Grancrest Senki Chapter 34

Grancrest Senki Chapter 34

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


T: Waldlind’s Capital, Berta

B1: Elma Zeals is missing?

B2: …

B3: Just what is happening here,

B4: Aubest?


H: Comic Books volume ① – ④ is out for sale now!!!

H: Losing her father and has to fight against her fiancée…
The burden that this girl has to carry is just too big…

H: Chapter 34


B1: He still hasn’t returned even after leaving his home half a month ago.

B3: Furthermore… Several dozens of his friends from when he was still an Esquire are also missing.

B3: It seems like after losing the battle against Theo Cornaro…
B3b: And straying from the march while retreating……

B4: Elma-sama condemned himself very badly for his own mistakes.

B5: I’m aware of that.
B5b: That’s why I gave him some time off from duty when he returned.

B6: But this time, he took several of his subordinates with him and left Waldlind once again….

B7: …

B8: I don’t know what Elma-sama was thinking, but mobilizing soldiers without permission is a serious crime.
B8b: Moreover, the fact that he brought his knight friends with him is just adding on to the graveness of this situation…


B1: That’s why, as your Arch Mage…

B2: I believe it’s better to deprive them from their Subordinate Crest.

B3: …

Sfx: Rattle

Sfx: Step

B4: Look for him first.

B5: I want to know what he’s thinking.

B6: …

B7: Duke Elma is one of the best of our Heavy Knights.
B7b: His loyalty runs thick and his subordinates trust him.

B8: If he’s truly up to no good…
B8b: Then his Subordinate Crest should have told me something.

Sfx: Grip

B9: The fact that my crest hasn’t reacted at all means that at the very least, Duke Elma isn’t betraying me.


B1: …Please.

B2: …

B3: As you wish.

Sfx: Bow

B4: …
B4b: You two.

Sfx: Swish Swish

B5: We’re here.

T: Waldlind’s Maid

T: Waldlind’s Maid


B1: Just like what you could hear just now, can one of you search for him?

B2: Understood.

Sfx: Swish Swish

B3: Phew…

B4: By the way, Marrine-sama…
B4b: That’s not the only bad news we have.

B5: …

B6: What?

B7: After hearing about our last defeat…

B8: Alliance Country, Stark’s Diplomat Mage was asking for an audience earlier.

B9: !

B10: Sigh…

B11: At a time like this, I really envy of Union’s easygoing system…


B1: However, to be able to deal with emergencies immediately is the strong point of our Alliance’s Diplomat Mages system.
B1b: Because thanks to this system, All of the Alliance Lords can contact their contracted Diplomat Mages…

B2: And send their voices in no time to the Diplomat Mages who are stationed here in Waldlind.

B3: I know.

B4: Let him in.

Sfx: Step Step

Sfx: Kneel…

T: Factory Alliance Country, Stark
Diplomat Mage


B1: First things first, please let me congratulate Milady for your safe return.

B2: Skip the pleasantries. Tell me what you want.

B3: …As you wish.

B4: Marrine-sama, as the current leader of the Alliance…

B5: You’re telling all of the Lords who were under the late Mathias-sama
B5b: To swear their allegiance to you, am I right?

B6: Obviously.

B7: The Alliance can’t hope to win in the big war against the Union if we don’t act as one.


B1: And while you know full well about that…

B2: Why haven’t I receive any report on your country’s oath of loyalty?

B3: Pardon my arrogance…

B4: But swearing an allegiance to a Lord…
B4b: Doesn’t only mean a mere signing of paper, but it also needs a deep emotional connection from both parties.

B5: So that the Lord will know about something like treason, even when it’s still at the planning board.

B6: …

B7: Our Lord, Pavel Mullard is very loyal to the late Mathias Kreische-sama from the bottom of his heart.

B8: So after Mathias-sama met his unfortunate end at the Great Hall Tragedy,
B8b: There’s nothing that can appease the sadness inside our Lord’s heart, even now.


B1: We don’t have any actual complaint that the current head of Kreische Family, Marrine-sama, is the Leader of the Alliance, but…

B2: It doesn’t mean that we will pledge our allegiance that cheaply either.

Sfx: Squeeze Squeeze

B3: …Then…


B1: Are you telling me that… you won’t recognize me as your master..!?

B2: …

B3: No… At least, not yet.

B4: So please think about what our Lord has in mind.


Sfx: Step Step Step Step

B1: We are telling you that…

B2: The reason of your previous defeat is because Marrine-sama wasn’t strong enough to handle the power of the Heavy Armored Troops.

B3: We hope that you can show us…

B4: Your disposition as a proper Leader, Milady…

Sfx: Step Step

Sfx: Creak…

Sfx: Slam


Sfx: Bam!!

B1: If I may… I have a proposition, Marrine-sama.

B2: How about we rejuvenate the Heavy Armored Troops, Milady?

B3: ..!


B1: The reason why our Heavy Armored Troops went wild in the previous war…

B2: Was because they were composed by the Lords from Mathias-sama’s period.

B3: So if we rebuild it with emphasizing on younger people who are less influenced by Mathias-sama,
B3b: I believe we could make strong Heavy Armored Troops who are also loyal to you, Marrine-sama

B4: Besides, it will also work as a reformation appeal to the other Alliance Countries.

B5: …

B6: However…

B7: This move is a double-edged sword.

B8: Because if we make a big blunder, even with the newly rejuvenated Heavy Armored Troops…

B9: Marrine-sama’s credibility will definitely drop to the gutter this time.

B10: ..!


B1: And that’s also why… we really need to quickly settle,
B1b: The problem with one of those who will lead the new Rejuvenated Troops, Elma-sama.

B2: Very well…

B3: We’ll wait for the maid’s report…

B4: Before I’ll make my decision.

B5: I will go for the mission.


B1: Cammy…

B2: I’ll leave the Mistress in your care.

B3: Yes.

B4: I know.

B5: To be honest…

B6: Mistress’ position isn’t really favorable.

B7: So right now is the best time to show what we, who served Mistress from childhood,

B8: Are capable of.


H: …

H: As I thought… I just can’t kill my heart…

H: I lost my mother when I was a child…

H: And my father didn’t have other wives other than my mother…

Sfx: Step Step

H: I had a few relatives, but…

H: The only direct descendant of Kreische Family is me…

(Note to pr: Double page with p19)

B1: There’s no one but me…
B1b: No one… but me..!


B3: …

B4: Mistress…


Sfx: Bam!

H: Seems like Elma-sama was…

H: Proceeding towards Altirk region…

H: I heard that Theo Cornaro is in Altirk right now…

Sfx: Rustle Rustle

H: Then, you surely also…

B1: You’re my former colleague… So you surely has got the grasp of things, right…

B2: Irvine..?

T: Grancrest Senki To be Continued