Grimm & Gritty Chapter 9

Grimm & Gritty Chapter 9

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P: Page

B: Bubble

Sfx : Self explained

BC: Text on bubble’s corner

H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble

T: Textbox

TLN: TL Note


H: A shocking conspiracy?!

T: Chapter 9:   Bremen’s* Stage

TLN: I mistranslated this as Blumen last chapter. It should be Bremen, from Town Musicians of Bremen. I’m very sorry.

B1: So let’s bring an end to every single idol in this whole world, shall we?

B2: That’ll be easy as long as we have this power, Sis.

BC: Ufufu…

B3: Yes. Let’s crush all of the other idols!

B3b: And…

B4: We’ll have our revenge.

Sfx: Bam!


B1: That’s enough!

Sfx: Murmur

B2: Wha..!? Who are you guys!?

B2b: Did you just come out from that locker..!?

B3: You’re going to end every single one of the idols, you say!?

B3b: Not on our watch!!

Sfx: Clap!

B4: Just wait for it, Bremen…

Sfx: Bwooosh!

B5: Because I will crush you all with my own hands..!


Sfx: Bwoooosh

B1: !?

B2: Kyaaa!!

B3: F-Fire..!?

Sfx: Bwoooosh

B4: Nooooo!

B5: H-Huh…? It’s not…hot..?

Sfx: Pssssh…

B6: Just what the heck…

B7: Was that..?

Sfx: Dash


Sfx: Pant Pant Pant

B1: Those girls…Just what did they mean by bringing the end to other idols..?

Sfx: Pant Pant

B2: But somehow…I feel like I’ve seen those girls before…

B3: Hmm?

Sfx: Dash

Sfx: Sob…

SFx: Sniff Sniff

B4: Aren’t those the Alice Hou-…

B4b: Gweh!

Sfx: Crack

B5: Let’s go.


B1: They definitely don’t want a fan to look at them right now.

Sfx: Tremble Tremble

B2: …

B3: Right.

B3b: I understand.


B1: We have all the rights to be angry, but…

B2: What should we actually do to stop them and snap those guests out from their charm..?

B3: As long as they have the guests as their hostages, we can’t do anything careless…

H: Hmm…

B4: Oh? Isn’t that Touya?

B5: What are you doing here?


B1: Hiiragi..? And Alicia-chan too..!?

B2: That’s my line, what are you two doing here?

B3: I’m about to survey the place for my next live concert. It’s the same place where you came out from, Touya!

B4: And I’m just here to accompany her… Even though I already said that I have other things to do…

B5: And I really love you because you still accompany me even though you say that! ♥

B6: …

B7: What about you Tou-…

B8: Huh? Who’s that on your back..?

Sfx: Fwip

Sfx: Fwip

Sfx: Hmm?

B9: How cute! So, who is this girl?


B1: ..! This person… Kujisawa..!? Aren’t you Kujisawa Kanan-san*!?

TLN: Sorry, I also mistranslated her name as Kanon last chapter. Once again, I’m really sorry.

PRN: you forsake me as a reader 🙁

B2: Eeek!

B3: You knew about Senpai, Hiiragi!?

B4: Of course! She’s really famous, you know?

H: She’s even called to be the First Rampage’s brain…

H: A genius with 200 IQ and who had already finished all of her courses in her young age.

B5: For real!? You’re too amazing, Senpai!!

B6: But, she feels different than before…

B7: So? What are you two doing here?

B8: Oh, right! There has been trouble!!


B1: Bremen..!?

B2: That’s right! If we don’t do something fast, I don’t know what they’ll do to the hostages..!

B3: But they’re still in the middle of their live concert right now, so we have a chance!

B4: Fufufu… What perfect timing…

B5: Huh?

B6: Because my homework is exactly that…

B7: To investigate an idol group called Bremen!

B8: Seems like we can kill two…no, three birds with one stone, huh…


B1: I was also thinking to search for them there because that’s where I’m going to have my next concert too.

B2: Eh!? Then aren’t they going to target you next, Alicia-chan!?

B3: Hmph!

B3b: I don’t know what they’re planning to do to me, but…

Sfx: Fwip!

B4: I’ll take down that rotten plan with my song and dance!

H: Ahahaha, I guess we don’t have to worry about you then, Alicia-chan…

B5: Dance…

B6: Touya…I found a way to beat those Bremen girls completely…!

B7: Really!?

B8: Yeah, and since our interests aligned…

B8b: Give me a hand here!

B9: Of course!


B1: Listen here…

Sfx: Blush

B2: No way!! Just do it with the three of you!!

B3: Come on, Hiiragi…!

B4: I beg you!!

Sfx: Bash Bash

B5: Please!

Sfx: Bow

H: ..!


B1: Besides…Since we don’t know what their ability is, no matter what kind of plan we make…

B2: Touya and I have already seen it ourselves.

B2b: So don’t worry.

B3: Besides, their Anagram won’t have any effect on me.

B4: However, the key point of this plan is teamwork.

B5: Can you do it?

B6: You guys have no shred of teamwork at all!!

B7: We will, obviously…!


Sfx: Bam!

B1: Because that’s our homework after all!!

B2: Good! We’ll strike at the night part of the concert!!

Sfx: YEAAA!!

PRN: no particular reason, i personally think this just sounds more fitting for a group of guys cheering

Sfx: Whoooooaaaaaa!!!


B1: Everyone!! Let’s keep the heat coming through the night part, all right!!?

Sfx: Yeeeeaaaaaah!!

B2: Fufufu… They have completely fallen to our charms.

B3: If we keep it up, we’ll get our own personal servants..!

B4: Just like usual, Sis!

B5: That’s Sis for you! Always perfect!

Sfx: Fwip!

B6: Here we go!


B1: Ladies & Gentlemen!!

Sfx: !?

B2: We have an announcement for everyone who attends this concert!

B3: Eh!?

B4: What…

B4b: Is this..?

B3: We will hold a special event for the night concert!

B4: Because tonight, you will witness an unprecedented battle…

B5: Huh!?

B5b: What the heck is this announcement..!?

B6: Between Bremen and our Special Guest!!

Sfx: Ooooh!!

B7: And our Special Guest is…


B1: Fwiish

B2: Above!

Sfx: Twirl Twirl

Sfx: Tap


B1: Everyone, it’s a special live concert tonight!!

Sfx: Tada!

B2: That’s…

B3: Alicia Glassfield!?


B1: I’m going to sing here too together with Bremen!!

B2: What the hell is that bitch saying!?

PRN: if they can say the equivalent of “bitch”, they can say “hell” too

B3: Just what do you think you’re doing!?

B4: You’re not listed as the performer tonight! Go home!

B5: That’s right!

B6: Hmph.

B6b: Aren’t surprise events your favorite stunt? Or perhaps…

B7: You don’t like it when you’re the ones who get surprised?

PRN: oh my god what’s with his hairdo

Sfx: Step


B1: See for yourselves, how excited the people here are.

Sfx: Yeeeaaaah!

B2: You don’t want to disappoint them, do you?

B3: Ugh..!

H: Wig


B4: Will I be alright in these women’s clothes..?

B5; Don’t worry, you look cute in it!

B6: Seriously!?

B7: Well then, let the battle between these two idol groups…

Sfx: Chatter Chatter

B8: Begin!!

B9: Alright!

B9b: I’ll do my very best for this~ ♥

Sfx: Ehen! ♥


B1: Hmph! Sure, our plan messed up a bit, but we’re still fine!

B2: As long as we have this abili-…

B3-5: Screech

Sfx: Blam!

B6: !?

B7: Sis! This isn’t our song!!

Sfx: Step Step

B8: Boom Boom


Sfx: Boom

Sfx: Fwip

Sfx: Boom

Sfx: Boom Boom

B1: No way… At this rate…

B1b: Our ability won’t…

Sfx: Boom Boom


(Note to ts: Double page with p23)

Sfx: Boom! Boom!


Sfx: Boom! Boom!!

B1: Phew…

B2: In the story, the Town Musicians of Bremen forced the bandits to run away with fear…

Sfx: Boom Boom Boom!

B3: In other words, their ability is “Emotion Control”!

B4: So cool!

B5: So wicked!

B6: And all they did was force the guests to feel this way!

B7: If that’s the case, then what we should do is make the first move..!

B8: Tch..! Let’s play our song too..!

B9: Sis! That’s..!


B1: If we can re-charm the guests with a better performance…

Sfx: Screeech!

Sfx: Bang Bang Bang


Sfx: Screech Screech

B1: With those two’s sharp dance moves…

Sfx: Boom Boom

B2: And Alicia’s mainstream style idol performance…

H: So wicked!

H: So cute!!

H: We’ll reign over this stage!

H: Her song is so good!

H: Amazing!

H: You girls are just too cute!!


H: I somehow remembered all of the moves just because I was always beside Touya’s side when he watched Alicia’s music videos…

H: Look! She’s so cute, right?

B1: So I never really understood what’s so good about idols, but…

B2: At this moment, I think I started to learn it…

B3: Because with the three of us dancing in full synchronization…

B4: It feels so…


B1: Fun!!

Sfx: Bang!!

B2: How dare they interrupt our Emotion Control…!

B2b: How dirty…!

B3: Sis, the guests are…

SFx: Oooooh!!

B4-6: Encore!


B1: No way… No freaking way…

B2: Sis!!

Sfx: Collapse

B3: Hey…Sure, we might’ve interrupted your concert.

B3b: But you’re still able to beat us.

B4: If you can show a performance that is better than ours, that is.

Sfx: Fwip

B5: Bremen…

Sfx: Ugh…


Sfx: Fwip

B1: You already lost the moment you relied on that ability of yours!!

B2: Ugh…

B3: Uhhh…

B4: Uwaaaaaah!!!

Sfx: Booom!!

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble

B5: No… We haven’t lost yet…

B5b: Our real ability isn’t anything like this…

B6: As long as we have this ability, we are peerless…!

B7: We won’t be a laughing stock anymore…!!


(Note to ts: Double page with p31)

H: We still…

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble


H: Haven’t lost yet…!!

B1: Whoa…!?

Sfx: Fwoooosh

B2: W-What the heck..!?

Sfx: Thud Thud Thud

B3: What is this black fog..!?

B4: They made everyone’s negative feelings, including their own, explode…!

B4b: This is…“Despair”!!

B4c: Come on, we need to go all out too!!


H: Spin a tale!

Sfx: Shine

Sfx: Fwoooosh


Sfx: Bwooosh

H: Spin a tale!

Sfx: Bwooosh

Sfx: Bwooooooosh!


H: Last Hope!

TLN: Kanji reads Little Match Girl

H: The story that this fleeting girl will tell is…!?

B1: Let me show you your light of hope…!

Sfx: Bwooosh