Grancrest Senki Chapter 31

Grancrest Senki Chapter 31

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Chapter 31

H: H: The latest comic book volume is still selling like hotcakes!!

B1: Northern Altirk

Sfx: Creak

B2: Witch Village

Sfx: Giggle Giggle Giggle

B3: Sigh… I told you that this is an important meeting…

B4: So why are you here with me…


B1: I’ve done my part on spreading the faith in our territory, so I’m here to accompany Theo-sama!
Besides, Villar-sama said to do as I wish with my missionary work anyway

Sfx: Giggle Giggle

B2: Alright, but the Witch Elder seems to have an important message for Villar-sama
So make sure you don’t say anything unnecessary!

Sfx: It’s a man!

Sfx: Giggle Giggle

B3: I know I know

Sfx: There are men here!

B4: Err, you sure it’s alright for us to be here too?
Because I feel like we stand out like a sore thumb here

SFx: Giggle Giggle

B5: It’s okay for Theo-sama and Irvin to be here
Because Villar-sama REALLY gave you two his permission after all!

B6: Uhmm… Can you guys lower your voices a little bit?

B7: W-We’re very sorry…

B8: We’ve arrived

B9: This is the Witch Elder’s…

B10: Zelma-sama’s residence


B1: So this is it…

B2: Zelma-sama, Earl Villar’s envoys have arrived

Sfx: Creak

B3: I know

Sfx: Step Step

B3: This place only gets noisy when there are guests after all

T: Altirk’s Witch Elder


H: So this old lady is the Witch Elder…

H: Zelma-sama, huh…

H: She’s unexpectedly shor-…

B1: You just thought something rude, didn’t you?

Sfx: Close in

B2: P-Please forgive my rudeness!!
I am a new recruit of Villar-sama’s mages, my name is Siluca Meletes!!

Sfx: Bow

B3: Ooh..!

B4: So you are THAT Siluca Meletes!!

B5: ?

B6: Is that really okay?

B7: To let the newbie Siluca meet them…


B1: Even though she might be fine with The Werewolf Queen and The Vampire King…
Didn’t Zelma-sama have an important message for you, Villar-sama?
So I did tell her to ask about it, but…

B2: Well… It was actually Zelma-sama herself
That nominated her

B3: !

B4: Most likely, she probably heard that Siluca was a [Full Color]*…
Or a mage who’s able to master all elements, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Purple
TLN: Kanji reads Rainbow

B5: When she was still in the Magic Academy

B6: And as a fellow mage…

B7: You should understand how valuable a Full Color Mage is, right?

B8: That’s why…

B9: I bet she’s full of curiosity towards her at this moment

Sfx: Chatter Chatter


B1: Whoa…

Sfx: Tight Tight

B2: Wait…

B3: Sigh, girls… Just welcome our guests properly after you’re done…

Sfx: Okaaaay

H: We don’t need you here

B4: I’m very sorry… Because men are really rare in this Witch Village, you see…

B5: Uhm…
So, could you tell me about the private matter that you told me before?

B6: Oh, that…

B7: Well, meeting with a live Full Color Mage is really a rare experience, so…

B8: Just think of it as accompanying this old lady’s curiosity

B9: O-Okay then…

B10: By the way…
You’re not as sexy as the other mages that Villar boy usually chooses

Sfx: Snap

B11: Oh, just leave me alone please! I know I’m not as sexy as the others!!

B12: Ohohoho, that was very rude of me


B1: So… Just what do you want me to do, Zelma-sama..?

B2: Tell me, my child… Just how do you chant the Rock Wall spell?

B3: How do I… chant..?

B4: Just answer it

B5: Err…
Oh mother earth who is immovable, know that your mien is not eternal

B6: Sea shall become land, and land shall become a mountain
Soar to the skies…

Sfx: Rumble Rumble

B7: As I thought…

B8: …Eh?

B9: It’s the same fault that “perfect” Full Color Mages always have…

B10: !?

B11: Your very wide array of spells made you unable to chant something on the spur of moment

(Note to editor: Double page with p9)

B1: B-But, but..!

B2: Sure, your ability might be enough to beat lowly soldiers or lower ranked Lords…
However, against Viscount or higher… And even more against Artists, it will be the end for you if they dragged you into a melee combat

B3: …

B4: Seems like you already got the idea of what I’m trying to say, don’t you?

Sfx: Tremble Tremble

B5: Then, would the wise Zelma-sama show me the right way to do it?

B6: Hmm…

Sfx: Fwip


B1: Wall, rise

Sfx: Bam!!


B1: ..!

H: Are you kidding me..!?

H: The hardest thing in using magic is…

H: Is to make a clear vivid image of what you want and materializing it when you’re controlling the Chaos

H: That’s why we chant the spell and swing our magic wand to make it easier to imagine it

H: I heard that when you mastered one element, you’d be able to shorten the chant, but…

H: What’s with that chant..!?

Sfx: Fwoooosh

H: It’s way too short..!!


H: So this is the Witch Elder’s…

H: Zelma-sama’s true power, huh…

B1: Here in Witch Village, we don’t teach magic like those guys in the Magic Academy

Sfx: Step Step

B2: Because just being able to manifest magic is not enough here

B3: That’s why, we Witch don’t even need to use a magic wand

B4: Things would be very different if you can fly on a broom though. Because then…
Your mobility will rise significantly, and even if you’re slow at chanting, it can be compromised somewhat

Sfx: Fwip

B5: However…
Being able to fly on a broom is just the tip of the iceberg here

H: Heave-ho

Sfx: Sit

B6: …


B1: Because you are in Altirk right now, the land where Union and Alliance nations are always one inch away from war everyday

Sfx: Float

B2: A half-assed magician won’t be able to survive here

B3: …

B4: Come on dear, don’t make that face on me

B5: You know it full well how very valuable a Full Color Mage is

B6: Normally, other mages could only use 1 or 2 other elements beside their specialty at most

B7: Unfortunately…

B8: That Villar boy is blessed with a lot of different specialty contracted mages around him


B1: That Margaret lass is a master of fire of the Element of Chemical, Orange Magic

B2: Laura is an expert of manipulating object substance from the Element of Movement, Yellow Magic

B3: On the other hand, Helga is adept on healing and recovery of the Element of Life, Green Magic

B4: While that Colleen lass is pretty good at creating objects from nothing, a part of the Element of Creation, Purple Magic

B5: I’m sure you must be busy with your daily duties, but know it’s all for your own good
So make some time and ask them to teach you sometimes

B6: I-I will, Zelma-sama…
By the way…

B7: I’m very glad you taught me a lot of things, Zelma-sama, but…
What about the important message for Villar-sama..?

Sfx: Float Float

B8: Hmm?

B9: Oh, right! I forgot about that!!

Sfx: Drip Drip

B10: …


Sfx: Menacing Atmosphere

B1: This is… The Chaos Globe…
TLN: Kanji read Chaos’ Instrument

B2: So, what do you think of this?

Sfx: Fwooosh

B3: The darkness’ vigor is very strong… And it moves, slowly but steady…

Sfx: Dash Dash

H: Sob Sob

H: Please spare me from that!

B4: It’s as if it has swallowed every shred of light in its way…

H: Kyaa!

Sfx: Swish

H: We haven’t tried this potion on males yet, so please be our first!

B6: I think the Darkness is strong because the Chaos’ density has increased

Sfx: Voom

B7: And the reason why it moves pretty slowly is because there’s a sudden spike on Chaos’ density recently


B1: Hmm…
Very close, but no cigar, I guess

B2: …
You should have known about the disaster that happened a long time ago in this land, right?

B3: Well, you should if you read the books in Altirk Castle Library

B4: Ah yes!

B5: Long time ago, when the Chaos’ density was way higher than what we have right now…

H: It is said that a Demon Lord appeared on this land

H: And destroyed everything that stood on her way

H: However, thanks to the combined efforts of all Lords, Mages, Werewolves, Witch, and Vampire…

H: They were somehow able to make the Demon Lord disappear naturally


B1: Hmm…
Once again, very close, but no cigar

B2: ..!

B3: …

B4: She didn’t disappear naturally

B5: She was defeated… by one of the Lords

B6: !?

B7: Was it the First Lord, Leon?

B8: No…

H: It was actually a Female Lord…

H: And her name was Adelle


B1: That’s impossible!

B2: Because I’ve never heard there was any Lord other than Leon-sama who could stand their ground against a Demon Lord..!

B3: Besides, there’s no way a Lord’s name with such incredible feat didn’t go down in histo-…

B4: It’s not like her name didn’t go down in history, but rather, we can’t let her name exist in our history…

B5: Thanks to a certain circumstance

B6: Circumstance..?

B7: Because just before she…

H: Just before Adelle killed that Demon Lord…

H: She was entranced by that wicked Demon Lord’s power…


H: And then, she absorbed the Demon Lord’s Core for herself…

H: And became

H: A new Demon Lord herself…

B1: So you’re saying, she became a “Layer”…
A Pseudo Demon Lord by her own will?

B2: That’s right

H: After that, there was a big war against the new Demon Lord on the Mage’s Headquarter, Eramu…

H: And in the end they somehow barely succeeded to defeat her, over the sacrifice of a great numbers of Lords and Mages


B1: So…
Why are you telling me this story..?

Sfx: Fwip

Sfx: Roll

Sfx: Flip Flip

B2: When The Demon Lord appeared at Eramu…

B3: The disturbance that showed up in the Chaos Globe…

B4: Was really similar to what we’re seeing in the Chaos Globe right now

B5: !?

B6: Then… Could it be..!?

B7: Well, this came from a very ancient document, so we have no way to confirm it, but…

B8: If what’s written in this document proves to be true…

B9: Then in the near future…

(Note to editor: Double page with p21)

B1: A Demon Lord or someone who has an equal power to a Demon Lord…


B1: Will probably appear on this Land once again


B1: Somehow…

B2: I’ve got a very bad feeling about this…

Sfx: Badump Badump Badump Badump Badump

T: To be continued in the next issue