Himekishi ga Classmate! Chapter 21

Himekishi ga Classmate! Chapter 21

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Athena13 TL
Himekishi ga Classmate 21
page 1
p1 sfx *Paaaaaa*
p2 text Palmyra is on death’s door!
p3 sfx *Paaaaa*
page 2
p4b1 Her wound is already fully healed…. but she…
page 3
p1b1 I’ve been trying to get through directly into her heart but there’s no reaction…
p1b2 Moreover.
p2b1 I feel like I’ve been blown away by a hard fortress inside.
p3b1 Does that mean…
p4b1 Her consciousness is inside that fortress and it prevents her from coming out.
p4b2 In short, it won’t let her wake up.
page 4
p1b1 ….
p1b2 Pal-chan… Please…
p2b1 You can’t die here…!
p1 sfx *Paaaaa*
p3b1 Both of their magic is already close to exhaustion… At this rate…
p3b2 Hah.
p3b3 Hah.
p3b4 Hah.
p3 sfx *Paaa*
p4 text Please realize that…
page 5
p1b1 You are this liked…
p1b2a And this loved…
P1b2b So please…
page 7
p1b1 So where did that Palmyra run to?
p1b2 Guhk…
p2b1 Do you really think I’ll say anything? You Iblis’ dog…!
p3 sfx *Bang*
page 8
p1b1 It finally becomes quiet here.
p1 sfx *Crackle* *Crackle* *Crackle*
p2 sfx *Splatt* *Splatt*
p3b1 Hah.
p3b2 Hah.
p3b3 Hah.
page 9
p1 text … It’s the same as that time.
p2 text I could only conceal my magic energy and hold my breath while watching my demon subordinates killed in front of my eyes…
page 10
p1 text1 Compared to that time…
p1 text2 I…
p1 text3 Haven’t changed at all…
page 11
p1 text1 I’m so weak!!
p2 text1 I can’t live up to any of their expectations
p2 text2 Although they’ve died just to let me live…!
p3 text1 That’s why…
page 12
p1 text It’s better if I’m gone…
p2 text1 And now that I’ve fallen this low…
p2 text2 No one is expecting anything out of me.
page 13
p1 text1 There’s no need for me to be sad…
p1 text2 Nor to cry anymore…
p2 text Right now…
p3 text1 There’s no meaning…
p3 text2 For me to live on…
page 14
p1b1 Pal-chan… Don’t…
p3b1 Please… Come back…
p4b1 There’re people who are waiting for you…
page 15
p1b1 Waiting…? For me…?
p2b1 Get your ass out here immediately! You… ugly loli!
p3b1 Hah…!
p3b2 I might be sharp-tongued…
p4b1 By I’m not ugly…
p4b2 Nor a loli, okay!?
page 16
p1n1 Why…
p1b2 Why are you wishing for someone like me to be back…
p2 text1 Although we haven’t…
p2 text2 Been together for that long.
p3b1 Are you planning to stay as the loser and end it like this?
p3b2 Shut it!!
p4b1 I’m asking here! Why do you care for me that much?!
page 17
p1 text1 We were enemies, you know!!
p1 text2 So why are you crying for me…?!
p2 text1 The fact that you said “were” means that right now…
p2 text2 You don’t think of us like that anymore…
page 18
p1 text1 “I can’t just leave my friends”.
p1 text2 That reason is enough, right?
p1 text3 Friend, you said!? Me and a human like you.
p2 text Don’t be stupid…
p3 text It’s fine to just argue about that later, isn’t it?
page 19
p1 text1 I still haven’t gotten enough of you.
p1 text2 That’s why…
p1 text3 You have to return…
page 20
p1 text1 Return to me
p1 text2 Palmyra!!
p2b1 Hnngh!!
p3b1 Fu.
p3b2 Fufu.
page 21
p1b1 You’re telling me, a demon noble, to go back to you huh!
p2b1 Do-
p2b2 Don’t get ahead of yourself!!
p3 text But…
page 22
p1 text I know this is pathetic but…
p1 sfx *Step*
p2 text1 I can’t help but to long…
p2 text2 For the timid you-
page 23
p1 text1 As long as Princess Palmyra is with us, we’ll definitely be able to recover it!
p1 text2 I’m sure we can get the seat of Noir Eight back from that damn Iblis!!
p1 text3 Princess Palmyra might be still immature, but she’s teeming with potential.
p1 text4 Because Palmyra-sama doesn’t hate the idea of [Effort] which is hated by the demon race…
p2text She is looked down on as incompetent.
p3b1 They said that being a demon means to be proud of the power that you’re born with…
p3b2 But to me who is a demon, there are people who reached out for their potential.
page 24
p1 text And those people even call me “friend“.
p1 sfx *Shiine*
p2text Those stupid people…
p3 text Are waiting for me…!
p5 sfx *Squeeze*
page 25
p3 text1 So there’s no way I can let myself die now-
p3 text2 Welcome back, Palmyra!