please pledge your subordination to Marrine-sama…

B7: And rule the land as the new Sevis King, succeeding Late King Nerville’s throne

B8: And when Theo-sama is able come back to this land again…

B9: If you can lend him your power then, that is more than enough for us…


B1: Are you planning to go back and recapture your home, recapture Sistina..?

B2: I don’t know how long it will take…

B3: But I promise you, I will definitely come back with Siluca, no matter what

B4: …

B5: It’s… It’s definitely not a bad offer for me…

B6: However, after leaving everything behind…

B7: What’s left in it for Theo-sama then?

B8: His fame as a heroic and kind lord will still remain!!


B1: A wandering Lord that came out of nowhere…

Sfx: Fwooosh

B2: Rose his court rank lightning fast from a simple knight to a viscount
Loved by his citizens…

B3: Then he confronted Valdrind’s army that is sung as the strongest across the continent…

Sfx: Haaaaa!

H: Don’t falter! Keep firing at ‘em!

B4: Where he fought bravely until he was defeated and disappeared…

B5: With this much reputation in his hands…

Sfx: Fwooosh

H: Don’t spread too far!

H: Don’t focus your attention on one side only!!

B6: I believe it’s possible for Theo-sama to rise up again anytime

B7: There’s no need to exert yourself to go after them!

Sfx: Oooooh!

B8: Just counter their heavy bowgun with boulder throwing and focus on defending! Do so and we’ll survive another day!!

Sfx: Bwooosh

Sfx: Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!


B1: Aim for the heavy armored soldiers!!

B2: Yessir!

Sfx: Swoosh Swooosh

Sfx: Gyaaaaa

Sfx: Stab! Stab! Boom! Boom!

H: Ugh..! So they have heavy bowgun too…

Sfx: Fwoooosh

SFx: Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sfx: Ooooooh!

Sfx: Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!


Sfx: Shraagg Shraagg

Sfx: Shraagg Shraagg

B1: Did they…

B2: Retreat..?

B3: We survived..!

Sfx: Uoooh!!

B4: Siluca

Sfx: Fwooosh


B1: Then, I’ll be going…

B2: Sorry for always having to rely on you for this, but…
Please do your best for this last negotiation

B3: I will!
And Lassic-sama…

B4: Depending on how the negotiation goes, you might have to relinquish Sevis’ King’s crest in the end…

B5: I don’t mind

B6: Inheriting Theo-sama’s crest and territory is more than enough for me

B7: And Theo-sama… I’m very sorry that you have to lose everything this way…

B8: It’s okay. You already did enough for me

B9: …

B10: Besides, it’s not like there’s nothing but fame that remains on my side


B1: I still have you beside me right, Siluca?

B2: The one who will definitely grant my dream…
My very personal witch

Sfx: Blush

B3: O-O-O… Of course I am…
I-I’m your contracted mage after all…

B4: But you were mad when I called you witch before though…


Sfx: Bam!

B1: Milady..!

B2: Why..?

B3: Why wouldn’t they even try to look at the bigger picture..!?

B4: Are you telling me that…

B5: They won’t ever swear their subordination to me after all..!?


B1: What… did you say..?

B2: We approve your condition for taking the independent Lords under Kreische Family…

B3: However, we can’t agree for accepting Lassic David as Sevis’ King successor…

B4: As well as sparing Theo Corneo’s life

B5: But why!?

B6: My Lord even consented having to cast aside everything and leave this land for good!!

Sfx: Swish!

B7: That should be enough to restore Valdrind army’s honor, right!?

B8: I also thought so too…
Even Milady Marriane-sama agreed with that…

B9: However, it wasn’t the case for them


B1: For them, not being able to answer Sevis’ King’s plead for help…

B2: Must be the most disgraceful thing they’ve ever experienced

B3: Without even trying to look at the bigger picture…

B4: They ignored Marrine-sama’s decision and left her…

B5: While declaring that they will take Theo Cornelo’s life…

B6: To erase the disgrace they received from your side

B7: …

B8: Even if there’s no point in continuing this war any longer?

B9: Believe me that I and Marrine-sama understand that the most


B1: However…

B2: The present Marrine-sama doesn’t have any power to stop them

B3: …

Sfx: Grit

B4: So you tell me that they are not going as Lords, but as a single Warrior for their self-interest, is that it?

Sfx: Rattle

B5: That’s everything I can say this time

Sfx: Walk

B6: Then… See you tomorrow…


B1: Thank you very much…

B2: For raising me up until now…

B3: Today might be the last chance for us to meet like this, so…

B4: Please be well…

B5: Siluca…


B1: What… What was that..?

B2: Isn’t that…

B3: Isn’t that just their personal grudge against us now!?

Sfx: Stand up

B4: And we were even prepared to cast away everything and leave this land!!

B5: Now that the Heavy Armored Knights are forcefully attacking us…

B6: We have no other choice than to fight them until the very end…

B7: I won’t stop you guys if you want to leave. But even if it’s just me alone…

B8: I will not leave Theo-sama’s side until the end of my life

Sfx: Step

B9: Don’t take me for a fool

B10: Escape and leave my master behind is just the same as abandoning my principals as a Lord


B1: It’s just like Lassic-sama said

B2: If we run away from here now, then we’re no better than them who moved because of their self-interest

B3: So what if they are the Continent’s strongest..!?

SFx: Walk Walk

B4: They are nothing more than just plain mercenaries who have drowned in power now..!!

B5: Theo-sama…

B6: We will definitely accompany you until we die!

B7: Okay..! Let’s crush them all!

B8: I will… fight too…

B9: Theo-sama! Let us fight alongside you too!

B10: Theo-sama!

B11: Because there’s no way we will surrender our lives to those guys…

B12: Who only used their Lords’ power to kill other people!!

B13: Thank you! Thank you very much!!

B14: Dad, why did you share our food with the others?

Sfx: Yay Yay

B15: Won’t they kill you if they found out you hide food?


B1: Well, because the villagers also helped your dad many times before

B2: Didn’t you get some help from them too?

B3: You see, Theo…
Human is a being that can’t live properly if they don’t help and support each other

B4: And that’s why, you must never forget this, Theo…

B5: Life, no matter if it’s mine, yours, or the others, is something that exists to help other lives…

B6: And when you forget that, then you’ve already lost the meaning of your life…

B7: And if a Lord who understands that is here, in Sistina…

B8: Then I’m sure this village will fare much better


B1: Your feelings have reached me!

B2: Then let’s make it a battle that will make them remember the meaning of their lives tomorrow…

B3: To them who already forgot the true meaning of their lives!!

B4: To them who risk their own lives only when they want to kill…

B5: Let’s show them, that the moment to risk your own live is not when you’re going to TAKE someone’s life…

B6: It’s when you’re going to SAVE those lives!!


Sfx: Uuuooooooooooh!!

Sfx: Oooo…


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