Hiraheishi wa Kako o Yumemiru Chapter 25

Hiraheishi wa Kako o Yumemiru Chapter 25

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Translator: thungwhatup
Proof Reader: Azurekite1

Page 1:
p3b1: …so this is the magical forest…?
P3b2: yeah…
Chapter 25: a picnic in the magical forest

Page 2:
p1b1: this place is giving off quite an intense atmosphere…it feels like ten
insaniam caper(mad goat) are gonna suddenly pop up and attack us
P1b2: hey hey you shouldn’t say such things, Flanda

P2b1: well we should be fine
P2b2: ?

P3b1: I mean the sword princess Elise is right in front of us
P3b2: ah…yeah

P4b1: are all of you properly keeping up!?
P4b2: ah…yes!!

Page 3:
p1b1a: you may not be able to put up a fight against the monsters here yet
P1b1b: but helping you get used to the atmosphere here is also an important

P1b2: you can somewhat sense the presence of strong monsters right?

P2b1: it will help you enjoy our daily picnic here at the magical forest!
P2b2: it still sound like a dangerous picnic to me…

P3b1a: I have a weird feeling that this place is wearing me down just by being
P3b1b: it’s gonna be tough trying to get used to this

P4b1: don’t worry, we will be heading back quite soon

Page 4:
P1b1: !!

P2b1: what…

P3b1: what is this enormous presence!

P4b1: Graaaa
P4b2: aawh

Page 6:
P1b1: a…dragon…!

P2b1a: stay quiet!

P2b1b: don’t make a move
P2b2: and stay hidden!

P4b1: …

P5b1: looks like it left without noticing us
P5b2: let’s just take this chance and head back!

Page 7:
P1b1: so that’s…a dragon…
P1b2: yeah…

P2b1: and just like that the magical forest exploration…or the so called “magical
forest picnic” continued daily

P5b1: with each visit, we were getting more and more used to the forest, which as
a result, helped us slowly gain confidence

Page 8:
P3b1: I’m finally somewhat used to gutting and cleaning magical beasts…
P3b2: I never knew that magical beast would taste this good!

P4b1: as expected of John, you’re really good at this
P4b2: ah-
P4b3: back at home, I used to help my dad a lot

P5b1: it seems you guys are finally used to this forest, your movements are getting
smarter too
P5b2: Elise!

Page 9:
p1b1a: but don’t ever be careless
P1b1b: there are a lot of monsters in this forest that even harder to handle
P1b2: this place is clearly more dangerous than you thought, you must always
keep that in mind

P2b1: ok!

P3b1: well I will only interfere when big monsters show up, so do try to do your
best and gain experience with the other ones
P3b2: ah! That was the best piece of meat!

Page 10:
P1b1: that was supposed to be for Kelkeiro-sama!
P1b2: it’s fine
P1b3: it should be obvious that the early bird catches the worm​

P3b1: Tiana-sama…let’s us head back, it’s really dangerous here~
P3b2: Rizette

P4b1: please! Just let me watch onii-sama for a little longer ok?

P4b2: But~

Page 11:
P1b1: don’t worry, we have the magical item “invisible orb” with us
P1b2: it can turn a certain range around someone invisible, completely erasing any
sign of their presence and magical power, but you knew that already right?

P2b1: but this is your family heirloom! We will be in trouble if someone found out
that it was taken~
P2b2: Rizette is the one with magical power so you should hold onto it

P3b1: with this, we can follow onii-sama without needing to worry about him or
the monsters noticing us!
P3b2: ojou-sama~

Page 12:
p1b1: hey! Dragon slaying squad! How have you been doing?

P2b1: well…as you can see…haha…

P3b1: looks like it was pretty intense, John
P3b2: yeah…

P4b1: today, on our way back, Elise chased after us at full-speed…
P4b2: run run run

Page 13:
P1b1: uwah…
P1b2: I’ll give you my desert so cheer up ok?
P1b3: thank you…

P2b1: ~!!
P2b2: what!?

P4b1: John, can you come with me?
P4b2: huh?

P6b1: what is it, Kelkeiro?

P7b1: hey…do you notice that the adults are suddenly acting strange?
P7b2: maybe something happened?

Page 14:
P1b1a: that could be true…
P1b1b: usually Elise should be the first person at the dining hall, but I haven’t seen
her yet
P1b2: right?

P2b1: maybe a giant magical beast appeared?
P2b2: the room of the person in-charge of this fort is right in front of us, let’s go
find out what happened

P3b1: you’re planning on… eavesdropping…?
P3b2: how can you get close without them noticing?

P4b1: John can use magic right? I thought you have some sort of spell that can
erase our presence
P4b2: so you’re just gonna rely on my magic…

P5b1: I guess there no other choice…

Page 15:
p1b1: did you have them properly searched!?

P2b1a: yeah…they checked every nook and cranny inside the fort
P2b1b: but they couldn’t find them

P3b1: they should have guards watching over them
P3b2: so how did they leave the fort unnoticed…?

P4b1a: they could have had some sort of special magical item
P4b1b: that can help them slip out right under our noses…

P5b1: if so then!
p5b2: I don’t understand why…but there is a high chance that they headed toward
the magical forest

P6b1a: the magical forest…them?

P6b1b: could it be…

Page 16:
p1b1: what’s going on? Had someone gone missing?

P2b1: the daughter of the Phenex family
P2b2: we must save her at all cost

P3b1: Kelkeiro!
p3b2: Tiana…
P3b3: …

P5b1: John…how
P5b2: did you know about Tiana!?

Page 17:
p1b1: sorry…I just happen to meet Tiana and Rizette not very long ago
P1b2: they told me to keep the fact that they’re here a secret…

P2b1: Tiana is here…in the magical forest…

P3b1: uwah

P4b1: Kelkeiro!!

P5b1: what’s that!?

P5b2: who’s there!?

Page 18:
p3b1: damn it…! Because of that stealth magic
P3b2: it’s really hard to track Kelkeiro’s movement!!

P4b1a: but the closest gate leading to the magical forest
P4b1b: is this way!

P6b1: I was right…a pair of mithril armor and sword are missing
P6b2: he must be leaving the fort through that gate!

Page 19:
p1b1: I could never have guessed that this would happen
P1b2a: no…I unconsciously thought that nothing dangerous would happen
P1b2b: because I knew the future

P2b1: as a result of my actions, history is changing, but even so I didn’t put much
thought into it
P2b2: I shouldn’t have been so lax about it…!

P3b1: I should have considered it with more caution…!
P3b2: Kelkeiro!

P4b1: !?

Page 22:
P1b1: Ju…
P1b2: Justa…!?

P2b1: fufu…
P2b2: long time no see, my friend