Himekishi ga Classmate! Chapter 18

Himekishi ga Classmate! Chapter 18

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*so many sfx, I think it would be better to skip them but I’ll put it here just in case

Himekishi ga Classmate ch 18


page 1

p1b1 : Just the way we’ve done it as we were younger… right?

p2b1 : ….

p2b2 : Palmyra ?

p3 sfx : *step*


page 2

p2 letters : Palmyra and the mysterious girl, Clash !


page 3

p1b1 : …guh !

p2 sfx : puff

p3b1 : kyaaaa

p3 sfx : *baamm*


page 4

p1 sfx : *slide*

p2 letters : This is…. A battle between demons !

p2 sfx : *swooosh*


page 5

p1b1 : guuh

p1 sfx : *busht*


page 6

p1 sfx : *shuuush*

p2b1 : You should’ve known, you can’t defend against my “Crushing Space”

p2 sfx : *tap*

p3b1 : burf

p4b1 :  blughh

p4 sfx : *splosh*


page 7

p1bx1a : Crap…

p1bx1b : At this rate…

p1b1 : guhak

p1b2 : khlaak

p2bx1 : I’ll get killed


page 8

p1bx1a : but…

p1bx1b : I don’t know if I can win….

p1b1 : cough

p1b2 : what !? already given up ?

p1 sfx : *thump*

p2 letters : Against Flamia…


page 9

p1b1 : Let’s see here, what kind of game we shall play next ? I can give you a handicap as well, you know

p2b1 : because it won’t be much fun if I as a demon ,who is above you, play with no hindrance with you

p2b2 : cough

p4b1 : Even Palmyra who is always so full of herself is making that face….

p4b2 : Is it that their difference in strength is just too much…?


page 10

p1b1 : ‘kay then

p1 sfx : *bsht*

p2 sfx : *swooosh*

p3b1 : Here I go, let’s play some more !

p3 sfx : *puff* *puff* *puff*


page 11

sfx : *bam* *bam* *bam*


page 12

p1 letters right : Her magic is distorting the space around it….?

p1 letters left : Is that what she called “Crushing space” ?

p2b1 : ….boooriiing


page 13

p1 sfx : *tap*

p2b1 : ugh

p2 sfx : *clench*

p3b1 : “Ill tell Onee-sama Palmyra has died, with her eyes begging for her life ”


page 14

p1b1 : yep, I’ll tell her that

p1 sfx : *woosh*


page 15

p2 small letters : swish

p2 sfx : *woosh*

p3 sfx : *bamm*


page 16

p1b1 : ….ugh

p2b1 : That must be the holy sword technique right ?

p2b2 : So that’s what those humans made to oppose us demons

p3b1 : … I see then


page 17

p1 sfx : *boing*

p2b1 : So you want to play with me next huh

p2 sfx : *menacing*

p3b1 : sounds good, let’s have some fun


page 18

p1 sfx : *shiver* *shiver*

p2 letters : In front of an overwhelming strength, Is there anything that these 2 can do….?

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