Grancrest Senki Chapter 28

Grancrest Senki Chapter 28

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon
B1: Several days after Waldlind’s retreat
TLN: From now on, we’re going to follow the official spelling for the countries names
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Sfx: Splash
H: Chapter 28
B2: Phew…
H: The long awaited peace is finally here..!?
Sfx: Splash
B1: Yesterday, Altirk’s Archmage, Margaret-senpai…
B2: Taught me a few things about Altirk
H: Well, I already learned some in the academy though
B3: Altirk’s land is very diverse with forests and marshes…
B4: While the residential areas are strengthened like fortresses
B5: The residents have high awareness
B6: If it’s to protect their country, they are willing to take arms without question
B7: Furthermore…
B8: Vampire King, Werewolf, and Witch…
A lot of super beings exist in Altirk
B9: With them protecting the people and Villar-sama’s strategy…
B10: They’ve succeeded in repelling the numerous Alliance’s invasions
B1: And with that military strength…
They became known as “the Great Sword that’s pointed at Alliance’s throat”
T: Waldlind
Sievis Regalia Haman
B2: Fantasia Union
Factory Alliance
B3: That is the Union’s Great Country, Altirk
B4: However, the thing that surprised me the most is…
B5: The truth behind the rumors around Villar-sama…
B6: Count Lust, huh…
B7: He only contracted female Mages…
B8: And I heard in the academy that he sleeps with each one of them…
B9: However…
B1: That’s completely a hoax, you know?
B2: Eh!?
B3: You see, Female Mage belief is strong here in Altirk
B4: The people here are thinking that Magic should only be wielded by females and females only
B5: That’s why Villar-sama only makes contracts with female mages. Everything is for getting the support of the people in his fief
And the reason why he only contracts young girls, is because he planned to end the contract when they became 25 years old
B6: All of that is because he considers our lives to be our own, you know
Because if we live as contracted mages, we are not allowed to marry or have a kid
B7: That’s why, you don’t have to mind about your chastity
B8: Because Villar-sama has his own ideals for marriage
Sfx: Splash
B9: He’s a man who’s kind and will never force himself on any girls
B10: …
B1: I always thought…
B2: That I will end up like this all this time!!
H: But well…
H: Although the truth is actually good news for me…
B3: Oh, and sorry for telling you this after you got relieved…
That overcoat that you’ve been wearing all this time is actually forbidden here in Altirk
B4: !!!
B5: So we’ll have you wear that ceremonial dress only, no matter where you are
B6: And we don’t allow any exceptions
Sfx: Tight
H: They want me to walk around… in these clothes..?
H: Even though up until now I always wore that overcoat on top of these clothes to hide it…
H: And the only time I took it off was because it was an emergency…
B1: As I thought, these clothes are too revealing!!
Sfx: Uwaaah!!!
B2: And my bottom feels so chilly…
B3: And if anyone just bends down a little…
H: They might be able to see my..!
Sfx: Grip
B1: As I thought, he really is the Count Lust!!
A lust avatar who just wants to make me wear perverted clothes for his enjoyment!!
H: But…
H: The real problem now is…
B2: Well, I’m sure you’ll get used to moving around with those clothes sooner or later, but…
Make sure to maintain your proportions
B3: As those clothes will definitely expose your flabby belly after all
B1: Will definitely expose your flabby belly after all
B2: Will definitely expose your flabby belly after all
H: If by chance…
Sfx: Flabby
Sfx: Flabby
B3: Err, uhm… S-Siluca…
B4: I-I don’t really mind it, you know?
No matter how your appearance is…
B5: I definitely won’t be disappointed…
H: I have to make sure that I won’t become fat!!
B6: Wait, why did I imagine Theo-sama just now..!
Sfx: Pow Pow Pow Pow
B7: It’s not like I care about how Theo-sama looks at me or any-…
H: There is no other Contract Mage for me other than her
H: I need Siluca. She’s very important to me
Sfx: Knock Knock
B1: Siluca-san?
B2: Priscilla?
What’s wrong?
Sfx: Flutter
B3: I came to report
Sfx: Creak
B4: Aishela-san has opened her eyes
B5: !!
B1: …Siluca
B2: Aishela..!
Sfx: Hug
B3: ..!
B3: Sorry for making you worry…
B1: Priscilla… Thank you very much…
B2: Don’t mind it. I only did what My God guided me to after all
And… What do you think..?
B3: Will both of you use this opportunity to join us at the Crest Chur-…
B4: N-No thanks…
H: I won’t give up!
Sfx: Sulk
B5: A-Aishela..? Please stop burying your face in my breasts like that…
Sfx: Squeeze
B6: They’re… getting bigger…
B7: Huh?
B8: Siluca’s boobs…
Are getting bigger…
I think
B9: Eh!?
B10: Don’t tell me..! Did Theo-sama massage them!?
B11: That rotten bastard..!
To think that he dared to dirty Siluca when I was unconscious..!!
Sfx: Sway
B12: Wha..! No no no no! You’re wrong!! He did nothing!! Really!!!
B1: Then why are you blushing like that!?
B2: I-It’s nothing… He didn’t do any of the things that you’re thinking right now, Aishela..!
B3: …Really?
Sfx: Stare
B4: Really!
B5: You swear?
Sfx: Tilt
B6: I swear!
B7: Pfft!
B8: ?
B9: Fufufu..!
B10: Thank God…
B11: You’re still the Aishela that I know…
B1: …Siluca
Sfx: Hug
B2: W-Was that true..?
B3: What was?
B4: Uhmmm… You know…
B5: Did… D-D-Did my breasts really grow bigger..?
B6: Then excuse me
Sfx: Fwip
B7: Hyaaahn..!
B8: Hmm…
Sfx: Squeeze Squeeze Squeeze
B9: Mmnh..!
B1: Sorry…
It was all my misunderstanding…
Sfx: Crack
B2: Your figure will become better if you join us, you kno-…
Sfx: Peek
B3: No thanks!!
Sfx: Fwooosh
B1: I’ve heard about this before…
But to think that I could feel it this way…
B2: Even if I was not there personally…
But I still know, that a Lord under me lost his life back then…
B3: Even though I didn’t see the very moment Neyman-dono lost his life…
But I can feel that the link between our crests was severed… very clearly…
B4: Theo-sama…
B5: And Neyman-dono’s body?
B6: We already sent it to his wife, Madam Natalia
I’m thinking about paying my respects later
B7: Because I have to tell his family about his gallant actions…
B8: That he reached his end marvelously like how a splendid Lord should really be
B1: If Neyman-dono didn’t stall the enemies back there…
B2: We might have been annihilated way before Villar-sama’s reinforcements arrived
B3: …Indeed
B4: And Theo-sama
B5: About that proposal… Are you really alright with that..?
B6: …Yeah…
B7: I’m thinking of handing over the Viscount Crest with the territory intact to you, Lassic-dono
B1: …
B2: From this war I realized that I’m still green…
So I’m planning on learning various things under Villar-sama for now
B3: Of course, I don’t have any intention on giving up my dream
B4: Someday, I will return to my hometown, definitely
B5: …
B6: Then I will always pledge my loyalty to you, Theo-sama
B7: And know that when the time comes…
B8: I promise on my life that I will rush to help you
B9: Thanks
B10: And one more thing… You don’t really need to keep calling me Theo-sama, you know?
B11: Because to me…
B12: You are more like a friend rather than a subordinate
B1: We are going to tread on different roads for a little while, but be well…
Sfx: Fwip
B2: “Lassic”
B3: Same to you…
B4: The next day
B1: Then I will go to suppress Sievis now
Even though I just became the King, but I’m sure there’s still a lot who support the previous king, Nerville
B2: But if you go too slowly
Lassic-sama might already be promoted so high that you can’t reach, you know?
B3: I know that, Moreno-senpai
B4: Of course we don’t plan to stay idle either
Right, Siluca?
B5: Yes!
Fortunately, I don’t think we’ll have a hard time finding wars in the future though
B6: Because the country we’re about to go to…
B7: Is really close with not only Waldlind, but many other Alliance’s Countries too
B8: Theo-sama! I will follow you no matter wherever you go!!
B9: Yeah yeah, just do as you like
B10: Theo-sama, Siluca-sama
Sfx: Step
B11: The carriage is ready
B12: Alright..!
B1: Then let’s go…
B2: To Altirk!
H: And to even more battlefields too!!
T: (Grancrest Senki) To be continued in Issue 14, out in stores at 7/13th (Fri)!!

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