Grancrest Senki Chapter 30

Grancrest Senki Chapter 30

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


Sfx: Creak

B1: Girls, take a break from your duties right away

B2: We have an important guest coming this evening

B3: Important guest..?

B4: The Crown Prince…

B5: Of the Dartania Microcontinent…


B1: Milza Kuches-sama

H: A man cladded in black… is coming

Sfx: Gallop Gallop

H: The latest comic book volume is selling like hotcakes!!

H: Chapter 30

Sfx: Gallop Gallop Gallop


Sfx: Hurried Hurried

B1: Would Theo-sama be there too..?

B2: Yes

B3: Even though he’s only a mere Knight right now, but that doesn’t change the fact that he survived the famed Waldlind’s relentless attacks

B4: And Milza-sama loves that kind of story, you know


B1: So make sure that there won’t be any careless blunder tonight

B2: Because I believe that you girls understand well enough how important Dartania is to Altirk

B3: …

B4: Yes

B5: As it’s almost impossible to attack Altirk Castle from land…

B6: The only option left for our enemies to attack us is by sea

B7: I’m sure Villar-sama hasn’t forgotten about that and has already prepared some counter measures against that…

B8: However, the main reason why our enemies didn’t attack us from sea is a completely different matter

B9: And that is Dartania


B1: The whole Exclusive Economic Zone in this area is owned by Dartania and Altirk

T: Waldlind Stark
Altirk’s EEZ
Regalia Dartania’s EEZ
Friendly to Alliance Nations
Dartania’s EEZ

T: Fantasy Alliance
Factory Union
Neutral Party

B2: And even though Dartania doesn’t belong to either Union or Alliance, it has a good relationship with the Alliance Nations

B3: It’s not even an exaggeration to say that Dartania plays a big part in Altirk’s marine defense

B4: So I don’t think there will be any demerit in meeting the man…

B5: Who will become the next king of such Dartania

B6: The Prince has arrived

B7: Let him in

Sfx: Creak


Sfx; Step Step Step

B1: Long time no see, Villar-dono…

T: Dartania’s Crown Prince
Viscount Milza Kuches


Sfx: Step Step

H: So this man is…

H: This way

H: I’ve seen a lot of Lords in my life, but…

H: I’ve never seen one with such heavy aura like him..!

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble


B1: Villar-dono, you…

B2: Beat that famous Waldlind army black and blue the other day, didn’t you?

B3: But the truth is not as impressive as that, you know?

B4: As all I’ve done is ambush them from the rear…

B5: About that… I even heard that you had the chance to bring Union’s Head Honcho, Marinne Kreische’s head home at that time. Was that an exaggeration too?

B6: Yes. We did cross our swords that day…
But her skill with the sword is really praiseworthy

B7: Besides..
It would leave a bad taste for me if I slew my own cousin with my own hands

B8: How naïve

B9: If only you killed Marinne, then the Union will surely crumble…
And you yourself, Villar-dono, would be one step closer in getting your hands on the Legendary Grancrest…


B1: But things are not that easy in reality, you know?

Sfx: Swirl Swirl

B2: Besides, I have no desire to fight the Union to begin with

B3: I guess that’s also why my cousin…

B4: Chose the path to unify the crests through marriage…

Sfx: Bam!!

B5: Are you seriously saying that!?


B1: …

Sfx: Tense Tense

B2: But well… Thanks to that…

Sfx: Creak

B3: I too have the chance to become the next emperor though…

B4: However, Dartania is just a small country

B5: Geographically, it’s not that easy for me to become one

B6: That’s why…
If Villar-dono plans to become the next Emperor…

B7: Then I’ll be glad to support you with all I have


B1: I… have always valued beauty above anything…

B2: If by living my life most beautifully brings me to the Emperor’s throne…
Then I’ll gladly be one

B3: …

B4: I’m relieved to hear that

B5: As I have planned to bring Villar-dono’s crest back to Dartania

B6: If you had no intention of becoming the next emperor from the very start


B1: You know it full well that I have no chance to win against you

Sfx: Hahaha

B2: If we crossed our swords right here right now, Crown Prince…

B3: I had a very hard fight against you 5 years ago when you were still a Baron
Now that you’ve became a Viscount after roaming on countless countries

B4: And the fact you don’t have your Subordinate Lords with you…
So you can use all of your crest’s power on you alone puts me in a greater disadvantage, doesn’t it?

H: Just what is wrong with this man…

H: Even if Villar-sama is his close friend…

H: Isn’t he being too rude here..?

H: Can we really trust this person..?


B1: That’s pretty amazing

B2: I mean I have just become a Subordinate Knight for the next 3 years myself

H: Theo-sama!?

B3: …And he is?

B4: A new addition to my Imperial Guard, Theo-kun

B5: By the way, the surprise attack you just praised in fact only succeeded because he worked hard to endure the attacks

B6: Oh..?


B1: I see…

B2: So you’re that foolish man who threw away his court rank for a single contracted mage, aren’t you…

B3: Y-Yes…

B4; Hee…

B5: You look more idiotic than what I imagined

B6: ..!

Sfx: Grip!

B7: I also heard that you seem to be loved by your citizens, was it?
So much that a lot of them joined you in that battle

B8: No, I didn’t do much. It’s the citizens that decided to take arms and fight


B1: To be honest…

B2: I really loath people who act like a goodie two shoes like you

Sfx: Crack

B3: Battlefield is exclusive to us, Lords

B4: And by letting those peasants who don’t have any real power to join the battle…
It’s like saying out loud that you lack the power to do it yourself

B5: And you even threw away the court rank you received from that very battle?

B6: Don’t you have…

B7: Any pride and ambition inside that puny heart of yours..!?


B1: Ambition, huh…

B2: If it’s a dream, then I have one

B3: It’s to save…

B4: My hometown from the chaos and tyrannical rule of the current Lord

B5: ..!


B1: …

B2: Talk is easy, boy

H: Theo-sama…

B3: Milza-dono… It was I that asked him to join us tonight
So can you please not bully him too much?

B4: Oh? Sorry then

B5: And one more thing…

B6: Have you heard something about Viscount Lassic lately?

B7: Obviously

Sfx: Fwooosh

B8: I even saw with my own eyes how marvelous he fights
His army is strong, his leadership is outstanding and he has nice ambition in his eyes


B1: He’s an exemplary Lord that everyone should watch out for

B2: Alright! Let’s go you lot!!

B3: Do you know that very Lassic David-dono has sworn his allegiance to Theo-kun?

Sfx: Fwooosh

B4: And he will return his crest and his territories anytime Theo-kun needs it?

B5: Our world is plunging into warring times in the near future, Milza-dono…

Sfx: Fwoosh

B6: And we don’t know for sure who will become the next emperor in such times…

B7: So I truly wonder, who will the Goddess of Fate choose…

B8: It could be me, or perhaps, it could be you, Milza-dono… Or maybe…


B1: It’s not both of us, but Theo-kun…

B2: How ridiculous..!

B3: The one that the Goddess of Fate will choose…

B4: Is the one who is strong and ambitious enough to grab their destiny, that’s all..!

Sfx: Sulk

B5: Just what is his problem!!

Sfx: Aargh!

B6: Well… I don’t deny that he’s a bit difficult person…

B7: However your Lord wasn’t too shabby either back there

B8: That’s…

H: He was a bit cool back there…

B9: Well, yeah, but…

B10: Well, you won’t have any time to worry about it anyway
It’s about time you get used to your duties here, isn’t it?


B1: ?

Sfx: Step Step

B2: We’ll have you to meet some important people in the next few days

B3: And who are they going to be this time?

B4: The only Lords that have been allowed…
To self-govern their area in all Altirk, the Three Power Lords…

B5: The Werewolf Queen

B6: The Vampire King

B7: And the Witch Elder

T: (Grancrest Senki) To be continued in Issue 17, out in stores at 8/24th (Fri)!!