Himekishi ga Classmate! Chapter 16

Himekishi ga Classmate! Chapter 16

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Himekishi 16
*again, no title and a bunch of onomatopoeia

Page 1
upper left word : Palmyra, Counter attack !
p1b1 : fufu ah
p1b2 : it’s . . . in . . .
p1b3 : *slop*
p2 : *bunch of slapping sound
p2b1 : get a load of this !
p3b1 : you can thank me for it !
p3 all the small bubbles : Ah
p3 : *again bunch of slapping sound

page 2
*yep, slapping sound all over the page
p1b1a : you always treat me the way you want every single time, to think that I can do you like this . . . I can’t get enough of this
p1b1b : aahhh ! this is bliss !
p2b1 : *clench*
p3b1 : swear to me once again Tooru, that you will be my slave
p3b2 : swear to me that you will be mine for your whole life, swear that this greedy thing exists only to satisfy me

page 3
p1b1 : I . . I swear, I will live my whole life as dick-slave for Palmyra-sama
p1 sfx : *twitch* *twitch*
p2b1a : To . . tonight is special
p2b1b : you can do it inside
p2 sfx : *slapping sound*
p3b1 : ahh
p3b2 : nnnhhh aaaaah
p3b3 : guh
p4 sfx : *splurt*
p4b1 : it’s . . .
p4 sfx : *spluurrrt*
p5b1 : flowing . . .
p5 sfx : *twitch* *twitch*

page 4
p2b1 : fufu
p2b2 : You are mine . . that’s a promise . . .
p3b1 : gyu
p3b2 : *grope*
p4b1 : wh what ? you’re not satisfied yet ?
p4b2 : if so, then you should ask for my permission properly

page 5
p2b1 : hnyaaa !?
p3b1 : wh what ?
p3b2 : stop it Tooru, you’re just my lowly servant
p3 sfx : *twitch* *twitch*
p4b1a : if I don’t stop what you gonna do ? hurt me ? kill me ?
p4b1b : that’s impossible for you, you can’t even run away from me
p5b1 : what are you ? kuhh . . . fuhhh
p6b1 : because you can never break away from my slavery magic

page 6
p1b1 : you’re just following my suggestion that you can run away which I planted in you with my slavery magic
p2b1 : and the proof of that is . . .
p3b1 : you don’t remember how you dispelled my slave magic, don’t you ?
p4b1 : and up until now you didn’t even think it was weird
p4b2 : that was all because of my slave magic

page 7
p1b1 : this is the evidence that even now you are still my slave
p1b2 : hyaaaannn !?
p1b3 : *push*
p2b1a : your sweet dream ends now, now it will be serious slave training time
p2b1b : today I will make sure to stick it good in your ass
p2b2a : hya !
p2b2b : me . . mercy !
p3b1 : hinyaaa
p3 top sfx : *twitch* *twitch*
p3 bottom sfx : *spluurttt*
p4b1 : aaaaahhhh

page 8
p2b1 : he . . he laughed at me while making fool of me !
p2b2 : that time I swear on my pride as a noble demon, I will definitely break away from his slavery magic
p2 sfx : *clench*
p3b1 : I will mince his insolent thing and feed it to hellfire
p3 sfx : *rumble* *rumble*

page 9
p2b1 : it’s because that you have gone through the same humiliation that I can be frank with you
p4b1 : his sexual desire is indeed something to be afraid of but . .
p4b2 : . . . uh
p5 sfx : *twitch*

page 10
p1b1a : If we fly and use every last bit of our power
p1b1b : it is possible to break away from this lost forest
p2b1 : the effect of the slavery magic will lessen as we get further away
p2b2 : so it is only a matter of getting away as quick and as fast as possible before he can command us to get back
p3b1 : Palmyra . . .
p4b1 : we can rescue Rambadia’s queen after the slavery magic is dispelled, rather than going soon after, that way we have a better chance of saving her
p4b2 : Then we can go help the other slaves shortly after that

page 11
p1b1 : there is no need to get confused on who you should hold your grudge against, isn’t it !?

page 12
p2b1a : I . . .
p2b1b : even so, I . . .
p3b1 : I can’t go, I can’t just leave the others and run away . . . !

page 13
p1b1 : but why ! if we don’t hurry, we will miss this opportunity
p2 sfx : *swoooooosssshhh*

page 14
p1 sfx : *ssswwwwoooossshhh*
p2 : Magic ? and it’s unbelievably strong . . .
p3 : it is way stronger than what I felt before

page 15
p1 sfx : *crack*
p3 sfx : *shatter*

page 16:
p4 sfx : *step*

page 17
p1b1 : ahaha
p2b1 : finally, I meet you, long time no see Palmyra
p2 sfx : *shiver* *shiver*
p3b1 : Sorry to cut to the chase

page 18
p1b1 : but I will take care of it
p1b2 : just like that
p1b3 : I will just squish him flat for you
bottom left : the girl that Palmyra is frightened of . . . “squish” doesn’t sound peaceful at all

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