Grancrest Senki Chapter 26

Grancrest Senki Chapter 26

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Their unyielding ideals and the clashing feelings…
Now carves through the history

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H: Chapter 26
(Note to pr and editor: below right of the title)


B1: Artuk’s Earl…

B2: Villar Constance..!!


B1: Retreat..!!!

Sfx: Thud Thud Thud Thud

Sfx: Shrakkk

Sfx: Thud Thud Thud Thud Thud

B2: ..!

H: Damn it..!!

Sfx: Thud Thud Thud Thud

H: The number of soldiers who left our headquarter is too big..!!

H: We can’t make it in time..!!!

Sfx: Fwooosh


B1: All units…

Sfx: Fwip

B2: Forward!!

Sfx: Rumble


B1: Protect Marrine-sama with your lives!!

Sfx: Thud Thud

Sfx: Gallop

Sfx: Gyaaaaaaa!!!


B1: Kuh..!

Sfx: Gallop Gallop Gallop Gallop Gallop

Sfx: Fwooosh

B2: Looks like we can’t have our victory in one sweep as planned, huh…
To think that they anticipated us and left this many soldiers in their headquarter…

B3: We sure can’t sell you short, eh…

B4: The Archmage of Valdrind…

B5: Aubest Meletes

Sfx: Ooooh!

B6: ..!

B7: However… I have a condition for you…

B8: You want me to leave some of my soldiers in the headquarter..!?


B1: If you order all of our troops to march forward, then we would not be able protect Marrine-sama from danger…

Sfx: Rumble Rumble

B2: Should our headquarter gets raided by the enemy force…

B3: Raided..?

B4: You mean by those Artuks..?

B5: You should have known that possibility has been rebuked in the war council!
Your Siluca Meletes made Villar lose his face because she one-sidedly scraped her contract with him!!

Sfx: Fwip!

B6: Sure, she might have requested for Artuk’s help before this war started…
But we already got the information in our hands that their Archmage didn’t even let her meet him!!

B7: We’ve also already waited for few days to see if they plotted something behind our back…

B8: But you saw it for yourself that they didn’t fight as if they have any reinforcement in the first place!!

B9: So get it in your hard head that there’s no way Artuk will come in this war!!


B1: But that’s exactly why…

B2: We should move with the thought that they’ll definitely come in mind

B3: Villar Constance is a genius strategist…
As someone who has swallowed bitter pills from his feats…

B4: You should know well enough how frightening his ability is

B5: ..!!

B6: …

Sfx: Tremble

B7: Fine..!

B8: But I’ll only leave 100 men here!!

SFx: Fwoooosh

B9: Damn it all..! Who would expect that Archmage’s prediction would really come true like this..!?


H: However…

Sfx: Swoooosh

H: There’s no way I’ll stand down and let the Princess be killed like this..!!

H: If we lose the Princess in this battle, then the next ruler of Valdrind will be…

B1: Uooooh!!

Sfx: Slasshh

H: Someone who still has the Alliance’s Founder, Jurgen Kreische’s blood flowing inside him…

Sfx: Dash Dash

Sfx: Stab Stab

B2: Guha..!!

H: And the only person who qualifies is…

Sfx: Gallop Gallop Gallop


H: That wretched man..!!

Sfx: Clang

B1: Hello, my dear cousin

B2: Villar..!!


Sfx: Fwooosh

Sfx: Fwooooosh

B1: Just… Just what in the world is happening at the battlefield right now…

B2: Why is he here… Didn’t Artuk refused to help us in this war when you went there..?

B3: When I went there before… Their Archmage, Margaret-senpai told me…

B4: That Villar-sama didn’t have time to deal with me “right now”

B5: Wait, “right now”?

B6: That’s correct

B7: When she refused to help us, our defeat was already set in stone

B8: There’s no other way left for us except for the one filled with hardships

B9: In other words…
There’s no way we could see that Artuk’s Earl for a second time, or so I thought…

B10: However…
She used “right now” in her refusal…


B1: Back then, I was so shocked that I lost my cool…
So I was completely unable to realize what she meant

B2: He must have planned to raid Valdrind’s headquarter after seeing our hard fighting…

B3: And he must have been certain, that if the war drags on…

B4: Then there will be a time when the Valdrind’s headquarter would be empty of soldiers

B5: Seems like, every single person in this battlefield…

Sfx: Fwooosh

B6: Was already inside Artuk’s Earl’s palm from the very beginning…

B7: It’s your loss, my dear cousin

Sfx: Grit Grit

B8: Kuh..!!

B9: Oh, and while you’re here…

B10: Could you answer this one question of mine..?

B11: Because… I want to know your true feelings about this

B12: ..!?


Sfx: Bwooosh

Sfx: Fwoooosh

B2: !!!

Sfx: Tremble Tremble

B3: Kuh..!


Sfx: Fwip

SFx: Clang

Sfx: Stab

Sfx: Rattle

B1: I’m relieved to hear that


B1: Then hurry up and order your troops to fall back
As your headquarter has been annihilated and your side suffered serious casualties, I believe you won’t be able to continue this war anymore

B2: But if you insist to continue this fight, then don’t blame me if I won’t go easy on you…

B3: Because after all…

B4: I didn’t come to take your head today…

Sfx: Rattle Rattle

Sfx: Twitch

B5: Ugh… Damn it…
That Artuk bastard..!

T: To be Continued

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