Himekishi ga Classmate! Chapter 14

Himekishi ga Classmate! Chapter 14

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Sierra: Older sister!?

Diane: This abominable power is eager to be released after being dormant for so long.

Amelia: H…hey is that thing… Alive!?



Diane: Before my body completely crystallizes…

Diane: I managed to understand more about the true nature of Haten no Mukuro.

Diane: That`s why I have to find a way to let the people in the forest live in peace…


Sierra: Bu… But even then sister was completely misunderstood… That’s…

Diane: … Then

Diane: Please leave now.

Diane: If you stay here any longer, your lifespan will be shortened.

Tooru: … I can’t comply with this request.



Diane: … What … do you mean?

Diane: … You don’t mean…

Diane: Even after listening to the previous story, don’t tell me you desire Haten no Mukuro’s abominable power?

Tooru: That’s not it.

Tooru: It’s a waste letting a beautiful person like you to die like this.

Diane: Eh…?



Diane: Ah!?



Amelia: Ah… That will work.

Sierra: Mas…ter…

Tooru: It would be useless to explain this to a stubborn person like you.

Tooru: I just casted a spell.



Tooru: I’ll have you obey me.

Tooru: If you become my slave, high ranking magic power will be continually supplied to you through the magic crest.

Tooru: The stamina of the maou’s lost property will probably increase.

Amelia: That’s right. Even though we were here for quite some time, I’m not weakened at all.

Tooru: If you extend the amount of the life force supplied, the extra part will be consumed by the Haten no Mukuro.

Tooru: Don’t you think this is worth a try?

Diane: Aah…



Diane (Top right): Just by being stared,

Diane (Bottom right): I want to entrust everything to him.

Diane (Top left): Expose all my fears and anxieties.

Diane (Bottom right): I want to be spoiled.

Left panel: …It’s decided.

Tooru: Amelia! Sierra!

Tooru: We’re changing locations.



Tooru: Heeeh Do you really intend to hold me like this?

Amelia: Do you hear this sound? This means that I`m serious, Master.

Diane: …!



Diane: Si… Sierra…? Iya… Stop it…

Sierra: Sierra knows about sister’s weak points…

Diane: Haa…



Sierra: Look sister…

Sierra: Let’s beg for the master… together.

Bottom Right: The pain is erased by the slave magic.



Diane: Th…is…This…aah…!

Diane: It`s like my body and my heart are burning…

Diane: So hot…



Diane (black text): His sturdy thing is raging wildly inside me.

Diane (black text): …Each time it rubs against me,

Diane (black text): a sweet numbness runs through my limbs…

Diane (black text): I can`t think about anything else.

Diane (black text): This craving is steadily… filling me up…

Tooru: Slaves are the property of a slavemancer.

Tooru: Therefore, from now on don`t think of dying without my permission.

Tooru: Is that clear, Diane?

Diane: Yesh…



Left bubble: Ahii

Middle bubble: Ahhh…

Tooru: I’m coming!



Girls: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!



Tooru: Let’s take it one step at a time…

Tooru: You worked hard…

Tooru: But at this rate, one round at a time won’t be enough to fix this.

Tooru: After you rest a little, we’re going for the second round.

Diane (Black Text): Aah… It has been a long time since… my heart felt at ease…



Loli: …It’s close

Loli: Just a little more…

Loli: I can feel a delicious magical power nearby.

Black text: A new disturbing presence is drawing near!

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