Hiraheishi wa Kako o Yumemiru Chapter 22

Hiraheishi wa Kako o Yumemiru Chapter 22

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Page 1:

Chapter 22: things that haven’t changed

P2b1: Are you a magic academy’s student?

P2b2: Kelkeiro!?

(TLN: I tried to shorten his name but this is as short as it can get I think)

Page 2:
p1b1: ah… yeah

P1b2: I came here because of our academy’s training

P2b1a: I see

P2b1b: You just can’t find that many people around my age around here so I got curious

P3b1: right now, in front of me

P3b2: a friend who had died a long time ago… is alive and breathing…!

Page 3:

P1b1: I’m Kelkeiro… Kelkeiro Marchioni Phenex

P1b2: Nice to meet you!

P3b1: Nothing could make me happier…

P4b1: I’m… John Serias

P4b2: nice to meet you too, Kelkeiro

Page 4:
p1b1: So what are they teaching you at the magic academy?

P1b2a: umm… well

P1b2b: we’re separated into groups according to our attributes…

P2b1: since my magic’s attribute is darkness, I’m the only one who gets paired with the teacher all the time

P3b1: so your magic’s attribute is darkness! That’s pretty rare!

P3b2a: yeah

P3b2b: but always being in a one man group is quite tough

P3b3: ahaha

P4b1a: next is the labyrinth exploring class

P4b1b: where we would need to work together in parties of four or five

P4b2: heh…

P5b1: I’ve entered the labyrinth many times… but I always had escorts protecting me

P5b2: I really admire the way you guys work together like that

Page 5:
p1b1: ah… I should have also joined the magic academy

P1b2: should have…?

P2b1a: to be honest, I also have magical power

P2b1b: enough to become a mage

P2b2: but due to some circumstances… or should I say because of my parents, I couldn’t

P3b1: the way you just hide the truth about yourself and your standing behind “family’s circumstances”

P3b2: you haven’t changed at all

P4b1: eh?

Page 6:

P1b1: …ah sorry! I have to head back soon

P2b1: is that so…

P2b2a: umm

P2b2b: will… we meet again…?

P4b1a: Well I’ll be staying here for a while!

P4b1b: you’re also going to eat right? We’ll probably meet again at the dining room

Page 7:
p1b1: ah…yeah! That’s right! Catch you later!

P1b2: ok!

Page 8:

P1b1: Kelkeiro-sama

P1b2: please stop carelessly talking to commoners like that

P2b1: Flanda… you were watching?

P3b1: Kelkeiro-sama might find it okay to do so

P3b2: but according to the circumstances, that commoner could be subjected to punishments

P4b1: that is… true…

P5b1a: it’s as you said. Next time we meet, I’ll tell him clearly

P5b1b: thank you

Page 9:
p1b1: it’s just that… even though I’ve just met John

P1b2: I truly feel like… we can become friends

P2b1: but will he change his mind

P2b2: if he knows that I’m a noble…?

P3b1: Kelkeiro-sama…

Page 10:

P1b1: Everyone! Today, we have new comrades who’ve just arrived at this fort!

P1b2: even though they’re only trainees from the magic academy, they managed to demonstrate amazing strength and courage to face off against the mad goat

P2b1: tonight’s dinner will also be their welcoming party so it’s rather extravagant compared to the usual

P2b2a: make sure to eat a lot to refresh your energy as we have a duty to protect our country from monsters!

P2b2b: cheers!

Page 11:
p1b1: isn’t that…

P1b2: the mad goat from before…

P1b3: uwah! It’s been a long time since I’ve had food made from a monster!

P1b4: this is so good!

P1b5: John’s mom used to make them a lot right?

P2b1: they were quite the treat back at our village-

P2b2: really!? Taros village is amazing!

P3bb1: ahaha

P4b1: John

P5b1: about earlier…

P5b2: to be honest… I forgot to tell you something…

Page 12:
p1b1: I’m the son of duke Phenex, the heir to the Phenex household… in other words…

P1b2: a noble

P4bb1: hey boy, wanna eat this?

P4bb2: yes!

P5b1: …I see, although I didn’t know at the time, I apologize for my rude actions, Kelkeiro-sama

P5b2: !!
page 13:
p2b1: No… I’m the one who should apologize for interrupting your meal, let’s go Flanda

P2b2: ah- yes!
p4b1: John, where are you going to?

P5b1a: just heading out for a little

P5b1b: to solve a little misunderstanding

Page 14:
p2bb1: hah…

Page 15:
p1b1: hey!
p1b2: Kelkeiro!
p2b1: !?

Page 16:
p1b1: why…?

P2b1: ah-

P3b1: well you kinda… we were in front of so many soldiers, how can I speak in a comfortable way like now

P3b2: I mean not using honorifics when talking to a noble would result in a beating followed by a stern preaching session. And I don’t really want to get beaten up

Page 16:

P1b1: that was a little misleading of me

P1b2: sorry Kelkeiro

P3b1a: …I

P3b1b: I’m…

P3b2: listen here!

Page 18:
p1b1: this has nothing to do with who I am!

P1b2: I just want to be a friend of equal footing with you, John!

Page 19:
p1b1: !
p2b1: …yeah I know…

P3b1: what are you even saying?

P3b2: aren’t we friends already?

Page 20:
p1b1: heh…?

P2b1a: pfft…

P2b1b: kukuku…

P2b2: what?

P3b1: hey! Stop giggling!!

P3b2a: but that face you’re making…!

P3b2b: it’s just like you’re crying

P3b3: I’m not crying!!
page 21:
p2b1: good for you…

P2b2: Kelkeiro-sama

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